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List of National Semicond. devices supported by: BeeProg+

Number of supported National Semicond. devices 750 out of 114287 ( Date: 24. Mar. 2022 )

Note: You can find description of Elnec method for device counting here.

7002 77005MC 77007MC COP494
COP494 (ISP) Note: 138 COP495 COP495 (ISP) Note: 138 COP87L20CJ
COP87L20CJ [SOIC28] Note: 4045 COP87L20RJ COP87L20RJ [SOIC28] Note: 4045 COP87L22CJ
COP87L22CJ [SOIC20] Note: 119 COP87L22RJ COP87L22RJ [SOIC20] Note: 119 COP87L40CJ
COP87L40CJ [SOIC28] Note: 4045 COP87L40RJ COP87L40RJ [SOIC28] Note: 4045 COP87L42CJ
COP87L42CJ [SOIC20] Note: 119 COP87L42RJ COP87L42RJ [SOIC20] Note: 119 COP87L84BC [SOIC28] Note: 4045
COP87L84CF COP87L84CF [SOIC28] Note: 4045 COP87L84CL COP87L84CL [SOIC28] Note: 4045
COP87L84EG COP87L84EG [SOIC28] Note: 4045 COP87L84FH COP87L84FH [SOIC28] Note: 4045
COP87L84RG COP87L84RG [SOIC28] Note: 4045 COP87L88CF COP87L88CF [PLCC44] Note: 67
COP87L88CL COP87L88CL [PLCC44] Note: 67 COP87L88EG COP87L88EG [PLCC44] Note: 67
COP87L88FH COP87L88FH [PLCC44] Note: 67 COP87L88GD [PLCC44] Note: 67 COP87L88GG
COP87L88GG [PLCC44] Note: 67 COP87L88KG COP87L88KG [PLCC44] Note: 67 COP87L88RD [PLCC44] Note: 67
COP87L88RG COP87L88RG [PLCC44] Note: 67 COP8ACC720 COP8ACC720 [SOIC20] Note: 119
COP8ACC728 COP8ACC728 [SOIC28] Note: 4045 COP8AME9 COP8AME9 [SOIC28] Note: 4045
COP8ANE9 COP8ANE9 [SOIC28] Note: 4045 COP8CBE9 [LLP44] Note: 886 COP8CBE9 [PLCC44] Note: 67
COP8CBE9 [TSSOP48] Note: 860 COP8CBR9 (dc Note: 886 COP8CBR9 (dc Note: 67 COP8CBR9 (dc Note: 888
COP8CBR9 (dc Note: 860 COP8CBR9 (dc>=0318)[LLP44] Note: 886 COP8CBR9 (dc>=0318)[PLCC44] Note: 67 COP8CBR9 (dc>=0318)[PLCC68] Note: 888
COP8CBR9 (dc>=0318)[TSSOP48] Note: 860 COP8CCE9 [LLP44] Note: 886 COP8CCE9 [PLCC44] Note: 67 COP8CCE9 [TSSOP48] Note: 860
COP8CCR9 (dc Note: 886 COP8CCR9 (dc Note: 67 COP8CCR9 (dc Note: 888 COP8CCR9 (dc Note: 860
COP8CCR9 (dc>=0318)[LLP44] Note: 886 COP8CCR9 (dc>=0318)[PLCC44] Note: 67 COP8CCR9 (dc>=0318)[PLCC68] Note: 888 COP8CCR9 (dc>=0318)[TSSOP48] Note: 860
COP8CDE9 [LLP44] Note: 886 COP8CDE9 [PLCC44] Note: 67 COP8CDE9 [TSSOP48] Note: 860 COP8CDR9 (dc Note: 886
COP8CDR9 (dc Note: 67 COP8CDR9 (dc Note: 888 COP8CDR9 (dc Note: 860 COP8CDR9 (dc>=0318)[LLP44] Note: 886
COP8CDR9 (dc>=0318)[PLCC44] Note: 67 COP8CDR9 (dc>=0318)[PLCC68] Note: 888 COP8CDR9 (dc>=0318)[TSSOP48] Note: 860 COP8CFE9 [LLP44] Note: 886
COP8CFE9 [PLCC44] Note: 67 COP8CFE9 [TSSOP48] Note: 860 COP8SAA716 COP8SAA716 [SOIC16] Note: 1060
COP8SAA720 COP8SAA720 [SOIC20] Note: 119 COP8SAA728 COP8SAA728 [SOIC28] Note: 4045
COP8SAB720 COP8SAB720 [SOIC20] Note: 119 COP8SAB728 COP8SAB728 [SOIC28] Note: 4045
COP8SAC720 COP8SAC720 [SOIC20] Note: 119 COP8SAC720Q3 COP8SAC728
COP8SAC728 [SOIC28] Note: 4045 COP8SAC728Q3 COP8SAC740 COP8SAC740Q3
COP8SAC744 [PLCC44] Note: 67 COP8SAC744J3 [PLCC44] Note: 67 COP8SBE9 [LLP44] Note: 886 COP8SBE9 [PLCC44] Note: 67
COP8SBE9 [TSSOP48] Note: 860 COP8SBR9 (dc Note: 886 COP8SBR9 (dc Note: 67 COP8SBR9 (dc Note: 888
COP8SBR9 (dc Note: 860 COP8SBR9 (dc>=0318)[LLP44] Note: 886 COP8SBR9 (dc>=0318)[PLCC44] Note: 67 COP8SBR9 (dc>=0318)[PLCC68] Note: 888
COP8SBR9 (dc>=0318)[TSSOP48] Note: 860 COP8SCE9 [LLP44] Note: 886 COP8SCE9 [PLCC44] Note: 67 COP8SCE9 [TSSOP48] Note: 860
