This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter / module cummulated for all Elnec programmers. Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details.

List of devices supported by DIL32/SOIC32 ZIF 300mil (PG4UW v3.68)
manufacturer device name
ABOV SemiconductorMC81F4316 [SOP32]
ABOV SemiconductorMC80F0808 [SOP32]
ABOV SemiconductorMC96F6432 [SOP32]
ABOV SemiconductorMC96F6332 [SOP32]
AtmelAT90PWM3B [SOIC32]
AtmelAT90PWM316 [SOIC32]
AtmelAT90PWM3 [SOIC32](SPI)
AtmelAT90PWM3 [SOIC32]
AtmelAT90PWM3B [SOIC32](SPI)
CypressCY14B101LA [SOIC32]
CypressSTK14C88-3 [SOIC32]
CypressCY14B101L [SOIC32]
CypressCY14E256LA [SOIC32]
CypressCY14E256L [SOIC32]
CypressSTK14D88 [SOIC32]
CypressCY14B256L [SOIC32]
CypressSTK14CA8 [SOIC32]
MicrochipAT90PWM316 [SOIC32]
MicrochipAT90PWM3 [SOIC32](SPI)
MicrochipAT90PWM3 [SOIC32]
MicrochipAT90PWM3B [SOIC32](SPI)
MicrochipAT90PWM3B [SOIC32]
SimtekSTK14CA8 [SOIC32]
SimtekSTK14C88-3 [SOIC32]
SimtekUL635H256 [SOIC32]
SimtekUL634H256 [SOIC32]
SimtekSTK14D88 [SOIC32]
ToshibaTMP86FH09AMG [SOP32]
ZilogZ51F3220 [SOP32]
ZMDUL635H256 [SOIC32]
ZMDUL634H256 [SOIC32]
Total count of supported devices: 31