list of devices supported by DIL48/QFP100-1.02 ZIF R5F-16 (PG4UW v3.55)
manufacturer device name
RenesasR5F52306AxFP [LFQFP100]
RenesasR5F52315BxFP [LFQFP100]
RenesasR5F52316BxFP [LFQFP100]
RenesasR5F52317BxFP [LFQFP100]
RenesasR5F52318BxFP [LFQFP100]
RenesasR5F52305AxFP [LFQFP100] Boot mode
RenesasR5F52315AxFP [LFQFP100] Boot mode
RenesasR5F52316AxFP [LFQFP100] Boot mode
RenesasR5F52317AxFP [LFQFP100] Boot mode
RenesasR5F52318AxFP [LFQFP100] Boot mode
RenesasR5F52305AxFP [LFQFP100]
RenesasR5F52315AxFP [LFQFP100]
RenesasR5F52316AxFP [LFQFP100]
RenesasR5F52317AxFP [LFQFP100]
RenesasR5F52318AxFP [LFQFP100]
RenesasR5F52306AxFP [LFQFP100] Boot mode
RenesasR5F52315BxFP [LFQFP100] Boot mode
RenesasR5F52316BxFP [LFQFP100] Boot mode
RenesasR5F52317BxFP [LFQFP100] Boot mode
RenesasR5F52318BxFP [LFQFP100] Boot mode
Total count of supported devices: 20