COP8SCR9 (dc Note: 886 COP8SCR9 (dc Note: 67 COP8SCR9 (dc Note: 888 COP8SCR9 (dc Note: 860
COP8SCR9 (dc>=0318)[LLP44] Note: 886 COP8SCR9 (dc>=0318)[PLCC44] Note: 67 COP8SCR9 (dc>=0318)[PLCC68] Note: 888 COP8SCR9 (dc>=0318)[TSSOP48] Note: 860
COP8SDE9 [LLP44] Note: 886 COP8SDE9 [PLCC44] Note: 67 COP8SDE9 [TSSOP48] Note: 860 COP8SDR9 (dc Note: 886
COP8SDR9 (dc Note: 67 COP8SDR9 (dc Note: 888 COP8SDR9 (dc Note: 860 COP8SDR9 (dc>=0318)[LLP44] Note: 886
COP8SDR9 (dc>=0318)[PLCC44] Note: 67 COP8SDR9 (dc>=0318)[PLCC68] Note: 888 COP8SDR9 (dc>=0318)[TSSOP48] Note: 860 COP8SGE728
COP8SGE728 [SOIC28] Note: 4045 COP8SGE740 COP8SGE744 [PLCC44] Note: 67 COP8SGE744 [PQFP44] Note: 94
COP8SGR728 COP8SGR728 [SOIC28] Note: 4045 COP8SGR728Q3 COP8SGR740
COP8SGR740Q3 COP8SGR744 [PLCC44] Note: 67 COP8SGR744 [PQFP44] Note: 94 COP8SGR744Q3 [PLCC44] Note: 67
COP8TAB9 (ISP) Note: 138 COP8TAB9 [BGA49] Note: 681 COP8TAB9 [LLP44] Note: 886 COP8TAB9 [SOIC20] Note: 119
COP8TAB9 [SOIC28] Note: 4045 COP8TAC9 (ISP) Note: 138 COP8TAC9 [BGA49] Note: 681 COP8TAC9 [LLP44] Note: 886
COP8TAC9 [SOIC20] Note: 119 COP8TAC9 [SOIC28] Note: 4045 DM54LS471 DM54S188
DM54S287 DM54S288 DM54S387 DM54S470
DM54S471 DM54S472 DM54S472A DM54S472B
DM54S473 DM54S474 DM54S474A DM54S474B
DM54S475 DM54S570 DM54S571 DM54S572
DM54S573 DM74LS471 DM74S188 DM74S287
DM74S288 DM74S387 DM74S470 DM74S471
DM74S472 DM74S472A DM74S472B DM74S473
DM74S473A DM74S474 DM74S474A DM74S474B
DM74S475 DM74S475A DM74S570 DM74S571
DM74S572 DM74S573 DM77LS181 DM77S180
DM77S181 DM77S184 DM77S185 DM77S190
DM77S191 DM77S195 DM77S280 DM77S281
DM77S290 DM77S291 DM77S321 DM77S421
DM87LS181 DM87S180 DM87S181 DM87S184
DM87S185 DM87S190 DM87S191 DM87S195
DM87S280 DM87S281 DM87S290 DM87S291
DM87S321 DM87S421 GAL16V8 GAL16V8 [PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8 as PAL10H8 GAL16V8 as PAL10H8[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8 as PAL10L8 GAL16V8 as PAL10L8[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8 as PAL10P8 GAL16V8 as PAL10P8[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8 as PAL12H6 GAL16V8 as PAL12H6[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8 as PAL12L6 GAL16V8 as PAL12L6[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8 as PAL12P6 GAL16V8 as PAL12P6[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8 as PAL14H4 GAL16V8 as PAL14H4[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8 as PAL14L4 GAL16V8 as PAL14L4[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8 as PAL14P4 GAL16V8 as PAL14P4[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8 as PAL16H2 GAL16V8 as PAL16H2[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8 as PAL16H8 GAL16V8 as PAL16H8[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8 as PAL16L2 GAL16V8 as PAL16L2[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8 as PAL16L8 GAL16V8 as PAL16L8[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8 as PAL16P2 GAL16V8 as PAL16P2[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8 as PAL16P8 GAL16V8 as PAL16P8[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8 as PAL16R4 GAL16V8 as PAL16R4[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8 as PAL16R6 GAL16V8 as PAL16R6[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8 as