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Undeliverable responses

Let's begin with the illustration of the problem with undeliverable responses:

Imagine a situation you are expecting a very important package. The question is: do you release your dogs to prohibit the postman to deliver the parcel? We believe not - you will keep your dogs leashed. The question is, why people don't do the same in case e-mails. Using other words: if you think the e-mail from us is important, please leash your dogs (e.g. anti-spam filters) to allow the postman to deliver it.

Some examples of such "smart reactions" of e-mail server of customers to our e-mails:

Server says: Our comment:
554 Sorry, message looks like SPAM to me (in reply to end of DATA command) This is example, you somebody trust, the dog is enough smart to have decisions.
554 Mail from rejected for policy reasons. OK, if you have policy to reject e-mails from Elnec, then it is senseless to ask us something, isn't it?
The recipient's e-mail address was not found in the recipient's e-mail system. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. OK, white list policy. But why do you contact Elnec, if you did not place Elnec in the white list in advance?
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