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Device: Am29F004BB [PLCC32]

Manufacturer: AMD

Part number description for this device:

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Am AMD Products  
XXXX Family Signature 29BDS = 1.8V, simultaneous Read/Write, Burst Mode29DS = 1.8V, simultaneous Read/Write29PDS = 1.8V, simultaneous Read/Write, Pge mode29SL = 1.8V Flash29BDD = 2.5V, simultaneous Read/Write, Burst mode29LV = 3V Flash29DL = 3V, Simuiltaneous Read/Write29BL = 3V, Burst mode29PL = 3V, Page mode29PDL = 3V, Simultaneous Read/Write, Page mode30LV = 3V, Ultra NAND29F = 5V Flash
XXX Density, Bus Width and Sector Organization 001, 010 = 128kx8002 = 256kx8004, 040 = 512kx8008, 080, 081 = 1Mx8016, 017, 116 = 2Mx8032, 033 = 4Mx8065 = 8Mx8100 = 64kx16160 = 2Mx8 / 1Mx16200 = 128kx16320 = 4Mx8 / 2Mx16400 = 256kx16640, 641 = 4Mx16800 = 1Mx8 / 512kx16
(X) Optional Parameter N = No RESET inputA = 5V-Only Program and Erase
X Process Technology B = 0.32 um technologyC = 0.32 um thin-film technologyD = 0.23 um thin-film technologyG = 0.17 um thin-film technologyM = MirrorBit technology
XX Sector Architecture and Sector Write Protection T = Top boot sectorB = Bottom boot sectorH = Uniform sector device, highest address sector protectedL = Uniform sector device, lowest address sector protectedU, Blank = Uniform sector deviceJ40 = (Ultra NAND only) 100\% usable blocks
XXX Speed Option, Voltage Regulation 1.8V devices:xx(x) = (29SL,DS) indicates speed in ns, Vcc=1.8V to 2.2VxA, xB = (29BDS) digits indicates asynchronous speed (5=55ns, 7=70ns, 9=90ns, 11=110ns),letter represents burst mode speed and handshaking availability(A=40MHz, B=54MHz), Vcc=1.7V to 1.9V3V devices:xx(x) = indicates speed in ns or MHz, device is full voltage range, Vcc=2.7V to 3.6Vxx(x)R = 2 or 3 digits indicate speed in ns, „R“ indicates regulated voltage range Vcc=3.0V to 3.6Vx(x)1(R) = (29LV64X) first two digits indicate speed in nsx10. „1“ indicates Vio < Vcc, „R“, if present indicatregulated voltage range5V devices:x(x)0 = speed option ends in „0“: indicates speed in ns., Vcc=5V +/- 10\\%x5 = speed option ends in „5“: indicates speed in ns
X Package Type P = Plastic DILJ = Plastic LCCS = SOPZ = SSOPE = TSOPE2 = TSOP IIF = reverse TSOPF2 = reverse TSOP IIK = 80-pin PQFP0.8mm ball pitch (unless otherwise noted):MA = 63-ball FBGA (11x12mm)VA = 44-ball FBGA (9.2x8mm, 0.5mm pitch)VR = 48-ball, VFBGA (8.15x6.15mm)WA = 48-ball FBGA (6x8mm)WB = 48-ball, FBGA (6x9mm)WC = 48-ball, FBGA (8x9mm)WD = 63-ball, FBGA (8x14mm)WG = 40-ball, FBGA (8x15mm)WH = 63-ball, FBGA (12x11mm)WK = 47-ball, FBGA (7x10mm, 0.5mm pitch)WL = 48-ball, (11x10mm, 0.5mm pitch)WM = 48-ball, (6x12mm)WN = 84-ball, FBGA(11x12mm)WP = 84-ball, FBGA(FBF084)1.0mm ball pitch (unless othervise noted):PA = 64-ball, BGA (13x11mm, 1.7mm)PB = 80-ball, BGA (13x11mm)PC = 64-ball, BGA (13x11mm)PE = 80-ball, BGA (10x15mm)
X Temperature Range C = Commercial (0°C to 70°C)D = Commercial (0°C to 70°C) with Pb-free packageI = Industrial (-40°C to 85°C)F = Industrial (-40°C to 85°C) with Pb-free packageV = Automotive in-cabin (-40°C to 105°C)Y = Automotive in-cabin (-40°C to 105°C) with Pb-free packageE = Extended
X Optional Proccessing Blank = Standard ProccessingN = ESN devicesB = Burn-in

Note: Part number description table describes usual part-numbering system for more chips, therefore this table can contain information, that might not be valid for the actually selected chip. The information here are provided on the best-effort basis and might be either inaccurate or incoplete. Therefore always check the latest datasheet of the chip for part number description detail. If you find some inaccuracy, let us please know.

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Supported by programmers and programming adapters/modules:

BeeHive204 adapter/module: DIL32/PLCC32 ZIF-CS NOR-1 (70-1251)
BeeHive204AP adapter/module: AP1 PLCC32 ZIF NOR-1a (71-2440A) OR
BeeHive208S adapter/module: DIL32/PLCC32 ZIF-CS NOR-1 (70-1251)
BeeHive304 adapter/module: AP3 PLCC32 CS NOR-1 (73-4882)
BeeProg2 adapter/module: DIL32/PLCC32 ZIF-CS NOR-1 (70-1251)
BeeProg2AP adapter/module: AP1 PLCC32 ZIF NOR-1a (71-2440A) OR
BeeProg2C adapter/module: DIL32/PLCC32 ZIF-CS NOR-1 (70-1251)
BeeProg3 adapter/module: AP3 PLCC32 CS NOR-1 (73-4882)
SmartProg2 adapter/module: DIL32/PLCC32 ZIF (70-0036) OR DIL32/PLCC32 ZIF-CS (70-0274)
BeeHive204AP-AU (discontinued) adapter/module: AP1 PLCC32 ZIF NOR-1a (71-2440A) OR
MEMprog2 (discontinued) adapter/module: DIL32/PLCC32 ZIF (70-0036) OR DIL32/PLCC32 ZIF-CS (70-0274)
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