This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter / module cummulated for all Elnec programmers. Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details.

List of devices supported by DIL48/QFN20-2 ZIF-CS (PG4UW v3.67)
manufacturer device name
GMTG7327 [TQFN20]
MaximMAX9666 [TQFN20]
MaximZLF645x0Q2064 [QFN20]
MaximMAX9665 [TQFN20]
MaximZLF645x0Q2032 [QFN20]
MaximMAX6891 [QFN20]
MaximMAX9668 [QFN20]
MaximMAX9667 [TQFN20]
MicrochipPIC18LF14K50 [QFN20]
MicrochipPIC24F08KL201 [QFN20]
MicrochipPIC24F16KL401 [QFN20]
MicrochipPIC18LF13K50 [QFN20]
MicrochipPIC24F08KA101 [QFN20]
MicrochipPIC24F16KA101 [QFN20]
MicrochipPIC18F14K50 [QFN20]
MicrochipPIC24F04KL101 [QFN20]
MicrochipPIC24F08KL401 [QFN20]
MicrochipPIC18F13K50 [QFN20]
MicrochipPIC24F04KA201 [QFN20]
MicrochipPIC24F08KL301 [QFN20]
SunplusITSPCP866E2A [QFN20]
TI (TMS)BUF08630 [VQFN20]
ZilogZ8F0131 [QFN20]
ZilogZ8F0431 [QFN20]
ZilogZ8F083A [QFN20]
ZilogZLF645x0Q2064 [QFN20]
ZilogZ8F0130 [QFN20]
ZilogZ8F0430 [QFN20]
ZilogZ8F0831 [QFN20]
ZilogZLF645x0Q2032 [QFN20]
ZilogZ8F0231 [QFN20]
ZilogZ8F0830 [QFN20]
ZilogZ8F1233 [QFN20]
ZilogZ8F0230 [QFN20]
ZilogZ8F043A [QFN20]
ZilogZ8F1232 [QFN20]
Total count of supported devices: 36