PAL16R8 GAL16V8 as PAL16R8[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8 as PAL16RP4 GAL16V8 as PAL16RP4[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8 as PAL16RP6 GAL16V8 as PAL16RP6[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8 as PAL16RP8 GAL16V8 as PAL16RP8[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8A GAL16V8A [PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8A as PAL10H8 GAL16V8A as PAL10H8[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8A as PAL10L8 GAL16V8A as PAL10L8[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8A as PAL10P8 GAL16V8A as PAL10P8[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8A as PAL12H6 GAL16V8A as PAL12H6[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8A as PAL12L6 GAL16V8A as PAL12L6[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8A as PAL12P6 GAL16V8A as PAL12P6[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8A as PAL14H4 GAL16V8A as PAL14H4[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8A as PAL14L4 GAL16V8A as PAL14L4[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8A as PAL14P4 GAL16V8A as PAL14P4[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8A as PAL16H2 GAL16V8A as PAL16H2[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8A as PAL16H8 GAL16V8A as PAL16H8[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8A as PAL16L2 GAL16V8A as PAL16L2[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8A as PAL16L8 GAL16V8A as PAL16L8[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8A as PAL16P2 GAL16V8A as PAL16P2[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8A as PAL16P8 GAL16V8A as PAL16P8[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8A as PAL16R4 GAL16V8A as PAL16R4[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8A as PAL16R6 GAL16V8A as PAL16R6[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8A as PAL16R8 GAL16V8A as PAL16R8[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8A as PAL16RP4 GAL16V8A as PAL16RP4[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL16V8A as PAL16RP6 GAL16V8A as PAL16RP6[PLCC20] Note: 47
GAL16V8A as PAL16RP8 GAL16V8A as PAL16RP8[PLCC20] Note: 47 GAL20RA10 GAL20RA10 [PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8 GAL20V8 [PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8 as PAL14H8 GAL20V8 as PAL14H8[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8 as PAL14L8 GAL20V8 as PAL14L8[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8 as PAL14P8 GAL20V8 as PAL14P8[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8 as PAL16H6 GAL20V8 as PAL16H6[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8 as PAL16L6 GAL20V8 as PAL16L6[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8 as PAL16P6 GAL20V8 as PAL16P6[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8 as PAL18H4 GAL20V8 as PAL18H4[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8 as PAL18L4 GAL20V8 as PAL18L4[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8 as PAL18P4 GAL20V8 as PAL18P4[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8 as PAL20H2 GAL20V8 as PAL20H2[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8 as PAL20H8 GAL20V8 as PAL20H8[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8 as PAL20L2 GAL20V8 as