This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter/module cummulated for all Elnec programmers.

Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details, mainly in intent to verify, if this programming adapter/module is suitable for device programmer you have.

List of devices supported by BGA-Top-31 ZIF (PG4UW SW, version 3.92)
manufacturer device name
ATO Solution AFND4G08U3A-CKE [FBGA63]
Cypress S34ML01G100Bxx00 [BGA63]
Cypress S34ML01G200Bxx00 [BGA63]
Cypress S34ML02G100Bxx00 [BGA63]
Cypress S34ML02G100Bxx00 [BGA63] (BCH8-1)
Cypress S34ML02G104Bxx01 [BGA63]
Cypress S34ML02G200Bxx00 [BGA63]
Cypress S34ML02G200Bxx00 [BGA63] (BCH8-1)
Cypress S34ML04G100Bxx00 [BGA63]
Cypress S34ML04G104Bxx01 [BGA63]
Cypress S34ML04G200Bxx00 [BGA63]
Cypress S34ML04G300Bxx00 [BGA63]
Cypress S34ML04G300Bxx10 [BGA63]
Cypress S34ML08G101Bxx00 [BGA63]
Cypress S34ML08G201Bxx00 [BGA63]
Cypress S34ML16G202Bxx00 [BGA63]
Cypress S34MS01G100Bxx00 [BGA63]
Cypress S34MS01G104Bxx01 [BGA63]
Cypress S34MS01G200Bxx00 [BGA63]
Cypress S34MS01G204Bxx01 [BGA63]
Cypress S34MS02G100Bxx00 [BGA63]
Cypress S34MS02G104Bxx01 [BGA63]
Cypress S34MS02G104Bxx01 [BGA63] (TI-DM37xx)
Cypress S34MS02G200Bxx00 [BGA63]
Cypress S34MS02G204Bxx01 [BGA63]
Cypress S34MS04G100Bxx00 [BGA63]
Cypress S34MS04G200Bxx00 [BGA63]
Cypress S34MS04G204Bxx01 [BGA63]
Cypress S34MS08G201Bxx00 [BGA63]
Cypress S34MS16G202Bxx00 [BGA63]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN27LN1G08-25 [BGA63]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN27SN1G08-45 [BGA63]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN27SN1G16-45 [BGA63]
ESMT F59D1G81A-45 [BGA63]
ESMT F59D1G81LB-45 [BGA63]
ESMT F59D1G81MB-45 [BGA63]
ESMT F59D4G81WA-45 [BGA63]
ESMT F59D4G81XA-45 [BGA63]
ESMT F59L1G81A-25 [BGA63]
ESMT F59L1G81LB-25 [BGA63]
ESMT F59L1G81MA-25 [BGA63]
ESMT F59L1G81MB-25 [BGA63]
ESMT F59L2G81A-25 [BGA63]
Fidelix FMND1G08U3B [FBGA63]
Fidelix FMND2G08U3B [FBGA63]
Hynix H27U1G8F2B [FBGA63]
Hynix H27U1G8F2B [FBGA63] (Thomson-01)
Hynix H27U1G8F2B [FBGA63] (Thomson-PRT)
Hynix H27U1G8F2C [FBGA63]
Hynix HY27SF081G2A [FBGA63]
Hynix HY27SS08121A [FBGA63]
Hynix HY27SS08121B [FBGA63]
Hynix HY27SS08122B [FBGA63]
Hynix HY27SS08561M [FBGA63]
Hynix HY27SS16121A [FBGA63]
Hynix HY27SS16561M [FBGA63]
Hynix HY27UF081G2A [FBGA63]
Hynix HY27UF082G2B [FBGA63]
Hynix HY27US08121A [FBGA63]
Hynix HY27US08121B [FBGA63]
Hynix HY27US08122B [FBGA63]
Hynix HY27US08561A [FBGA63]
Hynix HY27US08561A [FBGA63] (ASKEY-01)
Hynix HY27US08561M [FBGA63]
Hynix HY27US16121A [FBGA63]
Hynix HY27US16561M [FBGA63]
Jeju Semiconductor JS27HU2G08SD [FBGA63]
Macronix MX30LF1208AA [FBGA63]
Macronix MX30LF1208AA [FBGA63] (MXMP-01)
Macronix MX30LF1G08AA [FBGA63]
Macronix MX30LF1G08AA [FBGA63] (JAB-01)
Macronix MX30LF1G08AA [FBGA63] (MXMP-01)
Macronix MX30LF1G18AC [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30LF1G18SC [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30LF1G28SC [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30LF1GE8AB [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30LF2G18AC [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30LF2G18SC [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30LF2G28AB [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30LF2G28AC [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30LF2G28SB [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30LF2G28SC [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30LF2GE8AB [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30LF4G18AC [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30LF4G28AB [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30LF4G28AC [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30UF1G16AC [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30UF1G18AC [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30UF2G16AB [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30UF2G18AB [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30UF2G26AB [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30UF2G28AB [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30UF2GE8AB [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30UF4G16AB [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30UF4G18AB [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30UF4G26AB [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30UF4G28AB [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX30UF4GE8AB [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX60LF8G18AC [VFBGA63]
