This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter / module cummulated for all Elnec programmers. Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details.

List of devices supported by AP1 QFP32-1.04 ZIF R5F-1 (PG4UW v3.62)
manufacturer device name
RenesasR5F104BDDFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F104BEGFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F104BGAFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F10JBCGFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F10RB8GFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F10RBCGFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F11EBAxFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F100BCxFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F104BCAFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F104BDAFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F104BEDFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F104BFGFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F10JBCAFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F10RB8AFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F10RBCAFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F11EB8xFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F104BAGFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F104BCGFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F104BEAFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F104BFDFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F104BGGFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F10KBCGFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F10RBAGFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F117BCxFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F104BADFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F104BDGFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F104BFAFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F104BGDFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F10KBCAFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F10RBAAFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F117BAxFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR7F0C908B2DFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F104BAAFP [LQFP32]
RenesasR5F104BCDFP [LQFP32]
Total count of supported devices: 34