PAL20L2[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8 as PAL20L8 GAL20V8 as PAL20L8[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8 as PAL20P2 GAL20V8 as PAL20P2[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8 as PAL20P8 GAL20V8 as PAL20P8[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8 as PAL20R4 GAL20V8 as PAL20R4[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8 as PAL20R6 GAL20V8 as PAL20R6[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8 as PAL20R8 GAL20V8 as PAL20R8[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8 as PAL20RP4 GAL20V8 as PAL20RP4[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8 as PAL20RP6 GAL20V8 as PAL20RP6[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8 as PAL20RP8 GAL20V8 as PAL20RP8[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8A GAL20V8A [PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8A as PAL14H8 GAL20V8A as PAL14H8[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8A as PAL14L8 GAL20V8A as PAL14L8[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8A as PAL14P8 GAL20V8A as PAL14P8[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8A as PAL16H6 GAL20V8A as PAL16H6[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8A as PAL16L6 GAL20V8A as PAL16L6[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8A as PAL16P6 GAL20V8A as PAL16P6[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8A as PAL18H4 GAL20V8A as PAL18H4[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8A as PAL18L4 GAL20V8A as PAL18L4[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8A as PAL18P4 GAL20V8A as PAL18P4[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8A as PAL20H2 GAL20V8A as PAL20H2[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8A as PAL20H8 GAL20V8A as PAL20H8[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8A as PAL20L2 GAL20V8A as PAL20L2[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8A as PAL20L8 GAL20V8A as PAL20L8[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8A as PAL20P2 GAL20V8A as PAL20P2[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8A as PAL20P8 GAL20V8A as PAL20P8[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8A as PAL20R4 GAL20V8A as PAL20R4[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8A as PAL20R6 GAL20V8A as PAL20R6[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8A as PAL20R8 GAL20V8A as PAL20R8[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8A as PAL20RP4 GAL20V8A as PAL20RP4[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8A as PAL20RP6 GAL20V8A as PAL20RP6[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8A as PAL20RP8 GAL20V8A as PAL20RP8[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8QS GAL20V8QS [PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8QS as PAL14H8 GAL20V8QS as PAL14H8[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8QS as PAL14L8 GAL20V8QS as PAL14L8[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8QS as PAL14P8 GAL20V8QS as PAL14P8[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8QS as PAL16H6 GAL20V8QS as PAL16H6[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8QS as PAL16L6 GAL20V8QS as PAL16L6[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8QS as PAL16P6 GAL20V8QS as