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Treatment of insufficient memory for BeeHive8S, SW version 2.90 and above.

The increased number of supported devices in our software results the software is bigger than in the past. In case of BeeHive8S the "Out of memory" situation happens, because 1GB RAM standardly supplied is not enough. Therefore it is necessary to add another 1 GB RAM ... or more.

Installed memory modules are standard DDR2 800MHz CL5 (PC2-6400) Un-buffered DIMM (non-ECC) type. Memory modules with CL6 can be also used with a few percent of performance decreasing.
Programmer uses memories in dual channel configuration, therefore we highly recommend to upgrade system memory with 2 pcs of memory modules - remove old memory modules and install the 2 pcs of 1GB modules into free memory slots of the BeeHive8S motherboard. Because of Windows XP embedded operating system limitation, the installing more than 3GB of RAM have no effect.

If you have problem to get suitable memory modules, you can purchase them from our store: ord. no.: NVT-0382.
The "How to disassemble BeeHive8S programmer (and assemble it back)" manual is available here.
If you aren't familiar with upgrading PC hardware, we recommend you to ask PC computer technician to install new RAM modules.

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