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List of Microchip devices supported by: BeeProg3

Number of supported Microchip devices 9248 out of 56798 ( Date: 30. Jan. 2020 )

Note: You can find description of Elnec method for device counting here.

Page 1
11AA010 ÷ ATF16LV8C as PAL16H2 [SOIC20]
Page 2
ATF16LV8C as PAL16H2 [TSSOP20] ÷ dsPIC33FJ64MC202
Page 3
dsPIC33FJ64MC202 [QFN-S28] ÷ PIC18F24J10 [SOIC28]
Page 4
PIC18F24J10 [SSOP28] ÷ PIC32MX534F064L [XBGA121](2wire JTAG)
Page 5
PIC32MX534F064L [XBGA121](4wire JTAG) ÷ T89C51RD2-xM [VQFP44]