This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter/module cummulated for all Elnec programmers.

Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details, mainly in intent to verify, if this programming adapter/module is suitable for device programmer you have.

List of devices supported by AP1 BGA64-1.2 ZIF NOR-1 (LD) (PG4UW SW, version 3.92)
manufacturer device name
Cypress S29GL01GSxxDHx01 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL01GSxxDHx02 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL01GSxxDHxV1 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL01GSxxDHxV2 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL01GTxxDHx01 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL01GTxxDHx02 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL01GTxxDHxV1 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL01GTxxDHxV2 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL128SxxDHx01 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL128SxxDHx02 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL128SxxDHxV1 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL128SxxDHxV2 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL256SxxDHx01 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL256SxxDHx02 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL256SxxDHxV1 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL256SxxDHxV2 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL512SxxDHx01 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL512SxxDHx02 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL512SxxDHxV1 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL512SxxDHxV2 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL512TxxDHx01 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL512TxxDHx02 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL512TxxDHxV1 [FBGA64]
Cypress S29GL512TxxDHxV2 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL01GSxxDHx01 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL01GSxxDHx02 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL01GSxxDHxV1 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL01GSxxDHxV2 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL01GTxxDHx01 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL01GTxxDHx02 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL01GTxxDHxV1 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL01GTxxDHxV2 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL128SxxDHx01 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL128SxxDHx02 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL128SxxDHxV1 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL128SxxDHxV2 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL256SxxDHx01 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL256SxxDHx02 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL256SxxDHxV1 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL256SxxDHxV2 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL512SxxDHx01 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL512SxxDHx02 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL512SxxDHxV1 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL512SxxDHxV2 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL512TxxDHx01 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL512TxxDHx02 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL512TxxDHxV1 [FBGA64]
Infineon S29GL512TxxDHxV2 [FBGA64]
ISSI IS29GL128xxDxxB [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GRxxDxx01 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GRxxDxx02 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GRxxDxxR1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GRxxDxxR2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GRxxDxxV1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GRxxDxxV2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GRxxFxx01 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GRxxFxx02 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GRxxFxxR1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GRxxFxxR2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GRxxFxxS1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GRxxFxxS2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GRxxFxxS7 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GRxxFxxS8 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GRxxFxxV1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GRxxFxxV2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GSxxDHx01 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GSxxDHx02 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GSxxDHxS1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GSxxDHxS2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GSxxDHxS3 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GSxxDHxS4 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GSxxDHxS6 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GSxxDHxV1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GSxxDHxV2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GTxxDHx01 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GTxxDHx02 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GTxxDHxV1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL01GTxxDHxV2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL128SxxDHx01 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL128SxxDHx02 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL128SxxDHxS1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL128SxxDHxS2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL128SxxDHxS3 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL128SxxDHxS4 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL128SxxDHxV1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL128SxxDHxV2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL256SxxDHx01 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL256SxxDHx02 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL256SxxDHxS1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL256SxxDHxS2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL256SxxDHxS3 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL256SxxDHxS4 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL256SxxDHxS6 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL256SxxDHxS7 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL256SxxDHxS8 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL256SxxDHxV1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL256SxxDHxV2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512RxxDxx01 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512RxxDxx02 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512RxxDxxV1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512RxxDxxV2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512RxxFxx01 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512RxxFxx02 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512RxxFxxR1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512RxxFxxR2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512RxxFxxS1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512RxxFxxS2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512RxxFxxS7 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512RxxFxxS8 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512RxxFxxV1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512RxxFxxV2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512SxxDHx01 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512SxxDHx02 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512SxxDHxS1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512SxxDHxS2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512SxxDHxS3 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512SxxDHxS4 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512SxxDHxS7 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512SxxDHxV1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512SxxDHxV2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512TxxDHx01 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512TxxDHx02 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512TxxDHxV1 [FBGA64]
Spansion S29GL512TxxDHxV2 [FBGA64]
Spansion S99-50268 [FBGA64]
Spansion S99-50291 [FBGA64]
Spansion S99-50292 [FBGA64]
Total count of supported devices: 127
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