This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter / module cummulated for all Elnec programmers. Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details.

List of devices supported by AP1 LQFP64-2 ZIF R5F-3 (PG4UW v3.70)
manufacturer device name
RenesasR5F101LDxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F101LHxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F104LCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F104LGxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F104LLxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F109LBxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F109LDxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10ALCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10ALExFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10ALGxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10PLFxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10PLHxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10RLCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10WLExFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F11BLExFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F100LExFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F100LJxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F101LCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F101LGxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F101LLxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F104LFxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F104LKxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F109LBCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F109LDCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10ALCCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10ALECxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10ALGCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10PLFCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10PLHCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10RLAxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10WLDxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F11BLCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F100LDxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F100LHxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F100LLxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F101LFxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F101LKxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F104LExFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F104LJxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F109LAxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F109LCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F109LExFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10ALDxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10ALFxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10PLExFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10PLGxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10PLJxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10WLCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10WLGxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR7F0C002L2DFB [LQFP64]
RenesasR5F100LCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F100LGxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F101LExFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F101LJxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F104LDxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F104LHxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F109LACxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F109LCCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F109LECxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10ALDCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10ALFCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10PLECxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10PLGCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10PLJCxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10WLAxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F10WLFxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR7F0C001L2DFB [LQFP64]
RenesasR5F100LFxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
RenesasR5F100LKxFB [LQFP64 10x10]
Total count of supported devices: 69