This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter/module cummulated for all Elnec programmers.

Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details, mainly in intent to verify, if this programming adapter/module is suitable for device programmer you have.

List of devices supported by AP3 SOIC8-200 (PG4UW SW, version 3.93)
manufacturer device name
AiT Semiconductor A93C46 (x16) [SOP8-200]
AiT Semiconductor A93C46 (x8) [SOP8-200]
AiT Semiconductor A93C56 (x16) [SOP8-200]
AiT Semiconductor A93C56 (x8) [SOP8-200]
AiT Semiconductor A93C66 (x16) [SOP8-200]
AiT Semiconductor A93C66 (x8) [SOP8-200]
Atmel AT24C1024B [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT24C1024W [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT24C128W [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT24C128W-1.8 [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT24C256B [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT24C256C [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT24C256W [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT24C256W-1.8 [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT24C32AW [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT24C32W [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT24C512B [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT24C512C [SOIC8-208]
Atmel AT24C512W [SOIC8]
Atmel AT24C512W-1.8 [SOIC8]
Atmel AT24C64AW [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT24C64W [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT24CM01 [SOIC8-208]
Atmel AT24CS128W [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT24CS128W-1.8 [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT24CS256W [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT24CS256W-1.8 [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT25128AW [SOIC8]
Atmel AT25128AW-1.8 [SOIC8]
Atmel AT25128W [SOIC8]
Atmel AT25256AW [SOIC8]
Atmel AT25256AW-1.8 [SOIC8]
Atmel AT25256B [SOIC8-200]
Atmel AT25256W [SOIC8]
Atmel AT25HP256-1.8 [SOIC8]
Atmel AT25HP512-1.8 [SOIC8]
Atmel AT25M01 [SOIC8-200]
Atmel AT59C11 [SOIC8]
Atmel AT59C13 [SOIC8]
Atmel AT59C22 [SOIC8]
Atmel AT93C46 (x16)[SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT93C46 (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT93C56 (x16)[SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT93C56 (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT93C56AW (1.8V) (x16)[SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT93C56AW (1.8V) (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT93C56AW (2.7V) (x16) [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT93C56AW (2.7V) (x8) [SOIC8]
Atmel AT93C57 (x16)[SOIC8-200]
Atmel AT93C57 (x8) [SOIC8-200]
Atmel AT93C66 (x16) [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT93C66 (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT93C66AW (1.8V) (x16)[SOIC8]
Atmel AT93C66AW (1.8V) (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT93C66AW (2.7V) (x16)[SOIC8-209]
Atmel AT93C66AW (2.7V) (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT24AC128 [SOIC8-210]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT24C256 [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT24C64 [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT24FC256 [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT24FC32 [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT24FC32A [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT24FC64 [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT24FC65 [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT24FC66 [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT25128 [SOIC8-200]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT25256 [SOIC8-200]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT32C101 (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT32C101 [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT32C101I (x16) [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT32C101I (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT33C101 (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT33C101 [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT33C101I (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT33C101I [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT33C104 (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT33C104 [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT33C104I (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT33C104I [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT33C108 [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT33C108I [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT33C116 [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT33C116I [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT35C102 (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT35C102 [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT35C102I (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT35C102I [SOIC8-200]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT35C104 (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT35C104 [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT35C104I (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT35C104I [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT35C108 (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT35C108 [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT35C108I (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT35C108I [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT35C116 (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT35C116 [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT35C116I (x8) [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT35C116I [SOIC8-209]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT93C46 (x8) [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT93C46 [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT93C46A [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT93C46R (x16) [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT93C46R (x8) [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT93C46W [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT93C56 (x8) [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT93C56 [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT93C56A [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT93C57 (x8) [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT93C57 [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT93C66 (x8) [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT93C66 [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT93C66A [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT93C86 (x8) [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT93C86 [SOIC8-208]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT93C86A [SOIC8-208]
