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Keep-Current service

Why is it important to use the latest version of control program for your programmer?

  1. Semiconductor manufacturers are every moment introducing into the market new devices with new package types, manufactured by new technologies to support the need for flexibility, quality and speed in product design and manufacturing. Within a year we implement into the control program support of more than 7000 new devices.
  2. A typical programmable device undergoes several changes during it's lifetime in an effort to maintain or improve device characteristics and process yields. This changes often has effect programming algorithms change (programming algorithm is set of instructions that tells the programmer how to program data into a particular type of device). Using the newest algorithm in programming process is key to obtaining quality result. In many cases, while the older algorithm will program the device, it may not provide the level of data retention that would be possible with an optimal algorithm. Failure to use the most current algorithm can decrease your programming yields (it increase count of bad programmed devices), often increase programming times, or even affect the long term reliability of the programmed device.

Our commitment is to implement of support for these new or modified parts before or as soon as possible after its distribution, so you can be sure you are using latest programming algorithms that were specifically created for this device.?

Keep-Current is a subscription service, with which your ELNEC programmer and documentation is up-to-date with the latest device support and control program's features.

ELNEC ships of a latest version of programmer software and updated user documentation (Keep-Current package). A Keep-Current service is your hassle-free guarantee that you are doing the highest quality programming on ELNEC programmers, at minimal cost.

Keep-Current package can be mailed to you two ways:

  • by standard mail (you get CD)
  • or by e-mail

According to yours needs you may also choose two levels of Keep-Current service:

  • QUICK. Keep-Current package is mailed to you immediately after each relevant change of software or documentation, approximately monthly. This service is paid (see price list, please) and it is available only by e-mail.
  • STANDARD. Keep-Current package is mailed to you quarterly. This service is paid (see price list, please) and it is available by standard mail and by e-mail.

Keep-Current package (file KC_ARC.ZIP if send by e-mail) contain:

  • latest version of control program (PG4UWarc3.EXE version: 3.93, download it)
  • device list (files xxxxxDEV.txt)
  • description of added/removed device and/or modified algorithms (file PG4UDREV.txt)

Prices of Keep-Current service (1 year, P&P included):

  by e-mail by standard mail (CD)
QUICK 50 EUR / 50 USD not offered
STANDARD 15 EUR / 15 USD 120 EUR / 120 USD

If you not need to receive whole package (software and information files) and you want to stay informed about new version of software, subscribe please to the Elnec RSS system.

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