This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter/module cummulated for all Elnec programmers.

Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details, mainly in intent to verify, if this programming adapter/module is suitable for device programmer you have.

List of devices supported by BGA-Top-117 ZIF (a) (PG4UW SW, version 3.92)
manufacturer device name
Atmel ATmega1280 [CBGA100]
Atmel ATmega1280V [CBGA100]
Atmel ATmega2560 [CBGA100]
Atmel ATmega2560V [CBGA100]
Atmel ATmega640 [CBGA100]
Atmel ATmega640V [CBGA100]
Atmel ATSAME70N19A [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAME70N19B [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAME70N20A [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAME70N20B [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAME70N21A [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAME70N21B [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAMS70N19A [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAMS70N19B [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAMS70N20A [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAMS70N20B [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAMS70N21A [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAMS70N21B [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAMV70N19A [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAMV70N19B [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAMV70N20A [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAMV70N20B [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAMV71N19A [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAMV71N19B [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAMV71N20A [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAMV71N20B [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAMV71N21A [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATSAMV71N21B [TFBGA100]
Atmel ATxmega128A1 [CBGA100]
Atmel ATxmega128A1U [BGA100]
Atmel ATxmega192A1 [CBGA100]
Atmel ATxmega256A1 [CBGA100]
Atmel ATxmega64A1 [CBGA100]
Atmel ATxmega64A1U [BGA100]
Microchip ATmega1280 [CBGA100]
Microchip ATmega1280V [CBGA100]
Microchip ATmega2560 [CBGA100]
Microchip ATmega2560V [CBGA100]
Microchip ATmega640 [CBGA100]
Microchip ATmega640V [CBGA100]
Microchip ATSAME70N19A [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAME70N19B [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAME70N20A [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAME70N20B [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAME70N21A [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAME70N21B [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAMS70N19A [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAMS70N19B [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAMS70N20A [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAMS70N20B [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAMS70N21A [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAMS70N21B [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAMV70N19A [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAMV70N19B [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAMV70N20A [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAMV70N20B [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAMV71N19A [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAMV71N19B [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAMV71N20A [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAMV71N20B [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAMV71N21A [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATSAMV71N21B [TFBGA100]
Microchip ATxmega128A1 [CBGA100]
Microchip ATxmega128A1U [BGA100]
Microchip ATxmega192A1 [CBGA100]
Microchip ATxmega256A1 [CBGA100]
Microchip ATxmega64A1 [CBGA100]
Microchip ATxmega64A1U [BGA100]
NXP LPC1765 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC1768 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC1812 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC1813 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC1815 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC1817 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC1822 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC1823 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC1825 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC1827 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC1833 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC1837 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC1853 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC1857 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC2364 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC2368 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC4312 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC4313 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC4315 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC4317 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC4322 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC4323 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC4325 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC4327 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC4333 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC4337 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC4353 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC4357 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC54605J256 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC54605J512 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC54606J256 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC54606J512 [TFBGA100]
NXP LPC54616J512 [TFBGA100]
Philips LPC1765 [TFBGA100]
Philips LPC1768 [TFBGA100]
Philips LPC2364 [TFBGA100]
Philips LPC2368 [TFBGA100]
Total count of supported devices: 107
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