This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter/module cummulated for all Elnec programmers.

Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details, mainly in intent to verify, if this programming adapter/module is suitable for device programmer you have.

List of devices supported by Top TSOP32 ZIF 18.4mm (PG4UW SW, version 3.92)
manufacturer device name
Alliance Semicond. AS29F002T [TSOP32]
Alliance Semicond. AS29F010 [TSOP32]
Alliance Semicond. AS29F040 [TSOP32]
AMD Am28F010 [R-TSOP32]
AMD Am28F010 [TSOP32]
AMD Am28F010A [R-TSOP32]
AMD Am28F010A [TSOP32]
AMD Am28F020 [R-TSOP32]
AMD Am28F020 [TSOP32]
AMD Am28F020A [R-TSOP32]
AMD Am28F020A [TSOP32]
AMD Am28F256 [R-TSOP32]
AMD Am28F256 [TSOP32]
AMD Am28F256A [R-TSOP32]
AMD Am28F256A [TSOP32]
AMD Am28F512 [R-TSOP32]
AMD Am28F512 [TSOP32]
AMD Am28F512A [R-TSOP32]
AMD Am28F512A [TSOP32]
AMD Am29F002B [TSOP32]
AMD Am29F002BB [TSOP32]
AMD Am29F002BT [TSOP32]
AMD Am29F002NB [TSOP32]
AMD Am29F002NBB [TSOP32]
AMD Am29F002NBT [TSOP32]
AMD Am29F002NT [TSOP32]
AMD Am29F002T [TSOP32]
AMD Am29F010 [R-TSOP32]
AMD Am29F010 [TSOP32]
AMD Am29F010A [R-TSOP32]
AMD Am29F010A [TSOP32]
AMD Am29F010B [R-TSOP32]
AMD Am29F010B [TSOP32]
AMD Am29F040 [TSOP32]
AMD Am29F040B [R-TSOP32]
AMD Am29F040B [TSOP32]
AMD Am29LV001BB [R-TSOP32]
AMD Am29LV001BB [TSOP32]
AMD Am29LV001BT [R-TSOP32]
AMD Am29LV001BT [TSOP32]
AMD Am29LV010B [TSOP32]
AMD Am29LV040B [R-TSOP32]
AMD Am29LV040B [TSOP32]
Amic A290011AT [TSOP32]
Amic A290011AU [TSOP32]
Amic A290011T [TSOP32]
Amic A290011U [TSOP32]
Amic A29001AT [TSOP32]
Amic A29001AU [TSOP32]
Amic A29001T [TSOP32]
Amic A29001U [TSOP32]
Amic A290021T [TSOP32]
Amic A290021U [TSOP32]
Amic A29002T [TSOP32]
Amic A29002U [TSOP32]
Amic A29010 [TSOP32]
Amic A29010A [TSOP32]
Amic A29040 [TSOP32]
Amic A29040A [TSOP32]
Amic A29040B [TSOP32]
Amic A29040C [TSOP32]
Amic A29512 [TSOP32]
Amic A29512A [TSOP32]
Amic A29L004ATV [TSOP32]
Amic A29L004AUV [TSOP32]
Amic A29L004BTV [TSOP32]
Amic A29L004BUV [TSOP32]
Amic A29L004TV [TSOP32]
Amic A29L004UV [TSOP32]
Amic A29L040 [TSOP32 8x20]
Amic A29L040A [TSOP32 8x20]
ASD AE49F2008 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT29BV010A [TSOP32]
Atmel AT29BV020 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT29BV040A [TSOP32]
Atmel AT29C010 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT29C010A [TSOP32]
Atmel AT29C020 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT29C040A [TSOP32]
Atmel AT29C512 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT29LV010 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT29LV010A [TSOP32]
Atmel AT29LV020 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT29LV040A [TSOP32]
Atmel AT29LV512 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV001 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV001A [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV001AN [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV001ANT [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV001AT [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV001N [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV001NT [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV001T [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV002 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV002A [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV002AN [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV002ANT [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV002AT [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV002N [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV002NT [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV002T [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV010 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV020 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV040 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV040A [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV040B [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV040T [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49BV512 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F001 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F001A [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F001AN [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F001ANT [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F001AT [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F001N [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F001NT [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F001T [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F002 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F002A [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F002AN [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F002ANT [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F002AT [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F002N [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F002NT [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F002T [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F010 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F020 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F040 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F040A [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F040T [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49F512 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49HBV010 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49HF010 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49HLV010 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49LV001 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49LV001N [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49LV001NT [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49LV001T [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49LV002 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49LV002N [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49LV002NT [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49LV002T [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49LV010 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49LV020 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49LV040 [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49LV040T [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49V002A [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49V002AN [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49V002ANT [TSOP32]
Atmel AT49V002AT [TSOP32]
Bright BM29F040 [TSOP32]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT28F001HxxxB [TSOP32]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT28F001HxxxT [TSOP32]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT28F001TxxxB [TSOP32]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT28F001TxxxT [TSOP32]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT28F010 [R-TSOP32]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT28F010 [TSOP32]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT28F015B [R-TSOP32]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT28F015B [TSOP32]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT28F015T [R-TSOP32]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT28F015T [TSOP32]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT28F020 [R-TSOP32]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT28F020 [TSOP32]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT28F512 [R-TSOP32]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT28F512 [TSOP32]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT29F002B [TSOP32]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT29F002T [TSOP32]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT29F150B [TSOP32]
Catalyst (CSI) CAT29F150T [TSOP32]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN29F002AB [TSOP32]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN29F002ANB [TSOP32]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN29F002ANT [TSOP32]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN29F002AT [TSOP32]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN29F002B [TSOP32]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN29F002NB [TSOP32]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN29F002NT [TSOP32]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN29F002T [TSOP32]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN29F010 [TSOP32 8x20]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN29F040 [TSOP32]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN29F040A [TSOP32]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN29F512 [TSOP32 8x20]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN29LV010 [TSOP32 8x20]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN29LV040 [TSOP32 8x20]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN29LV040A [TSOP32 8x20]
