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Mail to: Elnec - Technical support

Use please Device Problem Report Form, if any problem occurred during work with programmable device and/or Elnec programmers, to provide us all info for quick and valid answer.

Use please AlgOR form, if you request to add unsupported device into control program or you request to add/change some feature of control program.

Use please this form only for the technical questions, uncovered by above mentioned forms. If you use - for example - this form for reporting the problem with programmer or programmed chip, you mostly provide us insufficient information only. It cause necessity to contact you again and ask for next information.

The lack of information cause - at least - increasing of the time, necessary for handling of your request. Another words, we will handle your case after serving of other cases, where all necessary information are available.

Also the requests for new device support, sent by other way(s) than by AlgOR form, will be served after all requests, received by AlgOR form.

Thanks for understandings.

Elnec - Technical support
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We are responding to all inquiries within 24 hours (working days). If you will not receive our response within this time period it is likely because something happened to our post on the way to you. In this case, please visit our Undeliverable responses page and check if your E-mail address is not listed there.

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