This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter/module cummulated for all Elnec programmers.

Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details, mainly in intent to verify, if this programming adapter/module is suitable for device programmer you have.

List of devices supported by AP1 QFN11-1 ZIF (PG4UW SW, version 3.76)

manufacturer device name
AtmelATtiny13A [MLF10]
AtmelATtiny13 [MLF10]
AtmelATtiny13V [MLF10]
CygnalC8051F302 [MLP11]
CygnalC8051F301 [MLP11]
CygnalC8051F305 [MLP11]
CygnalC8051F300 [MLP11]
CygnalC8051F304 [MLP11]
CygnalC8051F303 [MLP11]
DallasDS2786 [TDFN10]
MaximDS2786B [TDFN10]
MaximDS2786 [TDFN10]
MicrochipATtiny13A [MLF10]
MicrochipMCP79512 [TDFN10]
MicrochipATtiny13 [MLF10]
MicrochipMCP79511 [TDFN10]
MicrochipMCP79522 [TDFN10]
MicrochipMCP79510 [TDFN10]
MicrochipMCP79521 [TDFN10]
MicrochipATtiny13V [MLF10]
MicrochipMCP79520 [TDFN10]
PhilipsP89LPC9103 [HVSON10]
PhilipsP89LPC9102 [HVSON10]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F300 [QFN11]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F304 [QFN11]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F521 [QFN10]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F524 [QFN10]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F527 [QFN10]
Silicon Laborat.C8051T602 [QFN11]
Silicon Laborat.C8051T606 [QFN11]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F303 [QFN11]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F520A [QFN10]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F523A [QFN10]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F526A [QFN10]
Silicon Laborat.C8051T601 [QFN11]
Silicon Laborat.C8051T605 [QFN11]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F302 [QFN11]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F520 [QFN10]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F523 [QFN10]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F526 [QFN10]
Silicon Laborat.C8051T600 [QFN11]
Silicon Laborat.C8051T604 [QFN11]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F301 [QFN11]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F305 [QFN11]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F521A [QFN10]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F524A [QFN10]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F527A [QFN10]
Silicon Laborat.C8051T603 [QFN11]
Total count of supported devices: 50