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Why BeeProg2C programmer and why replacement of BeeProg+.

There are used the Xilinx FPGAs chips as pindriver device in the BeeProg+, BeeProg2, BeeHive204 and BeeHive208S programmers - XCS05 inside of BeeProg+ and XCS10 inside of other programmers. After the Xilinx discontinued both of these FPGA chips (last buy: 10/2011), we're faced the question, if to keep in stock both chips or only one. It is difficult to predict the programmer selling in the future and because we're buying chips from authorized distributors only, therefore options was a bit limited. After analyses we come to conclusion to keep only the XCS10, clearly, because it is inside of the faster programmer and also inside of our multiprogrammers. As a result of this situation, there is discontinued BeeProg+ programmer.

Because we sell also many BeeProg+ programmers, we decided to provide fair replacement of the discontinued BeeProg+ programmer. Clear option was to provide BeeProg2 with a bit restricted capability (number of supported devices) and we called it BeeProg2C (C is for 'cost-effective' version). In intent to harm as low as possible the customers, who plan to have BeeProg+ programmer, but we offer BeeProg2C programmer instead, we did more analyzes. We did mainly deep analyze what chips the BeeProg+ users use mostly. We did also analyze of techsupport database about questions/problems of BeeProg+ customer. We also did small research and we asked customers (randomly selected) who bought BeeProg+ programmers, what devices they program.

As a result, BeeProg2C have next limitations compared with BeeProg2:

  • unsupported obsolete bipolar chips (PROMs and PLDs)
  • unsupported obsolete EPROMs with programming voltage 21V and above
  • unsupported obsolete 2708 EPROMs
  • unsupported obsolete microcontrollers MCS48 series
  • unsupported obsolete microcontrollers 8751/8752 with programming voltage 21V and above
  • LPT port connection usage is disabled in software

Positive point is, at the same price as BeeProg+, the the BeeProg2C is as fast programmer as BeeProg2, it mean for high-capacity memories visible faster than BeeProg+.

Of course, it might happen, in the future, the customer who bough BeeProg2C have need to program also devices, which only BeeProg2 do. Solution is simple - BeeProg2C to BeeProg2 upgrade kit, simple key, that allow to program all devices the BeeProg2 can. Because limitation is only by software.

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