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Elnec programmers comparison

Please, select programmers and their properties which you are interested in or look at whole table.

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Description of properties

Programmer type:

  • Universal programmer: programmer supports wide range of programmable devices.
  • Specialized programmer: programmer focused to support some family of devices (microcontrollers, serial EEPROMs, ...).
  • Stand-alone programmer: programmer able to work alone, without be connected to the control PC.

Pin drivers:

  • Universal pindriver: features available for each pin of pindriver.
  • Specialized pindriver: pindriver provide only necessary features to pins of pindriver

Capability of next devices support (in ZIF socket mode):

  • Level A: New device to be added in the future may have any number and any position of GND, VCCP, VPP TTL in/out pins.
  • Level B: New device to be added in the future must have the same GND, VCCP and VPP pins position as already supported types, but may have any position of TTL in/out pins.

Capability of ISP connector:

  • Level X: The programmer can provide at ISP connector logic level signals (H/L/PU/PD/read) only. The "target VCC sense" feature is also available to check, if the target system provide a proper level of VCC to programmed chip.
  • Level Y: Level X + the programmer can provide a VCC (both sink/source driven) and VPP voltage for programmed chip.
  • Level Z: Levels X+Y. Additionally the programmer can provide a power supply for whole target system.

Embedded CPU:

The programmer features embedded microcontroller that is capable to solve special situation during operation (power-fail, communication time-out, error recovery, ...). It is suitable primarily for manufacturing programmers.

FPGA pindriver:

The programmer features embedded FPFA (field programmable array) pindriver is capable to be easy and quickly adapt to any configuration, as issued from the chip programming specification. The advantage is optimized TTL pindriver for each displacement of Addess/Data signals, which much increase the chip programming speed. The embedded engine in the FPGA is also capable to run a time-critical and time-consuming parts of code.

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