Cypress CY15B102Q-SxA [SOIC8-208]
Cypress CY15B102Q-SxE [SOIC8-208]
Cypress CY15B102Q-SxM [SOIC8-208]
Cypress CY15B104Q [SOIC8-208]
Cypress FM25V20A [SOIC8-200]
Cypress FM25V40 [SOIC8-200]
Dallas DS1621 [SO8-200]
Dallas DS1624 [SOIC8]
Dallas DS1631 [SO8-200]
Eorex EM93LC46 (x16) [SOIC8-208]
Eorex EM93LC46 (x8) [SOIC8-208]
Eorex EM93LC56 (x16) [SOIC8-208]
Eorex EM93LC56 (x8) [SOIC8-208]
Eorex EM93LC57 (x16) [SOIC8-208]
Eorex EM93LC57 (x8) [SOIC8-208]
Eorex EM93LC66 (x16) [SOIC8-208]
Eorex EM93LC66 (x8) [SOIC8-208]
Eorex EM93LC86 (x16) [SOIC8-208]
Eorex EM93LC86 (x8) [SOIC8-208]
Fairchild NM59C11 [SO8]
Freescale Semic. MC68HC908QT1 [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MC68HC908QT1A [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MC68HC908QT2 [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MC68HC908QT2A [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MC68HC908QT4 [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MC68HC908QT4A [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MC68HLC908QT1 [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MC68HLC908QT2 [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MC68HLC908QT4 [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MC908QT1 [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MC908QT1A [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MC908QT2 [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MC908QT2A [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MC908QT4 [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MC908QT4A [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MCHC908QT1 [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MCHC908QT2 [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MCHC908QT4 [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MCHLC908QT2 [SOIC8]
Freescale Semic. MCHLC908QT4 [SOIC8]
Fremont FT24C512A [WSOP8-200]
Fujitsu MB85RC256V [SOP8-FPT-8P-M08]
Fujitsu MB85RS2MT [SOP8]
Hitachi HN58V24512I [SOIC8]
Hitachi HN58X24512I [SOIC8]
Infineon CY15B102Q-SxA [SOIC8-208]
Infineon CY15B102Q-SxE [SOIC8-208]
Infineon CY15B102Q-SxM [SOIC8-208]
Infineon CY15B104Q-S [SOIC8-208]
Infineon FM25V20A [SOIC8-200]
ISSI IS24C128A [SOIC8-200]
ISSI IS24C128B-2 [SOIC8-200]
ISSI IS24C128B-3 [SOIC8-200]
ISSI IS24C256A [SOIC8-200]
ISSI IS24L128 [SOIC8-200]
ISSI IS24L256 [SOIC8-200]
ISSI IS25C128 [SOIC8-200]
ISSI IS25C128A [SOIC8-200]
ISSI IS25C256 [SOIC8-200]
Maxim DS1621 [SO8-200]
Maxim DS1624 [SOIC8]
Maxim DS1631 [SO8-200]
Microchip 24AA1025 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24AA1026 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24AA128 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24AA256 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24AA32A [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24AA512 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24AA515 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24AA64 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24AA65 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24C01A [SOIC8-208]
Microchip 24C02A [SOIC8-208]
Microchip 24C04A [SOIC8-208]
Microchip 24C32 [SOIC8-208]
Microchip 24C65 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24CS256 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24CS512 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24CSM01 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24FC1025 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24FC1026 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24FC128 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24FC256 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24FC32 [SOIC8]
Microchip 24FC512 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24FC515 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24FC64 [SOIC8]
Microchip 24FC64 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24FC65 [SOIC8]
Microchip 24LC1025 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24LC1026 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24LC128 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24LC256 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24LC32 [SOIC8-208]
Microchip 24LC32A [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24LC512 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24LC515 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24LC64 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 24LC65 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 25AA1024 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 25AA128 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 25AA256 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 25AA512 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 25LC1024 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 25LC128 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 25LC256 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 25LC512 [SOIC8-150]
Microchip 25LC512 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 48L512 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 48LM01 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip 59C11 (x8) [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 59C11 [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 85C72 [SOIC8-208]
