This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter/module cummulated for all Elnec programmers.

Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details, mainly in intent to verify, if this programming adapter/module is suitable for device programmer you have.

List of devices supported by DIL48/QFP144-1 ZIF R5F-2 (PG4UW SW, version 3.73)

manufacturer device name
RenesasR5F52105BxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F52107BxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F5210ABxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F5630AxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F5630DxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F56316xxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F56318xxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F5631BxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F5631ExxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F5631GxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F5631KxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F5631YxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F563NBxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F563NExxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F563NKxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F563NYxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F52105BxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F52107BxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F5210ABxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F5630AxxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F5630DxxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F56316xxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F56318xxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F5631BxxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F5631ExxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F5631GxxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F5631KxxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F5631YxxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F563NBxxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F563NExxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F563NKxxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F563NYxxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F52106BxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F52108BxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F5210BBxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F5630BxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F5630ExxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F56317xxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F5631AxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F5631DxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F5631FxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F5631JxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F5631WxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F563NAxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F563NDxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F563NFxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F563NWxxFB [LQFP144] Boot mode
RenesasR5F52106BxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F52108BxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F5210BBxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F5630BxxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F5630ExxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F56317xxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F5631AxxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F5631DxxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F5631FxxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F5631JxxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F5631WxxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F563NAxxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F563NDxxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F563NFxxFB [LQFP144]
RenesasR5F563NWxxFB [LQFP144]
Total count of supported devices: 62