PAL16P6[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8QS as PAL18H4 GAL20V8QS as PAL18H4[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8QS as PAL18L4 GAL20V8QS as PAL18L4[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8QS as PAL18P4 GAL20V8QS as PAL18P4[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8QS as PAL20H2 GAL20V8QS as PAL20H2[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8QS as PAL20H8 GAL20V8QS as PAL20H8[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8QS as PAL20L2 GAL20V8QS as PAL20L2[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8QS as PAL20L8 GAL20V8QS as PAL20L8[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8QS as PAL20P2 GAL20V8QS as PAL20P2[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8QS as PAL20P8 GAL20V8QS as PAL20P8[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8QS as PAL20R4 GAL20V8QS as PAL20R4[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8QS as PAL20R6 GAL20V8QS as PAL20R6[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8QS as PAL20R8 GAL20V8QS as PAL20R8[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8QS as PAL20RP4 GAL20V8QS as PAL20RP4[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL20V8QS as PAL20RP6 GAL20V8QS as PAL20RP6[PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL20V8QS as PAL20RP8 GAL20V8QS as PAL20RP8[PLCC28] Note: 48
GAL22V10 GAL22V10 [PLCC28] Note: 48 GAL6001 GAL6001 [PLCC28] Note: 48
INS8048 INS8049 INS8050 LM3549 [LLP24] Note: 731
MM2708 Note: 2 MM2716 MM2758A MM2758B
NM24C01 NM24C01 (ISP) Note: 138 NM24C01 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM24C01 [TSSOP8] Note: 121
NM24C02 NM24C02 (ISP) Note: 138 NM24C02 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM24C02 [TSSOP8] Note: 121
NM24C03 NM24C03 (ISP) Note: 138 NM24C03 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM24C03 [TSSOP8] Note: 121
NM24C04 NM24C04 (ISP) Note: 138 NM24C04 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM24C04 [TSSOP8] Note: 121
NM24C05 NM24C05 (ISP) Note: 138 NM24C05 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM24C05 [TSSOP8] Note: 121
NM24C08 NM24C08 (ISP) Note: 138 NM24C08 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM24C08 [TSSOP8] Note: 121
NM24C09 NM24C09 (ISP) Note: 138 NM24C09 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM24C09 [TSSOP8] Note: 121
NM24C16 NM24C16 (ISP) Note: 138 NM24C16 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM24C16 [TSSOP8] Note: 121
NM24C17 NM24C17 (ISP) Note: 138 NM24C17 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM24C17 [TSSOP8] Note: 121
NM24C32 NM24C32 (ISP) Note: 138 NM24C32 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM24C32 [TSSOP8] Note: 121
NM24C32F (ISP) Note: 138 NM24C32U (ISP) Note: 138 NM24C65 NM24C65 (ISP) Note: 138
NM24C65 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM24C65 [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM24C65F (ISP) Note: 138 NM24C65U (ISP) Note: 138
NM25C020 NM25C020 (ISP) Note: 138 NM25C020 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM25C020 [TSSOP8] Note: 121
NM25C04 NM25C04 (ISP) Note: 138 NM25C04 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM25C040
NM25C040 (ISP) Note: 138 NM25C040 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM25C040 [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM25C041