Microchip 85C82 [SOIC8-208]
Microchip 85C92 [SOIC8-208]
Microchip 93AA46 (x8) [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93AA46 [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93AA56 (x8) [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93AA56 [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93AA66 (x8) [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93AA66 [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93C06 [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93C46 [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93C56 (x8) [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93C56 [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93C66 (x8) [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93C66 [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93LC46 (x8) [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93LC46 [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93LC46A (x8) [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93LC46B [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93LC56 (x8) [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93LC56 [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93LC56A (x8) [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93LC56B [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93LC66 (x8) [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93LC66 [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93LC66A (x8) [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93LC66B [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93LCS56 [SOIC8-207]
Microchip 93LCS66 [SOIC8-207]
Microchip AT24C512C [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip AT24CM01 [SOIJ8-5.28]
Microchip AT25M01 [SOIC8-200]
Microchip PIC12C508 [SOIC8-208]
Microchip PIC12C508A [SOIC8-208]
Microchip PIC12C509 [SOIC8-208]
Microchip PIC12C509A [SOIC8-208]
Microchip PIC12C671 [SOIC8-208]
Microchip PIC12C672 [SOIC8-208]
Microchip PIC12CE518 [SOIC8-208]
Microchip PIC12CE519 [SOIC8-208]
Microchip PIC12LC508A [SOIC8-208]
Microchip PIC12LC509A [SOIC8-208]
Microchip PIC12LC671 [SOIC8-208]
Microchip PIC12LC672 [SOIC8-208]
Microchip PIC12LCE518 [SOIC8-208]
Microchip PIC12LCE519 [SOIC8-208]
Motorola MC68HC908QT1 [SOIC8]
Motorola MC68HC908QT2 [SOIC8]
Motorola MC68HC908QT4 [SOIC8]
Motorola MC68HLC908QT1 [SOIC8]
Motorola MC68HLC908QT2 [SOIC8]
Motorola MC68HLC908QT4 [SOIC8]
ON Semiconductor CAT24C256 rev. D [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT24C256 [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT24C512 [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT24C64 rev. F [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT24C64 [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT24M01 [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT24M01LV [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT25128 rev. E [SOIC8-200]
ON Semiconductor CAT25128 [SOIC8-200]
ON Semiconductor CAT25256 [SOIC8-200]
ON Semiconductor CAT25512 [SOIC8-200]
ON Semiconductor CAT25M01 [SOIC8-200]
ON Semiconductor CAT93C46 (x16) [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT93C46 (x8) [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT93C46B (x16) [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT93C46B (x8) [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT93C46R (x16) [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT93C46R (x8) [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT93C56 (x16) [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT93C56 (x8) [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT93C57 (x16) [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT93C57 (x8) [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT93C66 (x16) [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT93C66 (x8) [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT93C86 (x16) [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT93C86 (x8) [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT93C86B (x16) [SOIC8-208]
ON Semiconductor CAT93C86B (x8) [SOIC8-208]
PSS PS16128Ex3x [SOIC8-200]
PSS PS16256Ex3x [SOIC8-200]
Ramtron FM24C256 [SOIC8]
Ramtron FM24C512 [SOIC8]
Ramtron FM24W256 [SOIC8-208]
Ramtron FM25H20 [SOIC8]
Renesas HN58V24512I [SOIC8]
Renesas HN58W241000I [SOIC8]
Renesas HN58X24512I [SOIC8]
Saifun SA24C1024 [SOIC8]
Saifun SA24C512 [SOIC8]
Seiko Instruments S-2914R (x16) [SOP8]
Seiko Instruments S-2914R (x8) [SOP8]
Seiko Instruments S-29L194ADFE [SOIC8]
Seiko Instruments S-29L294ADFE [SOIC8]
Seiko Instruments S-29L394ADFE [SOIC8]
STMicroelectronics M24128 [SOIC8-200]
STMicroelectronics M24128-R [SOIC8-200]
STMicroelectronics M24256 [SOIC8-200]
STMicroelectronics M24256-A/AW [SOIC8-200]
STMicroelectronics M24256-R [SO8-208]
STMicroelectronics M24512 [SOIC8-200]
STMicroelectronics M24512-R [SO8-208]
STMicroelectronics M24512-S [SOIC8]
STMicroelectronics M24512-W [SOIC8-200]
STMicroelectronics M24C32 [SOIC8-200]
STMicroelectronics M24C64 [SOIC8-200]
STMicroelectronics M24M01-HR [SO8-200]
STMicroelectronics M24M01-R [SO8-200]
STMicroelectronics M95128-R [SOIC8-200]
STMicroelectronics M95128-S [SOIC8-200]
STMicroelectronics M95128-V [SOIC8-200]
STMicroelectronics M95128-W [SOIC8-200]
STMicroelectronics M95256-R [SOIC8-200]
STMicroelectronics M95256-S [SOIC8-200]
STMicroelectronics M95256-V [SOIC8-200]
STMicroelectronics M95256-W [SOIC8-200]
STMicroelectronics M95M01-R [SOIC8-200]
Rochester Elect. 24C04A [SOIC8-208]
Rochester Elect. CAT93C46 (x16) [SOIC8-200]
Rochester Elect. CAT93C46 (x8) [SOIC8-200]
Rochester Elect. CAT93C56 (x16) [SOIC8-200]
Rochester Elect. CAT93C56 (x8) [SOIC8-200]
Puya Semiconductor P25C128F [SOP8-208]
Puya Semiconductor P25C128H [SOP8-208]
Puya Semiconductor P25C256F [SOP8-208]
Puya Semiconductor P25C256H [SOP8-208]
Puya Semiconductor P25C512H [SOP8-208]
Puya Semiconductor P25C64F [SOP8-208]
HangShun HK24C512 [WSOP8-208]
Tsingteng TH24C128UA [SOP8-208]
Tsingteng TH24C64UA [SOP8-208]
Total count of supported devices: 375
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