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(Algorithms On Request) service. Description and request form.

AlgOR is a service, with which we respond (as flexibly as possible) to the customer's request regarding the implementation of programming support for new devices into the current control program. This service can be used also to ask for new features of the control program.

AlgOR process is simple:

  • You send to us a request for programming support implementation of not-yet-supported device in the control program.
  • We will confirm receiving of your demand immediately, together with information about schedule of our work, expected deadline of solution and about suitable programming adapter/module.
  • If the implementation of requested is not possible for some reason (technically impossible to implement, very expensive implementation, programming specification is not available, device samples not available, ...), we will also contact you with all details.
  • After completion of the request, we will inform you that the newest version of the control program is available.


  • We endeavour to serve you quickly, but we can't guarantee that all AlgOR requests will be satisfied immediately.
  • We reserve the right to set priority of jobs according to requests from all user.
  • AlgOR service is related to the all Elnec programmers, but users of the multiprogrammers will be served before users of single-site universal progammers. Also the request related to registered programmers will have higher priority.
  • We promise to work on the best-effort basis.
  • use please One AlgOR form for one request only. If used for more chips, we will accept first listed chip only.
  • we understand the non-answered questions have unimportant weight for you.
  • the AlgOR form can be also used for support request of non-programmable chips (e.g. testing), or chips which doesn't have nonvolatile part inside. In this case, please, specify in the section "Notes to request", what actions have to be done with the chip you have mention in the AlgOR form. Doing it as precise/complete as possible will save a time of both parties.

Please use the following form to request to add an unsupported device into the control program or to request to add/change some feature of the control program. Fill out this form completely to provide us all necessary information about the chip you want to be supported. A complete form will receive higher priority than an incomplete form. The work may be delayed or stopped if a sample can't be supplied.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Contact information
Kind of AlgOR request:*
needed preliminary information about ability to program requested chip and suitable programming adapter
serious need for the programming of this chip
unconditionally need to be this chip supported (order of SW update)
  I agree to share development/manufacturing costs (if applied - subject of agreement)
Information about project, where the programmable chip will be used (Info):
Project name, application:
(phone or MP3 player, ...)
End customer name or web site:
End customer contact name:



Total amount of these chips to be programmed (approx.):*
Amount of chips programmed hourly:
(throughput per programming workplace needed, approx.)
Chips(s) will be programmed:
Expected number of programming adapters/modules for project:
(information will be used to increase stock of ZIF sockets)
Information about sender of AlgOR form:
Customer (company name):*
Contact person given (first) name:*
Contact person surname (last name):*
E-mail (Please read this info): *
Confirm E-mail: *
Sender of AlgOR form is: *
end user of programmed chip (manufacturer, laboratory)
programming center or EMS provider, which want to program the chip for end-customer
distributor of Elnec, that place request on behalf of other company
Information about company, that will be program the chip.
Please complete this: *
chips will be programmed by sender of this AlgOR form *
chips will be programmed by other company: *
Company name or web site:
Contact to company, name:
Information about device programmer(s) you want to use:
Programmer (type/modification):*
Device programmer usage:* manual programming
inside the programming machine
Where did you buy the product:* Elnec directly
distributor -
I haven't Elnec programmer yet (if checked, 4 next folowing items aren't required)
Date of purchasing:*
Date of registering of your programmer:* registered at
not registered
Serial number(s) of programmer(s) (Info):*
Version of control program PG4UW:*
Information about programmable chip, you want to be supported
Chip type (full name, prefix/suffix including):*
Vendor/Manufacturer (see vendor logos):*
Package (DIL40, PLCC44, SOIC20, ...):*
The way of chip programming:*
In case of ISP, specify please needed interface to the chip
(if device allows more of them, e.g. JTAG, SWD, UART, ... ):
Requested deadline of solution (DD-MM-YYYY)
Did you verify, the latest version of software (3.89f) doesn't support the device you want to be supported?* Yes
No - check now (OnDemand 3.89f)
Sample of the chips are available? (note) * Yes, will be provided for testing of implementation
Yes, can be provided, but it is required to be returned
Samples are not available or samples can not be provided
I read THIS INFORMATION about sample chips *
Notes to request

Description of requested change in control program. Enter please feature you want to the program will have.

 Send me a copy of this form on my E-mail
 All information provided above are correct at the time of sending of this request.
(Our answer is provided and valid on the basis of provided information. The incorrect information might result the non-precise answer, or - worse - the provided answer will not fits your expectation.)

Please enter control code from picture*

If control code isn't readable for you, please refresh image.

 I have read and agree to the privacy statement



  • example of address on the parcel (enter the requested device name instead of "LPC1768FET100" used here):

  • Elnec s.r.o.
    AlgOR: LPC1768FET100
    Jana Bottu 5
    08001 Presov
    Tel.: +421-51-7734328

    Addidional instruction for the customers from outside of the European Union:
  • in the case of sending samples, please attach to the package this declaration for customs: "Free sample(s), not for commercial sale.
    Total value for customs purposes only: 10.00 USD
    • if instruction stated above will not be followed by a sender, the import customs procedure might be required. In this case, Elnec s.r.o. will be entitled either:
      • to refuse the shipment and send it back to sender
      • or
      • to require compensation of all incurred costs related to the customs procedure from a sender

  • Information about sample chips:
    • The sample of programmable device is necessary to have for testing and release new chip support.
    • The sample chips are also necessary to have in hands in the case of reproducing issues reported by customers related to the device mentioned in this AlgOR
    • Therefore we can return your samples only if we gain chips from semiconductor manufacturer or we buy it from standard suppliers.
    • In case of missing samples, we always ask the semiconductor manufacturer for samples and/or we try to gain devices from distributors or other sources, but if samples are not available - also in the package you're asking for the support - the solution from us will be delayed or impossible.
    • Your answer about chip samples availability "Yes, can be provided, but it is required to be returned" mean, we must verify, if we can gain samples from chip manufacturer. It mean delayed answer to the AlgOR request. If IC manufacturer refuse to provide samples and to purchase samples from supplier(s) is very expensive, the request for implementation will be refused, or implementation of the support will be not for free.