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List of EXODUS Microelect. devices supported by: BeeProg+

Number of supported EXODUS Microelect. devices 96 out of 114287 ( Date: 24. Mar. 2022 )

Note: You can find description of Elnec method for device counting here.

EM16V8B EM16V8B [PLCC20] Note: 47 EM16V8B as PAL10H8 EM16V8B as PAL10H8[PLCC20] Note: 47
EM16V8B as PAL10L8 EM16V8B as PAL10L8[PLCC20] Note: 47 EM16V8B as PAL10P8 EM16V8B as PAL10P8[PLCC20] Note: 47
EM16V8B as PAL12H6 EM16V8B as PAL12H6[PLCC20] Note: 47 EM16V8B as PAL12L6 EM16V8B as PAL12L6[PLCC20] Note: 47
EM16V8B as PAL12P6 EM16V8B as PAL12P6[PLCC20] Note: 47 EM16V8B as PAL14H4 EM16V8B as PAL14H4[PLCC20] Note: 47
EM16V8B as PAL14L4 EM16V8B as PAL14L4[PLCC20] Note: 47 EM16V8B as PAL14P4 EM16V8B as PAL14P4[PLCC20] Note: 47
EM16V8B as PAL16H2 EM16V8B as PAL16H2[PLCC20] Note: 47 EM16V8B as PAL16H8 EM16V8B as PAL16H8[PLCC20] Note: 47
EM16V8B as PAL16L2 EM16V8B as PAL16L2[PLCC20] Note: 47 EM16V8B as PAL16L8 EM16V8B as PAL16L8[PLCC20] Note: 47
EM16V8B as PAL16P2 EM16V8B as PAL16P2[PLCC20] Note: 47 EM16V8B as PAL16P8 EM16V8B as PAL16P8[PLCC20] Note: 47
EM16V8B as PAL16R4 EM16V8B as PAL16R4[PLCC20] Note: 47 EM16V8B as PAL16R6 EM16V8B as PAL16R6[PLCC20] Note: 47
EM16V8B as PAL16R8 EM16V8B as PAL16R8[PLCC20] Note: 47 EM16V8B as PAL16RP4 EM16V8B as PAL16RP4[PLCC20] Note: 47
EM16V8B as PAL16RP6 EM16V8B as PAL16RP6[PLCC20] Note: 47 EM16V8B as PAL16RP8 EM16V8B as PAL16RP8[PLCC20] Note: 47
EM20V8B EM20V8B [PLCC28] Note: 48 EM20V8B as PAL14H8 EM20V8B as PAL14H8[PLCC28] Note: 48
EM20V8B as PAL14L8 EM20V8B as PAL14L8[PLCC28] Note: 48 EM20V8B as PAL14P8 EM20V8B as PAL14P8[PLCC28] Note: 48
EM20V8B as PAL16H6 EM20V8B as PAL16H6[PLCC28] Note: 48 EM20V8B as PAL16L6 EM20V8B as PAL16L6[PLCC28] Note: 48
EM20V8B as PAL16P6 EM20V8B as PAL16P6[PLCC28] Note: 48 EM20V8B as PAL18H4 EM20V8B as PAL18H4[PLCC28] Note: 48
EM20V8B as PAL18L4 EM20V8B as PAL18L4[PLCC28] Note: 48 EM20V8B as PAL18P4 EM20V8B as PAL18P4[PLCC28] Note: 48
EM20V8B as PAL20H2 EM20V8B as PAL20H2[PLCC28] Note: 48 EM20V8B as PAL20H8 EM20V8B as PAL20H8[PLCC28] Note: 48
EM20V8B as PAL20L2 EM20V8B as PAL20L2[PLCC28] Note: 48 EM20V8B as PAL20L8 EM20V8B as PAL20L8[PLCC28] Note: 48
EM20V8B as PAL20P2 EM20V8B as PAL20P2[PLCC28] Note: 48 EM20V8B as PAL20P8 EM20V8B as PAL20P8[PLCC28] Note: 48
EM20V8B as PAL20R4 EM20V8B as PAL20R4[PLCC28] Note: 48 EM20V8B as PAL20R6 EM20V8B as PAL20R6[PLCC28] Note: 48
EM20V8B as PAL20R8 EM20V8B as PAL20R8[PLCC28] Note: 48 EM20V8B as PAL20RP4 EM20V8B as PAL20RP4[PLCC28] Note: 48
EM20V8B as PAL20RP6 EM20V8B as PAL20RP6[PLCC28] Note: 48 EM20V8B as PAL20RP8 EM20V8B as PAL20RP8[PLCC28] Note: 48
EM27C010 EM27C020 EM27C040 EM27C080
EM27C256 EM27C512 EM89C52 EM89C52 [PLCC44] Note: 67
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Adapter List and Notes

Note 47 - DIL20/PLCC20 ZIF-CS (70-0329) OR DIL20W/PLCC20 ZIF (discontinued)
Note 48 - DIL28/PLCC28 ZIF (70-0066) OR DIL28/PLCC28 ZIF-CS (70-0330)
Note 67 - DIL44/PLCC44 ZIF (70-0041) OR DIL44/PLCC44 ZIF-CS (70-0275)
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