This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter/module cummulated for all Elnec programmers.

Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details, mainly in intent to verify, if this programming adapter/module is suitable for device programmer you have.

List of devices supported by DIL44/PSOP44 ZIF 600mil (PG4UW SW, version 3.93)
manufacturer device name
Actrans System Inc AC29LV400B [PSOP44]
Actrans System Inc AC29LV400T [PSOP44]
Alliance Semicond. AS29F200B [PSOP44]
Alliance Semicond. AS29F200T [PSOP44]
Alliance Semicond. AS29LV160B [PSOP44]
Alliance Semicond. AS29LV160T [PSOP44]
Alliance Semicond. AS29LV400B [PSOP44]
Alliance Semicond. AS29LV400T [PSOP44]
Alliance Semicond. AS29LV800B [PSOP44]
Alliance Semicond. AS29LV800T [PSOP44]
AMD Am29DL400BB [PSOP44]
AMD Am29DL400BT [PSOP44]
AMD Am29DL800BB [PSOP44]
AMD Am29DL800BT [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F016 [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F016B [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F016D [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F032B [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F080 [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F080B [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F100B [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F100T [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F200AB [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F200AT [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F200B [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F200BB [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F200BT [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F200T [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F400AB [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F400AT [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F400B [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F400BB [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F400BT [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F400T [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F800B [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F800BB [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F800BT [PSOP44]
AMD Am29F800T [PSOP44]
AMD Am29LV160BB [PSOP44]
AMD Am29LV160BT [PSOP44]
AMD Am29LV160DB [PSOP44]
AMD Am29LV160DT [PSOP44]
AMD Am29LV200B [PSOP44]
AMD Am29LV200BB [PSOP44]
AMD Am29LV200BT [PSOP44]
AMD Am29LV200T [PSOP44]
AMD Am29LV400B [PSOP44]
AMD Am29LV400BB [PSOP44]
AMD Am29LV400BT [PSOP44]
AMD Am29LV400T [PSOP44]
AMD Am29LV800B [PSOP44]
AMD Am29LV800BB [PSOP44]
AMD Am29LV800BT [PSOP44]
AMD Am29LV800DB [PSOP44]
AMD Am29LV800DT [PSOP44]
AMD Am29LV800T [PSOP44]
AMD Am29PL160CB [PSOP44]
AMD Am29PL160CB [R-PSOP44]
AMD B58601 [PSOP44]
AMD B58755 [PSOP44]
AMD B58791 [PSOP44]
Amic A29016M [PSOP44]
Amic A29160TM [PSOP44]
Amic A29160UM [PSOP44]
Amic A29400T [PSOP44]
Amic A29400U [PSOP44]
Amic A29800T [PSOP44]
Amic A29800U [PSOP44]
Amic A29801TM [PSOP44]
Amic A29801UM [PSOP44]
Amic A29L160AT [PSOP44]
Amic A29L160AU [PSOP44]
Amic A29L160BT [PSOP44]
Amic A29L160BU [PSOP44]
Amic A29L160T [PSOP44]
Amic A29L160U [PSOP44]
Amic A29L320AT [PSOP44]
Amic A29L320AU [PSOP44]
Amic A29L400AT [PSOP44]
Amic A29L400AU [PSOP44]
Amic A29L400T [PSOP44]
Amic A29L400U [PSOP44]
Amic A29L640TM [SOP44]
Amic A29L640UM [SOP44]
Amic A29L800AT [PSOP44]
Amic A29L800AU [PSOP44]
Amic A29L800HT [PSOP44]
Amic A29L800HU [PSOP44]
Amic A29L800T [PSOP44]
Amic A29L800U [PSOP44]
Atmel AT27BV400 [PSOP44]
Atmel AT27BV800 [PSOP44]
Atmel AT27C400 [PSOP44]
Atmel AT27C800 [PSOP44]
Atmel AT27C8192 [PSOP44]
Atmel AT49BV080 [SOIC44]
Atmel AT49BV080T [SOIC44]
Atmel AT49BV2048A [PSOP44]
Atmel AT49BV4096A [SOIC44]
Atmel AT49BV8192 [PSOP44]
Atmel AT49BV8192T [PSOP44]
Atmel AT49F2048 [PSOP44]
Atmel AT49F2048A [PSOP44]
Atmel AT49F4096 [PSOP44]
Atmel AT49F4096A [PSOP44]
Atmel AT49F8192 [PSOP44]
Atmel AT49F8192A [PSOP44]
Atmel AT49F8192AT [PSOP44]
Atmel AT49F8192T [PSOP44]
Atmel AT49LV080 [SOIC44]
Atmel AT49LV080T [SOIC44]
Atmel AT49LV2048A [PSOP44]
Atmel AT49LV4096A [SOIC44]
Atmel AT49LV8192 [PSOP44]
Atmel AT49LV8192T [PSOP44]
BOSCH B58768 [PSOP44]
Bright BM29F400B [PSOP44]
Bright BM29F400T [PSOP44]
Cypress S29AL004DxxMxx01 [PSOP44]
Cypress S29AL004DxxMxx02 [PSOP44]
Cypress S29AL008JxxMxx03 [PSOP44]
Cypress S29AL008JxxMxx04 [PSOP44]
Excel Semiconduct. ES29LV160DB [PSOP44]
Excel Semiconduct. ES29LV160DT [PSOP44]
Excel Semiconduct. ES29LV400DB [PSOP44]
Excel Semiconduct. ES29LV400DT [PSOP44]
Excel Semiconduct. ES29LV800DB [PSOP44]
Excel Semiconduct. ES29LV800DT [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29F080A [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29F200BA [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29F200BC [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29F200TA [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29F200TC [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29F400BA [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29F400BC [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29F400TA [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29F400TC [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29F800BA [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29F800TA [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29LV200BC [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29LV200TC [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29LV400B [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29LV400BC [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29LV400T [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29LV400TC [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29LV800BA [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29LV800TA [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29PL160BD [PSOP44]
Fujitsu MBM29PL160TD [PSOP44]
Hitachi HN29WB800FP [PSOP44]
Hitachi HN29WT800FP [PSOP44]
Hynix HY29F080G [PSOP44]
Hynix HY29F400ABG [PSOP44]
Hynix HY29F400ATG [PSOP44]
