This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter/module cummulated for all Elnec programmers.

Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details, mainly in intent to verify, if this programming adapter/module is suitable for device programmer you have.

List of devices supported by AP3 QFN48-1.02 (PG4UW SW, version 3.78)

manufacturer device name
AtmelAT91SAM7S16 [QFN48]
AtmelAT91SAM7S32B [QFN48]
AtmelAT91SAM7S32A [QFN48]
AtmelAT91SAM7S32 [QFN48]
AtmelAT91SAM7S16A [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08AC48 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08AW32 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08GT16A [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08GT60A [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08JM32 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08LL8 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08QE64 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.S9S08AW32 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08AC32 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08AW16 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08GT16 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08GT60 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08JM16 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08LL16 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08QE32 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.S9S08AW16A [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08AC16 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08AC8 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08AW60 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08GT32A [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08GT8A [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08JM8 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08QE16 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.S9S08AW16 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.S9S08AW60 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9RS08LA8 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08AC60 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08AW48 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08GT32 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08GT8 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08JM60 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08QE128 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.MC9S08QE96 [QFN48]
Freescale Semic.S9S08AW48 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S301-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S316-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S601-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S613-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S628-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S811-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S818-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S300-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S315-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S600-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S612-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S618-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S808-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S817-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S310-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S328-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S610-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S617-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S801-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S815-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S308-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S317-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S608-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S615-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S800-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S812-C2 [QFN48]
Luminary MicroLM3S828-C2 [QFN48]
MicrochipAT91SAM7S32 [QFN48]
MicrochipAT91SAM7S16A [QFN48]
MicrochipAT91SAM7S16 [QFN48]
MicrochipAT91SAM7S32B [QFN48]
MicrochipAT91SAM7S32A [QFN48]
MotorolaMC9S08GT32 [QFN48]
MotorolaMC9S08GT16 [QFN48]
MotorolaMC9S08GT60 [QFN48]
NECuPD78F1813 [WQFN48]
NECuPD78F1815 [WQFN48]
NECuPD78F1817 [WQFN48]
NECuPD78F1828 [WQFN48]
NECuPD78F1812A [WQFN48]
NECuPD78F1814A [WQFN48]
NECuPD78F1816A [WQFN48]
NECuPD78F1827 [WQFN48]
NECuPD78F1812 [WQFN48]
NECuPD78F1814 [WQFN48]
NECuPD78F1816 [WQFN48]
NECuPD78F1826 [WQFN48]
NECuPD78F1830 [WQFN48]
NECuPD78F1813A [WQFN48]
NECuPD78F1815A [WQFN48]
NECuPD78F1817A [WQFN48]
NECuPD78F1829 [WQFN48]
RenesasuPD78F1813 [WQFN48]
RenesasuPD78F1815 [WQFN48]
RenesasuPD78F1817 [WQFN48]
RenesasuPD78F1828 [WQFN48]
RenesasuPD78F1812A [WQFN48]
RenesasuPD78F1814A [WQFN48]
RenesasuPD78F1816A [WQFN48]
RenesasuPD78F1827 [WQFN48]
RenesasuPD78F1812 [WQFN48]
RenesasuPD78F1814 [WQFN48]
RenesasuPD78F1816 [WQFN48]
RenesasuPD78F1826 [WQFN48]
RenesasuPD78F1830 [WQFN48]
RenesasuPD78F1813A [WQFN48]
RenesasuPD78F1815A [WQFN48]
RenesasuPD78F1817A [WQFN48]
RenesasuPD78F1829 [WQFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F501 [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F581 [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F705 [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F713 [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F500 [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F580 [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F704 [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F712 [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F505 [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F585 [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F707 [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F715 [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F504 [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F584 [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F706 [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F714 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S101-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S300-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S308-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S315-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S317-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S600-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S608-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S611-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S613-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S617-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S628-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S801-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S811-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S815-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S818-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S101 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S300 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S308 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S315 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S317 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S600 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S608 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S611 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S613 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S617 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S628 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S801 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S811 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S815 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S818 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S102-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S301-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S310-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S316-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S328-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S601-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S610-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S612-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S615-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S618-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S800-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S808-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S812-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S817-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S828-C2 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S102 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S301 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S310 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S316 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S328 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S601 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S610 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S612 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S615 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S618 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S800 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S808 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S812 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S817 [QFN48]
TI (TMS)LM3S828 [QFN48]
XilinxXC2C64A [QFG48](Jam)
XilinxXC2C64A [QFN48](SVF)
XilinxXC2C64A [QFG48]
XilinxXC2C64A [QFN48](Jam)
XilinxXC2C64A [QFN48]
XilinxXC2C64A as XC2C64 [QFN48]
XilinxXC2C64A [QFG48](SVF)
XilinxXC2C64A as XC2C64 [QFG48]
Total count of supported devices: 195