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Problem report

Please use this form if any problem occurs while working with any programmable device and Elnec programmers. Fill out this form completely to provide as much information as is available to help solve your problem. A complete form will be given priority over an incomplete one.

Maybe you think the form is too long and some questions are unnecessary. Look please at the form from different point of view:

  • it take no more than 10 minutes to complete this form
  • the question are asked to serve also as a simple troubleshooting guide. During the filling out the form you might found the reason of the problem. Typical example is a question: "Do you have installed latest version of control program?"
  • if you inform us about the error by one sentence, it is 99% insufficient. The additional questions are necessary to ask, many times in the range of Device problem report form. And of course the solution of the problem will be delayed until we gather all necessary information.
  • we are really very sorry, but none of Elnec staff have telepathy capability. Another words, none of us is able to solve or to simulate a problem, without known the circumstances, when and how the problem arise

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Basic information
Information about person, who fill out this form:

Please insert valid E-mail address. If you insert incorrect, inactive or in other way unreachable E-mail address (e.g. with a very strong anti-spam filter on a post server level) our reply can not reach you.

We are responding to all inquiries within 24 hours (working days). If you will not receive our response within this time period it is likely because something happened to our post on the way to you. In this case, please visit our Undeliverable responses page and check if your E-mail address is not listed there.

Information about used device programmer:
(for example 3.92)
distributor -
Information about PC, to which is the programmer attached:
Information about programmed device you have the problem with:
approx. pcs per year.
Further questions
In the case of in-ZIF (off board) programming:

In the case of programming through ISP connector:

Best habit is to have result of Selftest procedure in the Programmer activity log - see below.

(in the case of programming through ISP connector)?
Problem description
Content of "Programmer activity log" window from SW

The file "" which is saved on the "Desktop" in this folder:
"C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_ACCOUNT\Desktop\". Maximum file size, you can send, is 256kB.

privacy statement


  • If you haven't installed latest version of the control program, you can get it from section Downloads. It is very important to have latest version of software, because:
    • it is possible the problem you have is already solved by software update
    • we don't save older versions of software. If we give you instructions 'please perform next steps...', your software version may not behave in the same way as the latest version of SW, which is always used by us.
  • example of address on the parcel (enter the requested device name instead of "LPC1768FET100" used here):

    Elnec s.r.o.
    Case: LPC1768FET100
    Jana Bottu 5
    08001 Presov
    Tel.: +421-51-7734328

    Addidional instruction for the customers from outside of the European Union:
  • in the case of sending samples, please attach to the package this declaration for customs: "Free sample(s), not for commercial sale. Value for customs purposes only: $10US"
    • if instruction stated above will not be followed by a sender, the import customs procedure might be required. In this case, Elnec s.r.o. will be entitled either:
      • to refuse the shipment and send it back to sender
      • to require compensation of all incurred costs related to the customs procedure from a sender

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