This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter/module cummulated for all Elnec programmers.

Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details, mainly in intent to verify, if this programming adapter/module is suitable for device programmer you have.

List of devices supported by DIL16/QFN16-2 ZIF-CS (PG4UW SW, version 3.92)
manufacturer device name
GMT G7317 [TQFN16]
Microchip MCP4641 [QFN16]
Microchip MCP4661 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F1454 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F1455 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F1613 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F1614 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F1615 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F1703 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F1704 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F1705 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F1764 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F1765 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F1823 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F1824 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F1825 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F610 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F616 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F630 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F636 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F676 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F684 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F688 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16F753 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16HV610 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16HV616 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16HV753 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16LF1454 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16LF1455 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16LF1554 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16LF1613 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16LF1614 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16LF1615 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16LF1703 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16LF1704 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16LF1705 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16LF1764 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16LF1765 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16LF1823 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16LF1824 [QFN16]
Microchip PIC16LF1825 [QFN16]
Philips PCA9500 [HVQFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430F2001 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430F2002 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430F2003 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430F2011 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430F2011 [QFN16](BYD-01)
TI (TMS) MSP430F2012 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430F2013 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2001 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2101 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2102 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2111 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2112 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2121 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2131 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2132 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2152 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2201 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2202 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2211 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2212 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2221 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2231 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2232 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2252 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2302 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2312 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2332 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2352 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2402 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2412 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2432 [QFN16]
TI (TMS) MSP430G2452 [QFN16]
Total count of supported devices: 75
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