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Device: PALCE16V8Q/4 [PLCC20]

Manufacturer: AMD

Part number description for this device:

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PAL Family Type PAL = Programmable Array Logic
CE Technology CE = CMOS Electrically Erasable
XX Number of Array Inputs  
X Output Type V = VersatileM = Advanced MacrocellMA = Advanced Asynchronous MacrocellRA = Registered Asynchronous
XX Number Outputs  
X Power H = Half PowerQ = Quarter PowerZ = Zero Power
XX Speed 5 = 5 ns7 = 7.5 ns12 = 12 ns15 = 15 ns20 = 20 ns25 = 25 ns
X Package Type P = 300mil Plastic DIPJ = PLCCS = Plastic SOP
X Temperature Range C = Commercial
X Programming Revision Blank = Initial Algorithm4 = First revision/5 = Secon Revision
X Optional Processing Blank = Standard processing

Note: Part number description table describes usual part-numbering system for more chips, therefore this table can contain information, that might not be valid for the actually selected chip. The information here are provided on the best-effort basis and might be either inaccurate or incoplete. Therefore always check the latest datasheet of the chip for part number description detail. If you find some inaccuracy, let us please know.

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Supported by programmers and programming adapters/modules:

BeeHive204 adapter/module: DIL20/PLCC20 ZIF-CS (70-0329) OR
BeeHive204AP -
BeeHive208S adapter/module: DIL20/PLCC20 ZIF-CS (70-0329) OR
BeeHive304 adapter/module: AP3 PLCC20 CS (73-3536)
BeeProg2 adapter/module: DIL20/PLCC20 ZIF-CS (70-0329) OR
BeeProg2AP -
BeeProg2C adapter/module: DIL20/PLCC20 ZIF-CS (70-0329) OR
BeeProg3 adapter/module: AP3 PLCC20 CS (73-3536)
SmartProg2 adapter/module: DIL20/PLCC20 ZIF-CS (70-0329) OR
BeeHive204AP-AU (discontinued) -
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