Hynix HY29F400BG [PSOP44]
Hynix HY29F400TG [PSOP44]
Hynix HY29F800ABG [PSOP44]
Hynix HY29F800ATG [PSOP44]
Hynix HY29F800BG [PSOP44]
Hynix HY29F800TG [PSOP44]
Hynix HY29LV800BG [PSOP44]
Hynix HY29LV800TG [PSOP44]
Hyundai HY29F080G [PSOP44]
Hyundai HY29F400ABG [PSOP44]
Hyundai HY29F400ATG [PSOP44]
Hyundai HY29F400BG [PSOP44]
Hyundai HY29F400TG [PSOP44]
Hyundai HY29F800BG [PSOP44]
Hyundai HY29F800TG [PSOP44]
Intel 28F800BX-B [PSOP44]
Intel 28F800BX-T [PSOP44]
Intel AB28F200B5B [PSOP44]
Intel AB28F200B5T [PSOP44]
Intel AB28F200BR-B [PSOP44]
Intel AB28F200BR-T [PSOP44]
Intel AB28F200BX-B [PSOP44]
Intel AB28F200BX-T [PSOP44]
Intel AB28F400B5B [PSOP44]
Intel AB28F400B5T [PSOP44]
Intel AB28F400BR-B [PSOP44]
Intel AB28F400BR-T [PSOP44]
Intel AB28F800B5B [PSOP44]
Intel AB28F800B5T [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F002BC-T [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F004S3 [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F004S5 [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F004SC [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F008S3 [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F008S5 [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F008SA [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F008SC [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F016S3 [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F016S5 [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F016SC [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F200B5B [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F200B5T [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F200BL-B [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F200BL-T [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F200BVB [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F200BVT [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F200BX-B [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F200BX-T [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F400B5B [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F400B5T [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F400BLB [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F400BLT [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F400BVB [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F400BVT [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F400BX-B [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F400BX-T [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F800B5B [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F800B5T [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F800BVB [PSOP44]
Intel PA28F800BVT [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F004S3 [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F004S5 [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F004SC [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F008S3 [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F008S5 [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F008SA [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F008SC [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F016S3 [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F016S5 [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F016SC [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F200B5B [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F200B5T [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F200BVB [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F200BVT [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F200BX-B [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F200BX-T [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F400B5B [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F400B5T [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F400BVB [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F400BVT [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F400BX-B [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F400BX-T [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F800B5B [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F800B5T [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F800BVB [PSOP44]
Intel TB28F800BVT [PSOP44]
LinkSmart L29S400F [PSOP44]
LinkSmart L29S400F-B [PSOP44]
Macronix MX23C3210 [SOP44]
Macronix MX23C3211 [SOP44]
Macronix MX23C6410 [SOP44]
Macronix MX23L6410 [SOP44]
Macronix MX26L12811MC [PSOP44]
Macronix MX27C8100 [PSOP44]
Macronix MX27C8111 [PSOP44]
Macronix MX28F2100B [PSOP44]
Macronix MX28F2100T [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29F016 [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29F080 [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29F100B [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29F100T [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29F1610 [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29F1610A [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29F200B [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29F200CB [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29F200CT [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29F200T [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29F400B [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29F400CB [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29F400CT [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29F400T [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29F800B [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29F800CB [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29F800CT [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29F800T [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29L1611 [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29L3211 [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV160AB [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV160AT [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV160B [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV160BB [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV160BT [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV160CB [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV160CT [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV160T [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV161B [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV161T [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV320DB [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV320DT [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV320EB [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV320ET [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV320MB [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV320MT [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV400B [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV400CB [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV400CT [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV400T [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV401B [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV401T [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV800AB [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV800AT [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV800B [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV800BB [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV800BT [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV800CB [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV800CT [PSOP44]
Macronix MX29LV800T [PSOP44]
Micron M29F200FB [PSOP44]
Micron M29F200FT [PSOP44]
Micron M29F400FB [PSOP44]
Micron M29F400FT [PSOP44]
Micron M29F800FB [PSOP44]
Micron M29F800FT [PSOP44]
Micron MT28F200B1SG-xxB [PSOP44]
Micron MT28F200B1SG-xxT [PSOP44]
Micron MT28F200B3SG-B [PSOP44]
Micron MT28F200B3SG-T [PSOP44]
Micron MT28F200B5SG-B [PSOP44]
Micron MT28F200B5SG-T [PSOP44]
Micron MT28F400B1SG-xxB [PSOP44]
Micron MT28F400B1SG-xxT [PSOP44]
Micron MT28F400B3SG-B [PSOP44]
Micron MT28F400B3SG-T [PSOP44]
Micron MT28F400B5SG-xxB [PSOP44]
Micron MT28F400B5SG-xxT [PSOP44]
Micron MT28F800B1SG-xxB [PSOP44]
Micron MT28F800B1SG-xxT [PSOP44]
Micron MT28F800B3SG-B [PSOP44]
Micron MT28F800B3SG-T [PSOP44]
Micron MT28F800B5SG-B [PSOP44]
Micron MT28F800B5SG-T [PSOP44]
Mitsubishi M5M29F016 [PSOP44]
Mitsubishi M5M29FB800 [PSOP44]
Mitsubishi M5M29FT800 [PSOP44]
Motorola M29F200BS [PSOP44]
Motorola M29F200TS [PSOP44]
Motorola M29F400BS [PSOP44]
Motorola M29F400TS [PSOP44]
NEC uPD27C8000 [PSOP44]
Numonyx M29F200FB [PSOP44]
Numonyx M29F200FT [PSOP44]
Numonyx M29F400FB [PSOP44]
Numonyx M29F400FT [PSOP44]
Numonyx M29F800FB [PSOP44]
Numonyx M29F800FT [PSOP44]
Numonyx M29W400DB [PSOP44]
Numonyx M29W400DT [PSOP44]
Numonyx M29W800DB [PSOP44]
Numonyx M29W800DT [PSOP44]
OKI MR27C1602B [PSOP44]
OKI MR27V1602D [PSOP44]
OKI MR27V1602E [PSOP44]
OKI MR27V1602F [PSOP44]
OKI MR27V1652D [PSOP44]
OKI MR27V1652E [PSOP44]
OKI MR27V3202D [PSOP44]
OKI MR27V3202E [PSOP44]
OKI MR27V3202F [PSOP44]
OKI MR27V3252D [PSOP44]
OKI MR27V6402D [PSOP44]
OKI MR27V6402G [PSOP44]
OKI MR27V802D [SOIC44]
OKI MR27V802F [SOIC44]
OKI MR27V852D [SOIC44]
Princeton PT29L800U [PSOP44]
Sharp LH28F002SCN-L [PSOP44]
Sharp LH28F004SCHN [PSOP44]
Sharp LH28F004SCN [PSOP44]
Sharp LH28F008SAN [PSOP44]
Sharp LH28F008SCHN [PSOP44]
Sharp LH28F008SCHN-V [PSOP44]
Sharp LH28F008SCN [PSOP44]
Sharp LH28F008SCN-V [PSOP44]
Sharp LH28F400BVN [PSOP44]
Sharp LH28F400SU [PSOP44]
Sharp LH28F640BFN-PTTLZ1 [PSOP44]
Sharp LH28F800BVN [PSOP44]
Sharp LH28F800SG [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29DL400BB [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29DL400BT [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29DL800BB [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29DL800BT [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F016 [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F016B [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F016D [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F032B [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F080 [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F080B [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F100B [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F100T [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F200AB [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F200AT [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F200BB [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F200BT [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F400AB [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F400AT [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F400BB [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F400BT [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F800B [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F800BB [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F800BT [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29F800T [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29LV160BB [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29LV160BT [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29LV160DB [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29LV160DT [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29LV200B [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29LV200BB [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29LV200BT [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29LV200T [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29LV400B [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29LV400BB [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29LV400BT [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29LV400T [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29LV800B [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29LV800BB [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29LV800BT [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29LV800DB [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29LV800DT [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29LV800T [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29PL160CB [PSOP44]
