This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter/module cummulated for all Elnec programmers.

Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details, mainly in intent to verify, if this programming adapter/module is suitable for device programmer you have.

List of devices supported by DIL48/QFN48-3 ZIF (PG4UW SW, version 3.85)

manufacturer device name
CypressCY8C20647 [QFN48]
CypressCY8C20667S [QFN48]
CypressCY8C20646A-xxLQ [QFN48]
CypressCY8C20667 [QFN48]
CypressCY8C20637 [QFN48]
CypressCY8C20666A-xxLQ [QFN48]
CypressCY8C20636A-xxLQ [QFN48]
CypressCY8C20647S [QFN48]
MicrochipPIC24F16KM204 [UQFN48]
MicrochipPIC16F19185 [UQFN48]
MicrochipPIC16LF19185 [UQFN48]
MicrochipPIC18F56K42 [UQFN48]
MicrochipPIC18F57Q43 [VQFN48 6x6]
MicrochipPIC18LF56K42 [UQFN48]
MicrochipPIC24F16KM104 [UQFN48]
MicrochipPIC16F15386 [UQFN48]
MicrochipPIC16LF15386 [UQFN48]
MicrochipPIC18F55Q43 [VQFN48 6x6]
MicrochipPIC18F57K42 [UQFN48]
MicrochipPIC18LF55K42 [UQFN48]
MicrochipPIC24F16KA304 [UQFN48]
MicrochipPIC16F15385 [UQFN48]
MicrochipPIC16LF15385 [UQFN48]
MicrochipPIC18F55K42 [UQFN48]
MicrochipPIC18F56Q83 [VQFN48 6x6]
MicrochipPIC18F57Q84 [VQFN48 6x6]
MicrochipPIC24F08KM204 [UQFN48]
MicrochipPIC24F32KA304 [UQFN48]
MicrochipPIC16F19186 [UQFN48]
MicrochipPIC16LF19186 [UQFN48]
MicrochipPIC18F56Q43 [VQFN48 6x6]
MicrochipPIC18F57Q83 [VQFN48 6x6]
MicrochipPIC18LF57K42 [UQFN48]
PhilipsLPC2103H [HVQFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F750B [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F970-A [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F765 [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F760 [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F755B [QFN48]
Silicon Laborat.C8051F973-A [QFN48]
Total count of supported devices: 41