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Elnec news

Bureau of Industry and Security U.S. depatrment of Commerce: Statement to the Export Administration Regulation


Programming support of Infineon 32-bit TriCore(TM) AURIX(TM)-TC2xx and 32-bit TriCore(TM) AURIX(TM)-TC3xx via DAP has been released



    Number of supported devices is over 120.000



      Secure programming/provisioning was implemented. Elnec SW is ready for implementation of next.



        World First 3rd party support of FUS firmware upgrade and Wireless Stack install for CPU2 in devices of STM32WB series



          Number of supported devices is over 115.000



            Number of supported devices is over 110.000



              Number of supported devices is over 105.000



                Number of supported devices is over 100.000



                  BeeProg3/BeeHive304, sustainable programming speed is now greater than 31 MB/s


                    We have done a next step of the BeeProg3/BeHive304 programming speed optimization, where we reach more than 31 MBytes per second data flow from/to programmed device. The programming of the high speed memories, mainly eMMC (which allow that programming speed), are now programmed at nearly 70% of the previous time. BeeProg3/BeeHive304 are now world fastest universal programmers.

                  Number of supported devices is over 90.000



                    Number of supported devices is over 85.000



                      BeeProg3/BeeHive304, sustainable programming speed now greater than 22.5 MB/s with outlook to speed close to 30 MB/s


                      Beehive304 production programmer
                        We have done next step of the BeeProg3/BeHive304 programming speed optimization, where we reach a more than 22.5 MBytes per second. Of course all parallel NAND Flash and eMMC devices - which allow that programming speed - are now programmed so quickly.

                        And even better: we're currently working on the next improvement, which hit a level close to 30 MB/s.

                      Number of supported devices is over 80.000



                        BeeProg2/BeeProg2C/BeeHive204/BeeHive208S and BeeProg2AP/BeeHive204AP TurboMode


                          We have good news for customers BeeProg2/BeeProg2C, BeeHive204, BeeHive208S and BeeProg2AP/BeeHive204AP programmers: substantial increasing of programming speed for high-capacity memories as a result of intensive and smart development.

                          The programming speed for NAND Flash and eMMC memories was increased from roughly 2MB/s to roughly 5MB/s (not a typo!).

                          Programming timeStandardModeTurboMode

                          The TurboMode will be freely available (more details) for all BeeProg2/BeeProg2C, BeeHive204, BeeHive208S and BeeProg2AP/BeeHive204AP programmers, starts from 12/2013.

                          We can teach old dog new tricks ... :-)

                          • the final implementation require to rewrite firmware of programmer, low level drivers in PC software, fine-tune of the programming algorithms and optimization of programming adapters design. Therefore implementation of this feature will be step-by-step, of course on-demand requests will have most priority
                          • use AlgOR form if you request the implementation of Turbo mode for particular device(s). Also mention, in the 'Comment' or 'Notes to request' array, that you need Turbo mode for this device

                        BeeProg3, ultra fast universal 64-pindrive programmer


                          Let us inform you, the longer time awaited ultra speed universal programmer will be available soon. The BeeProg3 design was focused on programming of high-capacity memories: NAND Flash, eMMC, parallel NOR Flash and serial NOR Flash. Programmer reach sustainable programing speed greater than 20 MBytes per second and is capable to program 2 GB eMMC NAND Flash within less than 100 seconds. BeeProg3 supports devices with VCC voltages as low as 0.8V, ready to support all kinds of types and silicon technologies of today's and tomorrow's programmable devices.

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                        BeeHive304, ultra fast universal 4x 64-pindrive multiprogrammer


                          BeeHive304 is ultra speed 4x 64-pindrive universal production multiprogrammer based on the BeeProg3 programming core. This concurently working 4-sites multiprogrammer perfectly fits for high-demanding desktop programming, as well as for automated programming systems and ATE machines, where ensures the highest quality and overall yield. One control software can serve up to 64 programming sites in one automated programmer (16x BeeHive304 programmers). The BeeHive304 multiprogrammer supports as many chips, as the BeeProg3 programmer supports and without obvious decreasing of programming speed because each programming site works independently. Programming modules construction is designed for perfect stability at the top of the programmer, to be tough enough for insert/replace chips by mechanical arm and also allows to keep identical position of ZIF socket also after replacing of the module.

