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List of STMicroelectronics devices supported by: BeeHive4+

Number of supported STMicroelectronics devices 7837 out of 111866 ( Date: 27. Jun. 2019 )

Note: You can find description of Elnec method for device counting here.

Page 1
16AS ÷ M95320-DRxx6 (ISP)
Page 2
M95320-DRxx8 (ISP) ÷ STM32F207IG (ISP-JTAG CHAIN)
Page 3
STM32F207IG (ISP-JTAG) ÷ STM32L412K8T [LQFP32]
Page 4
STM32L412K8U [UFQFPN32] ÷ uPSD3454EVB [TQFP80]