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Problem report

Please use this form if any problem occurs while working with any programmable device and Elnec programmers. Fill out this form completely to provide as much information as is available to help solve your problem. A complete form will be given priority over an incomplete one.

Maybe you think the form is too long and some questions are unnecessary. Look please at the form from different point of view:

  • it take no more than 10 minutes to complete this form
  • the question are asked to serve also as a simple troubleshooting guide. During the filling out the form you might found the reason of the problem. Typical example is a question: "Do you have installed latest version of control program?"
  • if you inform us about the error by one sentence, it is 99% insufficient. The additional questions are necessary to ask, many times in the range of Device problem report form. And of course the solution of the problem will be delayed until we gather all necessary information.
  • we are really very sorry, but none of Elnec staff have telepathy capability. Another words, none of us is able to solve or to simulate a problem, without known the circumstances, when and how the problem arise

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Basic information
Subject (title of problem):*
Information about person, who fill out this form
Customer (company name):
Contact person:*
Given (first) name:
Surname (last name):
E-mail (Please read this info):*
Confirm E-mail:*
Information about used device programmer:
Programmer (type/modification):*
Serial number:*
Power supply unit:*
External, from product delivery. Real output [V]:
External, other. Real output [V] and max. current [A]
Mains supply voltage:* V
Version of control program PG4UW:* (for example 3.91i)
Where did you buy the product:*
Elnec directly
distributor -
Date of purchasing:
Date of registering of your programmer:*
Registered on
Not registered

Information about PC, to which is the programmer attached:
Desktop  Notebook
Processor, speed:*
Operating system and version:*
Communication port type:*
Communication port location:*
Communication port details:*
Information about programmed device you have the problem with:
Device type (full name, prefix/suffix including):*
Vendor (see vendor logos):*
The way of device/chip programming:*
Package (DIL40, PLCC44, SOIC20, ...):*
Type of used adaptor/module for programming:*
(enter 'none' if none)
Serial number of used programming adaptor:*
(enter 'none' if none)
All markings on the top of programmed device:*
All markings on the bottom of programmed device:

Deadline of problem solution:* within
How often do you work with this devices:*
Number of programmed devices:* approx. pcs per year
Samples are available?* Yes (I'm sending it to speed-up the problem solving; note)
Further questions
Do you have installed latest (3.91i) version of control program?* Yes No
Do you know thoroughly the features and correct behaviour of the programmer?* Yes No
Did you read the information mentioned in PG4UW software, section "Device/Device info" for the device/chip you are working with?* Yes No
In the case of in-ZIF (off board) programming:
Did you place the programmed device into ZIF socket properly oriented and at proper position? *
Is the ZIF socket of programmer or adapter free from dust? *
Is the ZIF socket of programmer or adapter out of life? *
Can you rule out surely the wrong contact in the ZIF socket? *
Are there also the device/chip leads free from oxide layer or (de)soldering residues? *


In the case of programming through ISP connector:
Did you follow all recommendations, provided by us in the "Device info" for ISP mode of the device/chip, you are programming, especially the recommended target circuit design?*
Yes No
Did you check the connection from ISP connector to target board is done properly. completely and using wires not longer than recommended?* Yes No
Are all settings/parameters for ISP programming in the Device operation options set according to reality?* Yes No
Do you have datasheet and errata sheets (if exist) of the programmed device/chip?* Yes No
Do you know thoroughly the features and correct behaviour of the programmed device/chip?* Yes No
Is the device with problem new or used?* New Used
How many devices did you test?*
Is the error reported for all of the tested devices?* Yes
I have only one device
Is the error reported for devices with another date code?* Yes
I have only one batch
How many devices lot (with different datecodes) have you tested?*
Enter device code of tested devices/chips (separated by comma):*
During which procedure is an error reported?* Read
ID check
Insertion test
Is the programmer successful in case of other types of devices?* Yes No
Does the error occur always or randomly?* Always Randomly
Does the programmer work well with other PCs?* Yes
Not tested
What is the result of programmer selftest with diagnostic pod?*

Best habit is to have result of Selftest procedure in the Programmer activity log - see below.
Not tested
What is the result of programmer selftest of ISP connector procedure
(in the case of programming through ISP connector)?
Not tested
Problem description

Below description should include step-by-step description of all activities that invokes a problem. Please make your problem description as specific as possible - you can increase speed and chance to resolve a problem. This description should be included either what is known to work correctly, either what is failing. Yours comments and descriptions of expectations are welcomed. It's best, send us device with which the problem occurs - it may happen, we haven't currently available in our laboratory the sample of device/chip, you have a problem with.

Content of "Programmer activity log" window from SW

The problem report MUST include a exact reports of PG4UW program - the FULL content of Log window. The result of selftest plus procedure is necessary, if this procedure report some error. The best way how to provide Log window content is to use next simple procedure: in the Elnec software activate menu Help/Create problem report and confirm creation of the file on the Desktop of your PC. Then attach a copy of this file to this problem report using next field.

The file "" which is saved on the "Desktop" in this folder:
"C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_ACCOUNT\Desktop\". Maximum file size, you can send, is 256kB.

Log file of PG4UW program:

Send me a copy of this form on my E-mail

Control Code

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If control code isn't readable for you, please refresh image.

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  • If you haven't installed latest version of the control program, you can get it from section Downloads. It is very important to have latest version of software, because:
    • it is possible the problem you have is already solved by software update
    • we don't save older versions of software. If we give you instructions "please perform next steps...", your software version may not behave in the same way as the latest version of SW, which is always used by us.
  • example of address on the parcel (enter the requested device name instead of "LPC1768FET100" used here):

  • Elnec s.r.o.
    Case: LPC1768FET100
    Jana Bottu 5
    08001 Presov
    Tel.: +421-51-7734328

    Addidional instruction for the customers from outside of the European Union:
  • in the case of sending samples, please attach to the package this declaration for customs: "Free sample(s), not for commercial sale. Value for customs purposes only: $10US"
    • if instruction stated above will not be followed by a sender, the import customs procedure might be required. In this case, Elnec s.r.o. will be entitled either:
      • to refuse the shipment and send it back to sender
      • or
      • to require compensation of all incurred costs related to the customs procedure from a sender