Eon Silicon Sol. EN29LV512 [TSOP32 8x20]
Fujitsu MBM28F010 [R-TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM28F010 [TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM29F002B [R-TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM29F002B [TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM29F002BC [R-TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM29F002BC [TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM29F002T [R-TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM29F002T [TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM29F002TC [R-TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM29F002TC [TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM29F004BC [TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM29F004TC [TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM29F040A [R-TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM29F040A [TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM29F040C [R-TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM29F040C [TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM29LV001BC [R-TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM29LV001BC [TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM29LV001TC [R-TSOP32]
Fujitsu MBM29LV001TC [TSOP32]
Greenliant GLS29EE010 [TSOP32 8x20]
Greenliant GLS29EE512 [TSOP32]
Hitachi HN28F101 [TSOP32 8x20]
Hitachi HN28F4001 [TSOP32]
Hynix HY29F002T [TSOP32]
Hynix HY29F040A [R-TSOP32]
Hynix HY29F040A [TSOP32]
Hyundai HY29F002B [TSOP32]
Hyundai HY29F002T [TSOP32]
Hyundai HY29F040 [R-TSOP32]
Hyundai HY29F040 [TSOP32]
Hyundai HY29F040A [R-TSOP32]
Hyundai HY29F040A [TSOP32]
Chingis Pm29F004B [TSOP32]
Chingis Pm29F004T [TSOP32]
Chingis Pm29LV104RB [TSOP32]
Chingis Pm29LV104RT [TSOP32]
IMT IM29F001B [R-TSOP32]
IMT IM29F001B [TSOP32]
IMT IM29F001T [R-TSOP32]
IMT IM29F001T [TSOP32]
IMT IM29F002B [R-TSOP32]
IMT IM29F002B [TSOP32]
IMT IM29F002T [R-TSOP32]
IMT IM29F002T [TSOP32]
IMT IM29F004B [R-TSOP32]
IMT IM29F004B [TSOP32]
IMT IM29F004T [R-TSOP32]
IMT IM29F004T [TSOP32]
Intel E28F010 [TSOP32]
Intel E28F020 [TSOP32]
Intel F28F010 [R-TSOP32]
Intel F28F020 [R-TSOP32]
Intel TE28F010 [TSOP32]
Intel TE28F020 [TSOP32]
Intel TF28F020 [R-TSOP32]
ISSI IS28F010 [TSOP32]
ISSI IS28F020 [TSOP32]
ISSI IS29F010 [TSOP32]
LinkSmart L29004CT [TSOP32]
LinkSmart LST28001 [TSOP32]
LinkSmart LST28002 [TSOP32]
LinkSmart LST28004 [TSOP32]
Macronix MX26LV040 [TSOP32]
Macronix MX28F1000 [TSOP32]
Macronix MX28F1000P [TSOP32]
Macronix MX28F2000P [R-TSOP32]
Macronix MX28F2000P [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29F001B [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29F001T [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29F002B [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29F002NB [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29F002NT [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29F002T [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29F004B [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29F004T [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29F022B [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29F022NB [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29F022NT [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29F022T [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29F040 [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29F040C [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29LV002CB [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29LV002CT [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29LV002NCB [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29LV002NCT [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29LV040 [TSOP32]
Macronix MX29LV040C [TSOP32]
Megawin MM29F040 [TSOP32]
Megawin MM29LF040 [TSOP32]
Mitsubishi M5M28F101 [TSOP32]
Mosel Vitelic V29C31004B [TSOP32]
Mosel Vitelic V29C31004T [TSOP32]
Mosel Vitelic V29C51000B [TSOP32]
Mosel Vitelic V29C51000T [TSOP32]
Mosel Vitelic V29C51001B [TSOP32]
Mosel Vitelic V29C51001T [TSOP32]
Mosel Vitelic V29C51002B [TSOP32]
Mosel Vitelic V29C51002T [TSOP32]
Mosel Vitelic V29C51004B [TSOP32]
Mosel Vitelic V29C51004T [TSOP32]
Motorola M29F040 [R-TSOP32]