Spansion Am29PL160CB [R-PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29F080A [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29F200BA [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29F200BC [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29F200TA [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29F200TC [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29F400BA [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29F400BC [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29F400TA [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29F400TC [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29F800BA [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29F800TA [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29LV200BC [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29LV200TC [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29LV400B [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29LV400BC [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29LV400T [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29LV400TC [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29LV800BA [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29LV800TA [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29PL160BD [PSOP44]
Spansion MBM29PL160TD [PSOP44]
Spansion S29AD016DxxMxx01 [PSOP44]
Spansion S29AD016DxxMxx02 [PSOP44]
Spansion S29AL004DxxMxx01 [PSOP44]
Spansion S29AL004DxxMxx02 [PSOP44]
Spansion S29AL008DxxSxx01 [PSOP44]
Spansion S29AL008DxxSxx02 [PSOP44]
Spansion S29AL008JxxMxx03 [PSOP44]
Spansion S29AL008JxxMxx04 [PSOP44]
Spansion S29AL016DxxMxx01 [PSOP44]
Spansion S29AL016DxxMxx02 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M27C160 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M27C320 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M27C800 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M27V160 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M27V800 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M27W016 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M27W032 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M27W064 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M27W160 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M28F210 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M28F220 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M28F410 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M28F420 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M28V161 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M28V430 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M28V440 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M28V841 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M28W430 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M28W440 [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F016B [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F016D [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F080A [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F080D [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F100B [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F100BB [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F100BT [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F100T [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F200B [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F200BB [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F200BT [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F200T [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F400B [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F400BB [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F400BT [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F400T [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F800AB [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F800AT [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F800DB [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29F800DT [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29KW016E [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29W160BB [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29W160BT [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29W160DB [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29W160DT [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29W200BB [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29W200BT [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29W400B [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29W400BB [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29W400BT [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29W400DB [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29W400DT [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29W400T [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29W800AB [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29W800AT [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29W800B [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29W800DB [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29W800DT [PSOP44]
STMicroelectronics M29W800T [PSOP44]
TI (TMS) TMS28F200AxB [PSOP44]
TI (TMS) TMS28F200AxT [PSOP44]
TI (TMS) TMS28F400AxB [PSOP44]
TI (TMS) TMS28F400AxT [PSOP44]
TI (TMS) TMS29F400B [PSOP44]
TI (TMS) TMS29F400T [PSOP44]
TI (TMS) TMS29F800B [PSOP44]
TI (TMS) TMS29F800T [PSOP44]
Toshiba TC58F400F [PSOP44]
Toshiba TC58F401F [PSOP44]
Toshiba TC58FVB400F [PSOP44]
Toshiba TC58FVB800F [PSOP44]
Toshiba TC58FVT400F [PSOP44]
Toshiba TC58FVT800F [PSOP44]
Winbond W49F201S [PSOP44]
Winbond W49L201S [PSOP44]
Winbond W49L401S [PSOP44]
Winbond W49L401TS [PSOP44]
Total count of supported devices: 551
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