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Multiprogramming control application for all Elnec Production Programmers.

PG4UWMC Software

Software quick description

PG4UWMC is a master application, which control concurrent device programming flow on one or more Elnec multiprogrammers, or on more (multiprogramming capable) single-site programmers. PG4UWMC software is able to manage at the same time up to 64 programming sites.

Software characteristics

Set a Operator mode Print a Job Report
  • #1 simple set-up of the system before high-volume production operations
    PG4UWMC design enables simple set-up of a multiprogramming system by a production supervisor/manager before performing high-volume production operations (usually performed by an operator).

    Model situation:

    • a company need to program device XYZ in high-volume - receives an order form a customer with detailed information on how particular device need to be programmed,
    • production manager takes out his single-site multiprogramming capable Elnec programmer, takes sample device, set all necessary features and creates a project in PG4UW (.eprj file),
    • production manager copies prepared project file to a flash disk and gives it to a production supervisor. The production supervisor simply copies the project file from the flash disk to the computer to which Elnec multiprogramming system is connected,
    • afterwards, the production supervisor loads the project to PG4UWMC application and high-volume production operation can start.
      Note: After connecting each programming site of the system the project is automatically assigned to particular programmer's site.
  • #2 secure & operator friendly
    Operator-friendly user interface of PG4UWMC combines many powerful functions with ease of use and provides overview of all important activities and operation results without disturbing an operator with non-important details. After loading the project file, the production supervisor can lock the system by password to operator mode. When this mode is applied an operator cannot change any pre-defined settings. Thanks to automatic Yes feature and device insertion test feature the only task of the operator will be to remove already programmed chips and to insert blank chips. PG4UWMC is using a project file to control the multiprogramming system. Project file contains user data, chip programming setup information, chip configuration data, auto programming command sequence, etc. Therefore, an operator error possibility is minimized as the project file is normally created and proofed by an engineering staff and then given to a operator. The optional operator mode can be set for project file to avoid unwanted changes of the project file. Each chip may be programmed with different data such as serial number, configuration and calibration information.
  • #3 effective
    One of powerful features of PG4UWMC application is ability to track complex statistical data about performed operations. For example, every day, at the end of the shift when an operator closes PG4UWMC application job report with complex statistical data about performed operations appears. Job report can be printed at once and given to the production supervisor. Such an easy monitoring of high-volume production operations can be a good feedback for company's management - for example to set remuneration policy or find out real cost of programming operations.
  • #4 many special features free of charge
    Thanks to project based architecture, PG4UWMC have all the special features that can be set through PG4UW. Serialization, complex statistics, automatic YES!, JTAG daisy chain are only some of the features available free of charge for all customers. Noticeably, automatic YES! and Serialization are features that are appreciated by our customers who use Elnec solutions for programming devices in high volumes. The rich-featured Serialization feature enables to automatically insert a specified value on a predefined address into the buffer before programming each device. When more devices are programmed one by one, the serial number value is changed for each device automatically and inserted into buffer before programming device, so each device has an unique serial number. It is available also remote control of the PG4UWMC control software with examples of implementation for standard programming languages.

A 32-bit application works with:

Windows XP operating system (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows Server 2003 operating system
Windows Vista operating system (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows 7 operating system (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows 8 operating system (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows 8.1 operating system (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows 10 operating system (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows 11 operating system (64-bit)

Supported programmers by PG4UW software

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