NM25C041 (ISP) Note: 138 NM25C041 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM25C160 NM25C160 (ISP) Note: 138
NM25C160 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM25C160 [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM25C640 NM25C640 (ISP) Note: 138
NM25C640 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM27C010 NM27C010 [PLCC32] Note: 59 NM27C010 [TSOP32] Note: 655
NM27C020 NM27C020 [PLCC32] Note: 59 NM27C040 NM27C040 [PLCC32] Note: 59
NM27C1024 NM27C1024 [PLCC44] Note: 67 NM27C128 NM27C128 [PLCC32] Note: 59
NM27C210 NM27C210 [PLCC44] Note: 67 NM27C240 NM27C240 [PLCC44] Note: 67
NM27C256 NM27C256 [PLCC32] Note: 59 NM27C512 NM27C512 [PLCC32] Note: 59
NM27LC256 NM27LC256 [PLCC32] Note: 59 NM27LC512 NM27LC512 [PLCC32] Note: 59
NM27LC64 NM27LV010 NM27LV010 [PLCC32] Note: 59 NM27LV010 [TSOP32] Note: 655
NM27LV010B NM27LV010B [PLCC32] Note: 59 NM27LV010B [TSOP32] Note: 655 NM27LV210 [PLCC44] Note: 67
NM27LV210 [TQFP44] Note: 94 NM27LV512 NM27LV512 [PLCC32] Note: 59 NM27P040
NM27P040 [PLCC32] Note: 59 NM27P210 NM27P210 [PLCC44] Note: 67 NM27P240
NM27P240 [PLCC44] Note: 67 NM27P512 NM27P512 [PLCC32] Note: 59 NM28C64/A
NM28C64/A [TSOP28] Note: 54 NM28C64L NM28C64L [TSOP28] Note: 54 NM93C06
NM93C06 (ISP) Note: 138 NM93C06 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM93C06 [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM93C06L
NM93C06L (ISP) Note: 138 NM93C06L [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM93C06L [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM93C13
NM93C13 (ISP) Note: 138 NM93C13 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM93C14 NM93C14 (ISP) Note: 138
NM93C14 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM93C46 NM93C46 (ISP) Note: 138 NM93C46 [SOIC8] Note: 950
NM93C46 [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM93C46L NM93C46L (ISP) Note: 138 NM93C46L [SOIC8] Note: 950
NM93C46L [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM93C56 NM93C56 (ISP) Note: 138 NM93C56 [SOIC8] Note: 950
NM93C56 [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM93C56A (x16) NM93C56A (x16) (ISP) Note: 138 NM93C56A (x16) [SO8] Note: 950
NM93C56A (x16) [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM93C56A (x8) NM93C56A (x8) (ISP) Note: 138 NM93C56A (x8) [SO8] Note: 950
NM93C56A (x8) [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM93C56L NM93C56L (ISP) Note: 138 NM93C56L [SOIC8] Note: 950
NM93C56L [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM93C66 NM93C66 (ISP) Note: 138 NM93C66 [SOIC8] Note: 950
NM93C66 [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM93C66A (x16) NM93C66A (x16) (ISP) Note: 138 NM93C66A (x16) [SO8] Note: 950
NM93C66A (x16) [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM93C66A (x8) NM93C66A (x8) (ISP) Note: 138 NM93C66A (x8) [SO8] Note: 950
NM93C66A (x8) [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM93C66L NM93C66L (ISP) Note: 138 NM93C66L [SOIC8] Note: 950
NM93C66L [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM93C86A NM93C86A (ISP) Note: 138 NM93C86A (x8)
NM93C86A (x8) (ISP) Note: 138 NM93C86A (x8) [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM93C86A (x8) [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM93C86A [SOIC8] Note: 950