Motorola M29F040 [TSOP32]
Nexflash NX29F010 [TSOP32]
ON Semiconductor CAT28F001HxxxB [TSOP32]
ON Semiconductor CAT28F001HxxxT [TSOP32]
ON Semiconductor CAT28F001TxxxB [TSOP32]
ON Semiconductor CAT28F001TxxxT [TSOP32]
ON Semiconductor CAT28F015B [R-TSOP32]
ON Semiconductor CAT28F015B [TSOP32]
ON Semiconductor CAT28F015T [R-TSOP32]
ON Semiconductor CAT28F015T [TSOP32]
ON Semiconductor CAT29F002B [TSOP32]
ON Semiconductor CAT29F002T [TSOP32]
ON Semiconductor CAT29F150B [TSOP32]
ON Semiconductor CAT29F150T [TSOP32]
PMC Pm29F004B [TSOP32]
PMC Pm29F004T [TSOP32]
PMC Pm29LV104RB [TSOP32]
PMC Pm29LV104RT [TSOP32]
PSS PS29FS001 [TSOP32 8x20]
PSS PS29LP001 [TSOP32 8x20]
Samsung KM29C010 [TSOP32]
Sanyo LE28C1001DT [TSOP32]
Sanyo LE28CV1001DT [TSOP32]
Sanyo LE28CW1001DT [TSOP32]
Spansion Am29F002B [TSOP32]
Spansion Am29F002NB [TSOP32]
Spansion Am29F002NBB [TSOP32]
Spansion Am29F002NBT [TSOP32]
Spansion Am29F002NT [TSOP32]
Spansion Am29F002T [TSOP32]
Spansion Am29F010B [TSOP32]
Spansion Am29F040 [TSOP32]
Spansion Am29F040B [TSOP32]
Spansion Am29LV001BB [R-TSOP32]
Spansion Am29LV001BB [TSOP32]
Spansion Am29LV001BT [R-TSOP32]
Spansion Am29LV001BT [TSOP32]
Spansion MBM29F002B [R-TSOP32]
Spansion MBM29F002B [TSOP32]
Spansion MBM29F002BC [R-TSOP32]
Spansion MBM29F002BC [TSOP32]
Spansion MBM29F002T [R-TSOP32]
Spansion MBM29F002T [TSOP32]
Spansion MBM29F002TC [TSOP32]
Spansion MBM29F040A [R-TSOP32]
Spansion MBM29F040A [TSOP32]
Spansion MBM29F040C [R-TSOP32]
Spansion MBM29F040C [TSOP32]
Spansion MBM29LV001BC [R-TSOP32]
Spansion MBM29LV001BC [TSOP32]
Spansion MBM29LV001TC [R-TSOP32]
Spansion MBM29LV001TC [TSOP32]
SST SST29EE010 [TSOP32 8x20]
SST SST29EE010A[TSOP32 8x20]
SST SST29EE512A[TSOP32 8x20]
SST SST29LE010 [TSOP32 8x20]
SST SST29LE010A[TSOP32 8x20]
SST SST29LE512A[TSOP32 8x20]
SST SST29VE010 [TSOP32 8x20]
SST SST29VE010A[TSOP32 8x20]
SST SST29VE512A[TSOP32 8x20]
STMicroelectronics M28F101 [R-TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M28F101 [TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M28F151B [TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M28F151T [TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M28F201 [R-TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M28F201 [TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M28V201 [TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M29F002B [TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M29F002BB [TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M29F002BNB [TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M29F002BNT [TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M29F002BT [TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M29F002NT [TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M29F002T [TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M29F010B [TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M29F040 [TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M29F040B [TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M29W010B [TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M29W040 [TSOP32]
STMicroelectronics M29W040B [TSOP32 8x20]
SyncMOS F29C51001B [TSOP32]
SyncMOS F29C51001T [TSOP32]
SyncMOS F29C51002B [TSOP32]
SyncMOS F29C51002T [TSOP32]
SyncMOS F29C51004B [TSOP32]
SyncMOS F29C51004T [TSOP32]
SyncMOS S29C31004T [TSOP32]
SyncMOS S29C51001B [TSOP32]
SyncMOS S29C51001T [TSOP32]
SyncMOS S29C51002B [TSOP32]
SyncMOS S29C51002T [TSOP32]
SyncMOS S29C51004B [TSOP32]
SyncMOS S29C51004T [TSOP32]
TI (TMS) TMS28F010 [R-TSOP32]
TI (TMS) TMS28F010 [TSOP32]
TI (TMS) TMS28F010A [R-TSOP32]
TI (TMS) TMS28F010A [TSOP32]
TI (TMS) TMS28F010B [R-TSOP32]
TI (TMS) TMS28F010B [TSOP32]
TI (TMS) TMS28F020 [TSOP32]
TI (TMS) TMS28F512 [R-TSOP32]
TI (TMS) TMS28F512 [TSOP32]
TI (TMS) TMS28F512A [R-TSOP32]
TI (TMS) TMS28F512A [TSOP32]
TI (TMS) TMS29F040 [TSOP32]
TI (TMS) TMS29LF040 [TSOP32 8x20]
TI (TMS) TMS29VF040 [TSOP32 8x20]
Winbond W29C020 [TSOP32]
Winbond W29C020C [TSOP32]
Winbond W29C040T [TSOP32]
Winbond W29EE011 [TSOP32]
Winbond W29EE512 [TSOP32]
Winbond W39D040A [TSOP32]
Winbond W39F010 [TSOP32]
Winbond W39L020 [TSOP32]
Winbond W39L040A [TSOP32]
Winbond W39L040T [TSOP32]
Winbond W49F002 [TSOP32]
Winbond W49F002B [TSOP32]
Winbond W49F002N [TSOP32]
Winbond W49F002U [TSOP32]
Winbond W49F020T [TSOP32]
Total count of supported devices: 432
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