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                        Number of supported devices is over 75.000



                          Cypress qualified Elnec's support for PSoC 5 LP family devices


                            Let us announce, that Cypress qualified Elnec support for PSoC 5 LP family devices and have begun to notify his field and distributors of that capability

                          PG4UW SW is now compatible with MS Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)


                            Our control software for our programmers was tested with MS Windows 8 and is fully compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit version of MS Windows 8 OS. Please, use 2.xx version and above.

                          BeeProg2C, cost effective version of BeeProg2 programmer and replacement of discontinued BeeProg+


                            The new BeeProg2C is a cost effective version of BeeProg2 and also replacement of BeeProg+ programmer. BeeProg2C was created due to shortage of critical component used inside of BeeProg+. BeeProg+ programmer was discontinued.

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                          BeeHive204AP-AU: version of BeeHive204AP with ZIF socket actuation system


                            To be able implement BeeHive204AP device programmer into automated programmer/handler without ZIF socket opener, it is necessary to have also version of with ZIF socket actuation system included. The BeeHive204AP-AU is that programmer. The usage of BeeHive204AP-AU have also some additional advantages. The ZIF sockets on the programming modules are opened only once for each chip programming cycle, therefore double mechanical lifetime of ZIF socket is reached. Such configuration also have higher throughput (UPH) of programmer. Of course usage of programmer with ZIF socket opener is not limited to automated programming. BeeHive204AP-AU can be also used for manual programming, for more convenient operation in cases, when high-pin-count chips require to use high-opening-force ZIF socket.

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                          Device Part Number Description now available online


                            We are happy to inform you that Device Part Number Description for most of the devices supported by Elnec programmers is now available online in Elnec Device Search tool and also in the Device Lists of particular Elnec programmers. This valuable information was until now available in the software for Elnec programmers only (under menu Device --> Select Device.. --> Device info). As a result, now it is not necessary for you to run Elnec software to access this information. We hope you will enjoy this update.

                          Industrial versions of Elnec programmers for 3rd party automated machines


                            Let us inform you that Elnec programmers BeeHive204AP and BeeProg2AP (industrial versions of BeeHive204 and BeeProg2 programmers) which were developed for implementation into 3rd party automated programmers and automatic test equipments (ATE) are now available on market. The programmers have several enhancements which will be appreciated by electronics manufacturers and programming centers. In particular, dimensions of the programmers were reduced, cases are more mechanically stable and also programming modules have now different construction to reach greater mechanical stability. For easy and convenient connection of the programmers to 3rd party automated machines simple Elnec remote control application was even enhanced.

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                          Explanation of Elnec method for device counting & comparison


                            Let us inform you that detailed explanation of Elnec method for device counting is now available on-line on our website. Moreover, comparison of Elnec method for device counting with methods of some competitors was performed. Results are really interesting.

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                          Elnec website redesigned!


                            Dear Valued Customer & Visitor! As you surely noted, was redesigned. Aim of the new layout is to be more attractive for users and important information to be more easily accessible. We hope you like the new design. If you would have any comments please do not hesitate to contact our webmaster.

                          Microchip and Elnec tighten their co-operation


                            We are happy to announce that Microchip Technology Incorporated, one of world's leading providers of microcontrollers, memories and analog semiconductors, honoured the long-term, reliable and flexible support of all PIC7ê family programmable devices by Elnec programmers with offering BeeProg+ programmer for sale on Microchip's online shop

                          BeeProg2: faster twin brother of BeeProg+ programmer


                            The new BeeProg2 is speed-up improvement of BeeProg+ programmer. Programming speed improvement was focused to large memories (NAND Flash, parallel NOR Flash, serial NOR Flash). BeeProg2 is faster by 20-70% than BeeProg+ in such cases.

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                          BeeHive204: faster twin brother of BeeHive4+ programmer


                            The new BeeHive204 is speed-up improvement of BeeHive4+ programmer (faster by 20-70%) due to usage of BeeProg2 programming core inside.

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                          BeeHive208S: faster twin brother of BeeHive8S programmer


                            The new BeeHive208S is speed-up improvement of BeeHive8S programmer (faster by 20-70%) due to usage of BeeProg2 programming core inside. BeeHive8S programmer was discontinued.

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