list of devices supported by DIL48/LQFP100 ZIF HCS12-3 (PG4UW v3.52)
manufacturer device name
Freescale Semic.MC9S12G240 [LQFP100]
Freescale Semic.S9S12G128 [LQFP100]
Freescale Semic.S9S12GA192 [LQFP100]
Freescale Semic.MC9S12G192 [LQFP100]
Freescale Semic.MC9S12GA240 [LQFP100]
Freescale Semic.S9S12G96 [LQFP100]
Freescale Semic.MC9S12G128 [LQFP100]
Freescale Semic.MC9S12GA192 [LQFP100]
Freescale Semic.S9S12G240 [LQFP100]
Freescale Semic.MC9S12G96 [LQFP100]
Freescale Semic.S9S12G192 [LQFP100]
Freescale Semic.S9S12GA240 [LQFP100]
NXPMC9S12G240 [LQFP100]
NXPS9S12G128 [LQFP100]
NXPS9S12GA192 [LQFP100]
NXPMC9S12G192 [LQFP100]
NXPMC9S12GA240 [LQFP100]
NXPS9S12G96 [LQFP100]
NXPMC9S12G128 [LQFP100]
NXPMC9S12GA192 [LQFP100]
NXPS9S12G240 [LQFP100]
NXPMC9S12G96 [LQFP100]
NXPS9S12G192 [LQFP100]
NXPS9S12GA240 [LQFP100]
Total count of supported devices: 24