This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter/module cummulated for all Elnec programmers.

Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details, mainly in intent to verify, if this programming adapter/module is suitable for device programmer you have.

List of devices supported by AP3 QFP80-1.02 R5F-1 (PG4UW SW, version 3.84)

manufacturer device name
RenesasR5F100MJxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F101MGxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F101MLxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F104MJxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10BMExFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10BMGxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10PMFxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10PMHxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10WMCxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10WMGxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F110MHxFB [LFQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F111MGxFB [LFQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F11MMExFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR7F0C004M2DFB [LQFP80]
RenesasR5F100MHxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F101MFxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F101MKxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F104MHxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10BMECxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10BMGCxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10PMFCxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10PMHCxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10WMAxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10WMFxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F110MGxFB [LFQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F111MFxFB [LFQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F11MMDxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR7F0C003M2DFB [LQFP80]
RenesasR5F100MGxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F100MLxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F101MJxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F104MGxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F104MLxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10BMFxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10PMExFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10PMGxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10PMJxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10WMExFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F110MFxFB [LFQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F111MExFB [LFQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F111MJxFB [LFQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F11RMGxFB [LFQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F100MFxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F100MKxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F101MHxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F104MFxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F104MKxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10BMFCxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10PMECxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10PMGCxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10PMJCxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F10WMDxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F110MExFB [LFQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F110MJxFB [LFQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F111MHxFB [LFQFP80 12x12]
RenesasR5F11MMFxFB [LQFP80 12x12]
Total count of supported devices: 56