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Programmer calibration service

Elnec offers a full calibration service for all supported programmers.

Features of the service

After receiving your Elnec programmer a careful calibration test will be performed. If necessary parameters of the product will be adjusted / set according to corresponding standards and regulations. Inspected values of the programmer after the calibration will be close to values of a new Elnec programmer of a particular type. Shipment of calibrated programmer back to customer will be accompanied by a calibration test report where result certifies the calibration. On request a detailed breakdown of the test results is available.

Pricelist of calibration service

Calibration service procedure

Before sending a product for calibration please contact Elnec to obtain a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number for shipment of your programmer. This e-mail form can be used. RMA number will speed up processing of your order.

After receiving RMA number from Elnec please ship your programmer to the following address:

    Elnec s.r.o.
    Jana Bottu 5
    SK-08001 Presov


  • before sending your product please write down the model and serial number and keep it for your reference,
  • please provide RMA number at the document which accompanies product and also at the shipment box,
  • standard calibration time - within 5 business days after receiving the product to Elnec
  • please note that shipping cost is paid by customer