list of devices supported by DIL48/QFP100-2 ZIF NEC-11 (PG4UW v3.55)
manufacturer device name
NECuPD70F3738 [LQFP100 14x20]
NECuPD78F1163A [LQFP100 14x20]
NECuPD78F1165A [LQFP100 14x20]
NECuPD78F1167A [LQFP100 14x20]
NECuPD70F3737 [LQFP100 14x20]
NECuPD78F1163 [LQFP100 14x20]
NECuPD78F1165 [LQFP100 14x20]
NECuPD78F1167 [LQFP100 14x20]
NECuPD78F1162A [LQFP100 14x20]
NECuPD78F1164A [LQFP100 14x20]
NECuPD78F1166A [LQFP100 14x20]
NECuPD78F1168A [LQFP100 14x20]
NECuPD78F1162 [LQFP100 14x20]
NECuPD78F1164 [LQFP100 14x20]
NECuPD78F1166 [LQFP100 14x20]
NECuPD78F1168 [LQFP100 14x20]
RenesasuPD70F3738 [LQFP100 14x20]
RenesasuPD78F1163A [LQFP100 14x20]
RenesasuPD78F1165A [LQFP100 14x20]
RenesasuPD78F1167A [LQFP100 14x20]
RenesasuPD70F3737 [LQFP100 14x20]
RenesasuPD78F1163 [LQFP100 14x20]
RenesasuPD78F1165 [LQFP100 14x20]
RenesasuPD78F1167 [LQFP100 14x20]
RenesasuPD78F1162A [LQFP100 14x20]
RenesasuPD78F1164A [LQFP100 14x20]
RenesasuPD78F1166A [LQFP100 14x20]
RenesasuPD78F1168A [LQFP100 14x20]
RenesasuPD78F1162 [LQFP100 14x20]
RenesasuPD78F1164 [LQFP100 14x20]
RenesasuPD78F1166 [LQFP100 14x20]
RenesasuPD78F1168 [LQFP100 14x20]
Total count of supported devices: 32