This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter / module cummulated for all Elnec programmers. Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details.

List of devices supported by DIL48/LQFP80-1 ZIF R5F-2 (PG4UW v3.60)
manufacturer device name
RenesasR5F100MHxFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F101MFxFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F101MKxFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F104MFGFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F104MHAFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F104MJDFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F104MLAFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F10WMCAFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F10WMEAFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F10WMGAFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F101MFDFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F101MHDFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F101MKDFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F100MGxFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F100MLxFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F101MJxFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F104MFDFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F104MGGFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F104MJAFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F104MKGFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F10WMAGFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F10WMDGFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F10WMFGFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F101MFAFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F101MHAFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F101MKAFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F100MFxFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F100MKxFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F101MHxFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F104MFAFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F104MGDFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F104MHGFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F104MKAFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F10WMAAFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F10WMDAFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F10WMFAFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F1ZLMKGFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F101MGDFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F101MJDFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F101MLDFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F100MJxFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F101MGxFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F101MLxFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F104MGAFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F104MHDFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F104MJGFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F104MLGFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F10WMCGFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F10WMEGFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F10WMGGFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F101MGAFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F101MJAFA [LQFP80 14x14]
RenesasR5F101MLAFA [LQFP80 14x14]
Total count of supported devices: 53