Macronix MX60LF8G28AB [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F16G08ADACAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F16G08ADACAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F16G08ADBCAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F16G08ADBCAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F16G16ADACAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F16G16ADACAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F16G16ADBCAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F16G16ADBCAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G08AACH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G08AACH4-ET [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G08ABADAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G08ABADAH4 [VFBGA63] (EMP-01)
Micron MT29F1G08ABADAH4 [VFBGA63] (EPS-8)
Micron MT29F1G08ABADAH4 [VFBGA63] (HUMAX-01)
Micron MT29F1G08ABADAH4 [VFBGA63] (JAB-SG)
Micron MT29F1G08ABADAH4 [VFBGA63] (SAM-01)
Micron MT29F1G08ABADAH4-E [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G08ABADAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G08ABAEAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G08ABAEAH4 [VFBGA63] (EMT-01)
Micron MT29F1G08ABAEAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G08ABBDAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G08ABBDAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G08ABBEAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G08ABBEAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G08ABCH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G08ABCH4-ET [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G16ABBDAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G16ABBDAH4 [VFBGA63] (EPS-2)
Micron MT29F1G16ABBDAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G16ABBDAH4-IT [VFBGA63] (EPS-2)
Micron MT29F1G16ABBDAH4-IT [VFBGA63] (EPS-9)
Micron MT29F1G16ABBEAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G16ABBEAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G16ABCH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F1G16ABCH4-ET [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F2G08ABAEAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F2G08ABAEAH4 [VFBGA63] (EPS-8)
Micron MT29F2G08ABAEAH4 [VFBGA63] (MPI-01)
Micron MT29F2G08ABAEAH4 [VFBGA63] (SAG-01)
Micron MT29F2G08ABAEAH4 [VFBGA63] (SAM-01)
Micron MT29F2G08ABAEAH4 [VFBGA63] (STM-061)
Micron MT29F2G08ABAEAH4-E [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F2G08ABAEAH4-E [VFBGA63] (EPS-8)
Micron MT29F2G08ABAEAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F2G08ABAEAH4-IT [VFBGA63] (CM-3384)
Micron MT29F2G08ABAFAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F2G08ABAFAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F2G08ABAGAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F2G08ABBEAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F2G08ABBEAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F2G08ABBFAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F2G08ABBFAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F2G16ABBEAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F2G16ABBEAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F2G16ABBFAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F2G16ABBFAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F4G08ABADAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F4G08ABADAH4 [VFBGA63] (EMP-01)
Micron MT29F4G08ABADAH4 [VFBGA63] (EMP-03)
Micron MT29F4G08ABADAH4-E [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F4G08ABADAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F4G08ABAEAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F4G08ABAEAH4 [VFBGA63] (DT-01)
Micron MT29F4G08ABAEAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F4G08ABBDAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F4G08ABBDAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F4G08ABBEAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F4G08ABBEAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F4G16ABADAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F4G16ABADAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F4G16ABAEAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F4G16ABAEAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F4G16ABBDAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F4G16ABBDAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F4G16ABBEAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F4G16ABBEAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F8G08ABACAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F8G08ABACAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F8G08ABBCAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F8G08ABBCAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F8G08ABBCAH4-IT [VFBGA63] (EPS-6)
Micron MT29F8G08ADADAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F8G08ADADAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F8G08ADBDAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F8G08ADBDAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F8G16ABACAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F8G16ABACAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F8G16ABBCAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F8G16ABBCAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F8G16ADADAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F8G16ADADAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F8G16ADBDAH4 [VFBGA63]
