This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter / module cummulated for all Elnec programmers. Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details.

List of devices supported by AP1 LQFP64-1 ZIF R5F-3 (LD) (PG4UW v3.61)
manufacturer device name
RenesasR5F100LLxFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F101LFxFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F101LKxFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LCGFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LEAFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LFDFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LGGFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LJAFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LKGFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F10RLAGFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F10WLAGFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F10WLDGFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F10WLFGFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F100LCxFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F100LGxFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F100LKxFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F101LExFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F101LJxFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LCDFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LDGFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LFAFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LGDFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LHGFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LKAFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F10RLAAFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F10WLAAFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F10WLDAFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F10WLFAFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR7F0C014L2DFA [LQFP64]
RenesasR5F100LFxFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F100LJxFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F101LDxFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F101LHxFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LCAFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LDDFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LEGFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LGAFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LHDFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LJGFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LLGFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F10RLCGFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F10WLCGFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F10WLEGFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F10WLGGFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F100LExFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F101LCxFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F101LGxFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F101LLxFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LDAFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LEDFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LFGFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LHAFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LJDFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F104LLAFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F10RLCAFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F10WLCAFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F10WLEAFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F10WLGAFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F100LDxFA [LQFP64 12x12]
RenesasR5F100LHxFA [LQFP64 12x12]
Total count of supported devices: 60