This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter/module cummulated for all Elnec programmers.

Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details, mainly in intent to verify, if this programming adapter/module is suitable for device programmer you have.

List of devices supported by AP1 QFN40-1 ZIF (PG4UW SW, version 3.91)

manufacturer device name
Analog DevicesADM1065 [LFCSP40]
Analog DevicesADM1064 [LFCSP40]
Analog DevicesADM1063 [LFCSP40]
Analog DevicesADM1166 [LFCSP40]
Analog DevicesADM1062 [LFCSP40]
Analog DevicesADM1066 [LFCSP40]
Freescale Semic.SC9S08ER48 [QFN40]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08ER48 [QFN40]
Microchip (SST)SST89C58RC [WQFN40]
NECuPD78F0583 [WQFN40]
NECuPD78F0582 [WQFN40]
NECuPD78F0588 [WQFN40]
NECuPD78F0581 [WQFN40]
NECuPD78F0587 [WQFN40]
NECuPD78F0586 [WQFN40]
RenesasuPD78F0581 [WQFN40]
RenesasuPD78F0587 [WQFN40]
RenesasuPD78F0586 [WQFN40]
RenesasuPD78F0583 [WQFN40]
RenesasuPD78F0582 [WQFN40]
RenesasuPD78F0588 [WQFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F510 [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F570 [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F574 [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F590 [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F961-B [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F965-A (DC<1221)[QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F967-A (DC>=1221)[QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F969-B [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F509 [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F569 [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F573 [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F589 [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F961-A (DC>=1221)[QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F963-B [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F967-A (DC<1221)[QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F969-A (DC>=1221)[QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F508 [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F568 [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F572 [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F588 [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F961-A (DC<1221)[QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F963-A (DC>=1221)[QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F965-B [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F969-A (DC<1221)[QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F511 [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F571 [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F575 [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F591 [QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F963-A (DC<1221)[QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F965-A (DC>=1221)[QFN40]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F967-B [QFN40]
STMicroelectronicsST72P60K1U [QFN40]
STMicroelectronicsST72F60K2U [QFN40]
STMicroelectronicsST72F60K1U [QFN40]
STMicroelectronicsST72P60K2U [QFN40]
TI (TMS)MSP430F2234 [QFN40](BSL)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2254 [QFN40](BSL)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2274 [QFN40](BSL)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2330 [QFN40](BSL)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2370 [QFN40](BSL)
TI (TMS)MSP430G2544 [QFN40](BSL)
TI (TMS)MSP430G2755 [QFN40](BSL)
TI (TMS)MSP430G2955 [QFN40](BSL)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2232 [QFN40](JTAG)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2252 [QFN40](JTAG)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2272 [QFN40](JTAG)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2274-EP [QFN40](JTAG)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2350 [QFN40](JTAG)
TI (TMS)MSP430G2444 [VQFN40](JTAG)
TI (TMS)MSP430G2744 [QFN40](JTAG)
TI (TMS)MSP430G2855 [QFN40](JTAG)
TI (TMS)MSP430V325 [QFN40](JTAG)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2232 [QFN40](BSL)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2252 [QFN40](BSL)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2272 [QFN40](BSL)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2274-EP [QFN40](BSL)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2350 [QFN40](BSL)
TI (TMS)MSP430G2444 [VQFN40](BSL)
TI (TMS)MSP430G2744 [QFN40](BSL)
TI (TMS)MSP430G2855 [QFN40](BSL)
TI (TMS)MSP430V325 [QFN40](BSL)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2234 [QFN40](JTAG)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2254 [QFN40](JTAG)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2274 [QFN40](JTAG)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2330 [QFN40](JTAG)
TI (TMS)MSP430F2370 [QFN40](JTAG)
TI (TMS)MSP430G2544 [QFN40](JTAG)
TI (TMS)MSP430G2755 [QFN40](JTAG)
TI (TMS)MSP430G2955 [QFN40](JTAG)
Total count of supported devices: 91