This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter/module cummulated for all Elnec programmers.

Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details, mainly in intent to verify, if this programming adapter/module is suitable for device programmer you have.

List of devices supported by AP1 QFP48 ZIF R7F-1 (PG4UW SW, version 3.78)

manufacturer device name
RenesasR5F10AGAxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10AGDxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10AGFxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10BGCxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10BGExFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10BGGxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10PGExFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10PGGxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10PGJxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F113GKCxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR7F0C001G2DFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10AGACxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10AGDCxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10AGFCxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10BGCCxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10BGECxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10BGGCxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10PGECxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10PGGCxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10PGJCxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10RGCxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F113GLxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10AGCxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10AGExFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10AGGxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10BGDxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10BGFxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10PGDxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10PGFxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10PGHxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10RGAxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F113GLCxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10AGCCxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10AGECxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10AGGCxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10BGDCxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10BGFCxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10PGDCxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10PGFCxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10PGHCxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F10RG8xFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR5F113GKxFB [LQFP48]
RenesasR7F0C002G2DFB [LQFP48]
Total count of supported devices: 43