Micron MT29F8G16ADBDAH4-IT [VFBGA63]
Micron NAND01GW3B2CZA [VFBGA63] (KAON-01)
Micron NAND01GW3B2CZA [VFBGA63] (Thomson-01)
Micron NAND01GW3B2CZA [VFBGA63] (Thomson-PRT)
Micron NAND02GW3B2DZA [VFBGA63] (SAM-01)
Micron NAND512R3A2AZA [VFBGA63]
Micron NAND512R3A2BZA [VFBGA63]
Micron NAND512R3A2CZA [VFBGA63]
Micron NAND512R3A2DZA [VFBGA63]
Micron NAND512R3A2SZA [VFBGA63]
Micron NAND512W3A2BZA [VFBGA63]
Micron NAND512W3A2CZA [VFBGA63]
Micron NAND512W3A2DZA [VFBGA63]
Micron NAND512W3A2DZA [VFBGA63] (Dataman-01)
Micron NAND512W3A2DZA [VFBGA63] (DGT-01)
Micron NAND512W3A2SZA [VFBGA63]
Micron NAND512W3A2SZA [VFBGA63] (ADS-01)
Micron NQ264 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ265 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ266 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ277 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ278 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ280 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ282 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ283 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ295 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ296 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ297 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ298 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ299 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ300 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ301 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ302 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ323 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ324 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ325 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ326 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ327 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ328 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ330 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ331 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ352 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ353 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ354 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ356 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ384 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ403 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ404 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ405 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ409 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ410 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ412 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ413 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ418 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ424 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ425 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ426 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ427 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ428 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ429 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ430 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ431 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ432 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ434 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ435 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ451 [VFBGA63]
Micron NQ455 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW161 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW164 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW189 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW190 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW194 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW195 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW197 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW198 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW199 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW221 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW222 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW223 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW224 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW225 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW226 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW227 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW228 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW229 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW230 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW237 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW238 