NM93C86A [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM93CS06 NM93CS06 (ISP) Note: 138 NM93CS06 [SOIC8] Note: 950
NM93CS06 [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM93CS46 NM93CS46 (ISP) Note: 138 NM93CS46 [SOIC8] Note: 950
NM93CS46 [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM93CS56 NM93CS56 (ISP) Note: 138 NM93CS56 [SOIC8] Note: 950
NM93CS56 [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM93CS66 NM93CS66 (ISP) Note: 138 NM93CS66 [SOIC14] Note: 951
NM93CS66 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NM93CS66 [TSSOP8] Note: 121 NM93S06 NM93S46
NM93S56 NM93S66 NMC2532 NMC2716
NMC27C010 NMC27C010 [PLCC32] Note: 59 NMC27C020 NMC27C020 [PLCC32] Note: 59
NMC27C1023 NMC27C1023 [PLCC32] Note: 59 NMC27C1024 NMC27C1024 [PLCC44] Note: 67
NMC27C128 NMC27C128B NMC27C128C NMC27C16
NMC27C16B NMC27C16H NMC27C2048 NMC27C2048 [PLCC44] Note: 67
NMC27C256 NMC27C256 [PLCC32] Note: 59 NMC27C256B NMC27C256B [PLCC32] Note: 59
NMC27C32 NMC27C32B NMC27C32H NMC27C512
NMC27C512 [PLCC32] Note: 59 NMC27C512A NMC27C64 NMC27CP128
NMC87C257 NMC87C257 [PLCC32] Note: 59 NMC9306 NMC9306 (ISP) Note: 138
NMC9306 [SOIC8] Note: 950 NMC9307 NMC9307 (ISP) Note: 138 NMC9307 [SOIC14] Note: 951
NMC9313B NMC9313B (ISP) Note: 138 NMC9314B NMC9314B (ISP) Note: 138
NMC9345 NMC9345 (ISP) Note: 138 NMC9345 [SOIC14] Note: 951 NMC9346
NMC9346 (ISP) Note: 138 NMC9346 [SOIC14] Note: 951 NMC93C06 NMC93C06 (ISP) Note: 138
NMC93C06 [SOIC14] Note: 951 NMC93C26 NMC93C26 (ISP) Note: 138 NMC93C26 [SOIC14] Note: 951
NMC93C46 NMC93C46 (ISP) Note: 138 NMC93C46 [SOIC14] Note: 951 NMC93C56
NMC93C56 (ISP) Note: 138 NMC93C56 [SOIC14] Note: 951 NMC93C66 NMC93C66 (ISP) Note: 138
NMC93C66 [SOIC14] Note: 951 NMC93CS06 NMC93CS06 (ISP) Note: 138 NMC93CS06 [SOIC14] Note: 951
NMC93CS26 NMC93CS26 (ISP) Note: 138 NMC93CS26 [SOIC14] Note: 951 NMC93CS46
NMC93CS46 (ISP) Note: 138 NMC93CS46 [SOIC14] Note: 951 NMC93CS56 NMC93CS56 (ISP) Note: 138
NMC93CS56 [SOIC14] Note: 951 NMC93CS66 NMC93CS66 (ISP) Note: 138 NMC93CS66 [SOIC14] Note: 951
NMC9816A NMC98C64 - -

Adapter List and Notes

Note 2 - 2708 module (70-0059)
Note 47 - DIL20/PLCC20 ZIF-CS (70-0329) OR DIL20W/PLCC20 ZIF (discontinued)
Note 48 - DIL28/PLCC28 ZIF (70-0066) OR DIL28/PLCC28 ZIF-CS (70-0330)
Note 54 - DIL28/TSOP28 ZIF 11.8mm (70-0070)
Note 59 - DIL32/PLCC32 ZIF (70-0036) OR DIL32/PLCC32 ZIF-CS (70-0274)
Note 67 - DIL44/PLCC44 ZIF (70-0041) OR DIL44/PLCC44 ZIF-CS (70-0275)
Note 94 - DIL44/TQFP44-1 ZIF (70-0076) OR DIL44/TQFP44-1 ZIF-CS (70-0968)
Note 119 - DIL20W/SOIC20 ZIF 300mil (70-0879)
Note 121 - DIL8W/TSSOP8 ZIF 170mil (70-0911)
Note 138 - Note: via ISP connector
Note 655 - DIL32/TSOP32 ZIF 18.4mm (70-0399)
Note 681 - BGA-0415/0414 (70-0415/0414) = BGA-Bottom-23 (70-0415) + BGA-Top-50 ZIF-CS (70-0414)
Note 731 - DIL24/QFN24-1 ZIF (70-5460) OR DIL24/QFN24-1 ZIF-CS (70-0478)
Note 860 - DIL48/TSSOP48 ZIF 240mil (70-0663)
Note 886 - DIL44/QFN44-3 ZIF (70-0664)
Note 888 - DIL48/PLCC68 ZIF COP8-1 (70-0665)
Note 950 - DIL8W/SOIC8 ZIF 150mil (70-0901)
Note 951 - DIL14W/SOIC14 ZIF 150mil (70-0902)
Note 1060 - DIL16W/SOIC16 ZIF 300mil (70-0881)
Note 4045 - DIL28W/SOIC28 ZIF 300mil (70-0877)
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