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW240 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW241 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW264 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW265 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW301 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW302 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW304 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW312 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW313 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW315 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW319 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW323 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW324 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW325 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW326 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW332 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW333 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW334 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW336 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW339 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW340 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW341 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW343 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW346 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW358 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW360 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW361 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW362 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW372 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW373 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW400 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW401 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW411 [VFBGA63]
Micron NW799 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX161 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX164 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX194 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX195 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX197 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX200 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX201 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX221 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX222 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX223 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX224 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX225 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX226 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX227 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX228 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX229 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX230 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX237 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX238 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX240 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX241 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX264 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX265 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX266 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX300 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX301 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX303 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX306 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX307 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX320 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX321 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX322 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX323 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX337 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX338 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX339 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX340 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX368 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX369 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX370 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX371 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX372 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX373 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX376 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX377 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX378 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX397 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX398 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX415 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX417 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX418 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX421 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX422 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX423 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX424 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX425 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX426 [VFBGA63]
Micron NX703 [VFBGA63]
Numonyx NAND01GR3B2BZA [VFBGA63]
Numonyx NAND01GR3B2CZA [VFBGA63]
Numonyx NAND01GW3B2AZA [VFBGA63]
Numonyx NAND01GW3B2BZA [VFBGA63]
Numonyx NAND01GW3B2CZA [VFBGA63]
Numonyx NAND01GW3B2CZA [VFBGA63] (KAON-01)
Numonyx NAND01GW3B2CZA [VFBGA63] (Thomson-01)
Numonyx NAND01GW3B2CZA [VFBGA63] (Thomson-PRT)
Numonyx NAND02GR3B2DZA [VFBGA63]
Numonyx NAND02GW3B2DZA [VFBGA63]
Numonyx NAND02GW3B2DZA [VFBGA63] (SAM-01)
Numonyx NAND512R3A2AZA [VFBGA63]
Numonyx NAND512R3A2BZA [VFBGA63]
Numonyx NAND512R3A2CZA [VFBGA63]
Numonyx NAND512R3A2DZA [VFBGA63]
Numonyx NAND512R3A2SZA [VFBGA63]
Numonyx NAND512W3A2BZA [VFBGA63]
Numonyx NAND512W3A2CZA [VFBGA63]
Numonyx NAND512W3A2DZA [VFBGA63]
Numonyx NAND512W3A2DZA [VFBGA63] (Dataman-01)
Numonyx NAND512W3A2DZA [VFBGA63] (DGT-01)
Numonyx NAND512W3A2SZA [VFBGA63]
Numonyx NAND512W3A2SZA [VFBGA63] (ADS-01)
Samsung K9F1G08R0B [FBGA63]
Samsung K9F1G08U0D [FBGA63]
Samsung K9F1G08U0E [FBGA63]
Samsung K9F2808Q0B [FBGA63]
Samsung K9F2808Q0C [FBGA63]
Samsung K9F2808U0B [FBGA63]
Samsung K9F2816Q0C [TBGA63]
Samsung K9F2816U0C [TBGA63]
Samsung K9F2G08U0C [FBGA63]
Samsung K9F5608B0D [FBGA63]
Samsung K9F5608D0C [FBGA63]
Samsung K9F5608D0D [FBGA63]
Samsung K9F5608Q0B [TBGA63]
Samsung K9F5608Q0C [FBGA63]
Samsung K9F5608R0D [FBGA63]
Samsung K9F5608U0B [TBGA63]
Samsung K9F5608U0C [FBGA63]
Samsung K9F5608U0D [FBGA63]
Samsung K9F5616D0C [FBGA63]
Samsung K9F5616Q0B [TBGA63]
Samsung K9F5616Q0C [FBGA63]
Samsung K9F5616U0B [TBGA63]
Samsung K9F5616U0C [FBGA63]
Samsung K9K1208D0C [FBGA63]
Samsung K9K1208Q0C [FBGA63]
Samsung K9K1208U0C [FBGA63]
Samsung K9K1216D0C [FBGA63]
Samsung K9K1216Q0C [FBGA63]
Samsung K9K1216U0C [FBGA63]
Samsung KFM2GN6Q2B [FBGA63]
SK Hynix H27S1G8F2B [FBGA63]
SK Hynix H27U1G8F2B [FBGA63]
SK Hynix H27U1G8F2C [FBGA63]
SK Hynix HY27UF082G2B [FBGA63]
SK Hynix HY27US08561A [FBGA63]
Spansion S34ML01G100Bxx00 [BGA63]
Spansion S34ML01G200Bxx00 [BGA63]
Spansion S34ML01G200Bxx00 [BGA63] (EMP-02)
Spansion S34ML01G200Bxx00 [BGA63] (EPS-10)
Spansion S34ML01G200Bxx00 [BGA63] (EPS-7)
Spansion S34ML02G100Bxx00 [BGA63]
Spansion S34ML02G100Bxx00 [BGA63] (BCH8-1)
Spansion S34ML02G100Bxx00 [BGA63] (EPS-10)
Spansion S34ML02G100Bxx00 [BGA63] (STM-061)
Spansion S34ML02G104Bxx01 [BGA63]
Spansion S34ML02G200Bxx00 [BGA63]
Spansion S34ML02G200Bxx00 [BGA63] (BCH8-1)
Spansion S34ML04G100Bxx00 [BGA63]
Spansion S34ML04G100Bxx00 [BGA63] (STM-061)
Spansion S34ML04G104Bxx01 [BGA63]
Spansion S34ML04G200Bxx00 [BGA63]
Spansion S34ML04G200Bxx00 [BGA63] (ELS-01)
Spansion S34ML04G300Bxx00 [BGA63]
Spansion S34ML04G300Bxx10 [BGA63]
Spansion S34ML08G101Bxx00 [BGA63]
Spansion S34ML08G201Bxx00 [BGA63]
Spansion S34ML16G202Bxx00 [BGA63]
Spansion S34MS01G100Bxx00 [BGA63]
Spansion S34MS01G104Bxx01 [BGA63]
Spansion S34MS01G200Bxx00 [BGA63]
Spansion S34MS01G204Bxx01 [BGA63]
Spansion S34MS02G100Bxx00 [BGA63]
Spansion S34MS02G104Bxx01 [BGA63]
Spansion S34MS02G104Bxx01 [BGA63] (TI-DM37xx)
Spansion S34MS02G200Bxx00 [BGA63]
Spansion S34MS02G204Bxx01 [BGA63]
Spansion S34MS04G100Bxx00 [BGA63]
Spansion S34MS04G200Bxx00 [BGA63]
Spansion S34MS04G204Bxx01 [BGA63]
Spansion S34MS08G201Bxx00 [BGA63]
Spansion S34MS16G202Bxx00 [BGA63]
STMicroelectronics NAND01GR3B2BZA [VFBGA63]
STMicroelectronics NAND01GR3B2CZA [VFBGA63]
STMicroelectronics NAND01GW3B2AZA [VFBGA63]
STMicroelectronics NAND01GW3B2BZA [VFBGA63]
STMicroelectronics NAND01GW3B2CZA [VFBGA63]
STMicroelectronics NAND01GW3B2CZA [VFBGA63] (KAON-01)
STMicroelectronics NAND01GW3B2CZA [VFBGA63] (Thomson-01)
STMicroelectronics NAND01GW3B2CZA [VFBGA63] (Thomson-PRT)
STMicroelectronics NAND02GR3B2DZA [VFBGA63]
STMicroelectronics NAND02GW3B2DZA [VFBGA63]
STMicroelectronics NAND02GW3B2DZA [VFBGA63] (SAM-01)
STMicroelectronics NAND512R3A2AZA [VFBGA63]
STMicroelectronics NAND512R3A2BZA [VFBGA63]
STMicroelectronics NAND512R3A2CZA [VFBGA63]
STMicroelectronics NAND512R3A2DZA [VFBGA63]
STMicroelectronics NAND512R3A2SZA [VFBGA63]
STMicroelectronics NAND512W3A2BZA [VFBGA63]
STMicroelectronics NAND512W3A2CZA [VFBGA63]
STMicroelectronics NAND512W3A2DZA [VFBGA63]
STMicroelectronics NAND512W3A2DZA [VFBGA63] (Dataman-01)
STMicroelectronics NAND512W3A2DZA [VFBGA63] (DGT-01)
STMicroelectronics NAND512W3A2SZA [VFBGA63]
Winbond W29N01HVBxNA [VFBGA63]
Winbond W29N01HVBxNF [VFBGA63]
Winbond W29N02GVBxAA [VFBGA63]
Winbond W29N02GVBxAF [VFBGA63]
Winbond W29N02GZBxBA [VFBGA63]
Winbond W29N02GZBxBA [VFBGA63] (DMN-03)
Winbond W29N04GVBxAA [VFBGA63]
Total count of supported devices: 519
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