This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter / module cummulated for all Elnec programmers. Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details.

List of devices supported by DIL8/QFN8-1 ZIF-CS SFlash-1a (PG4UW v3.65)
manufacturer device name
Adesto Techn.AT25DQ161 [UDFN8] (Quad I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25SF161 [UDFN8] (Quad I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25XE041B [UDFN8 5x6]
Adesto Techn.AT25DF021 [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25DF081A [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25DL081 [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25XE021A [UDFN8 5x6]
Adesto Techn.AT25DF021A [UDFN8 5x6] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25DL081 [UDFN8] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25DQ161 [UDFN8] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25SF161 [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25XE021A [UDFN8 5x6] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25DF081 [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25DF641A [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25SL128A [UDFN8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25DF081A [UDFN8] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25DL161 [UDFN8] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25DQ321 [UDFN8] (Quad I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25SF321 [UDFN8] (Quad I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25DF041A [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25DF321A [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25DQ321 [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25DF041B [UDFN8 5x6] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25DQ321 [UDFN8] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25SF321 [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25XE041B [UDFN8 5x6] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25DF021A [UDFN8 5x6]
Adesto Techn.AT25DF161 [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25DQ161 [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25DF041B [UDFN8 5x6]
Adesto Techn.AT25DL161 [UDFN8]
AmicA25L020 [WSON8] (DualSPI)
AmicA25L512 [WSON8] (DualSPI)
AmicA25L016T [WSON8]
AmicA25L032 [WSON8]
AmicA25L080 [WSON8]
AmicA25L16P [QFN8]
AmicA25L20PU [QFN8]
AmicA25L42PT [QFN8]
AmicA25L80P [QFN8]
AmicA25LQ32A [WSON8]
AmicA25L016 [WSON8] (DualSPI)
AmicA25L080 [WSON8] (DualSPI)
AmicA25L016 [WSON8]
AmicA25L020C [WSON8]
AmicA25L05PT [QFN8]
AmicA25L10PU [QFN8]
AmicA25L20PT [QFN8]
AmicA25L40PU [QFN8]
AmicA25L512A [WSON8]
AmicA25LQ16 [WSON8]
AmicA25LS512A [WSON8]
AmicA25L010 [WSON8] (DualSPI)
AmicA25L040 [WSON8] (DualSPI)
AmicA25LQ64 [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
AmicA25L010A [WSON8]
AmicA25L020 [WSON8]
AmicA25L040A [WSON8]
AmicA25L10PT [QFN8]
AmicA25L16PU [QFN8]
AmicA25L40PT [QFN8]
AmicA25L512 [WSON8]
AmicA25L82PU [QFN8]
AmicA25LQ64 [WSON8]
AmicA25L032 [WSON8] (DualSPI)
AmicA25LQ16 [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
AmicA25L010 [WSON8]
AmicA25L016U [WSON8]
AmicA25L040 [WSON8]
AmicA25L080A [QFN8]
AmicA25L16PT [QFN8]
AmicA25L40P [QFN8]
AmicA25L42PU [QFN8]
AmicA25L82PT [QFN8]
AmicA25LQ32A [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
AtmelAT25DL081 [UDFN8] (Dual I/O)
AtmelAT25DQ161 [UDFN8] (Quad I/O)
AtmelAT25DF021 [UDFN8]
AtmelAT25DF161 [UDFN8]
AtmelAT25DQ161 [UDFN8]
AtmelAT25F4096 [SAP8]
AtmelAT25FS040 [SAP8]
AtmelAT26F004-M [MLF8]
AtmelAT25DF081A [UDFN8] (Dual I/O)
AtmelAT25DQ161 [UDFN8] (Dual I/O)
AtmelAT25DF081A [UDFN8]
AtmelAT25DL081 [UDFN8]
AtmelAT25F1024A [SAP8]
AtmelAT25FS010 [SAP8]
AtmelAT26DF161-M [MLF8]
AtmelAT25DL161 [UDFN8] (Dual I/O)
AtmelAT25DQ321 [UDFN8] (Quad I/O)
AtmelAT25DF081 [UDFN8]
AtmelAT25DF641A [UDFN8]
AtmelAT25F1024 [SAP8]
AtmelAT25F512A [SAP8]
AtmelAT26DF161A [MLF8]
AtmelAT25DL161 [UDFN8]
AtmelAT25DQ321 [UDFN8] (Dual I/O)
AtmelAT25DF041A [UDFN8]
AtmelAT25DF321A [UDFN8]
AtmelAT25DQ321 [UDFN8]
AtmelAT25F512 [SAP8]
AtmelAT26DF041 [MLF8]
Boya MicroBY25Q32BS [WSON8 6x5]
Boya MicroBY25Q128AS [WSON8 6x5]
Boya MicroBY25Q64AS [WSON8 6x5]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q128 [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q16A [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q32B [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q64 [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25QH128A [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25QH32A [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25QH64A [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S40A [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25B10T [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25B20T [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25B40T [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25D80 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25F20 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25F40A [VDFN8 5x6]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25LF10 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25P10 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25P40 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q16A [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q40 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q80B [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25QH64A [VDFN8 5x6]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S32 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S40T [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25T16A [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25F64 [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q16 [VDFN8] (QuadSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q32A [VDFN8] (QuadSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q40A [VDFN8] (QuadSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q80B [VDFN8] (QuadSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25QH32 [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25QH64 [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S40 [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25B10 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25B20 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25B40 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25D16 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25F16 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25F40 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25LF05 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25P05 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25P32 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q16 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q32B [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q80A [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25QH32A [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S20A [VDFN8 5x6]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S40A [VDFN8 5x6]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25T16 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25D80 [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q16 [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q32A [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q40 [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q80A [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25QH32 [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25QH64 [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S20A [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25B05T [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25B16T [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25B32T [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25B80T [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25F10 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25F32 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25F80 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25LF40 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25P20 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q128 [VDFN8 5x6]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q32A [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q64 [VDFN8 5x6]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25QH32 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S20 [VDFN8 5x6]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S40 [VDFN8 5x6]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25SF80 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25T80 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q128 [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q32 [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q32B [VDFN8] (QuadSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q64 [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25QH16 [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25QH32A [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S20 [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25B05 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25B16 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25B32 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25B80 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25F05 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25F20A [VDFN8 5x6]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25F64 [VDFN8 5x6]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25LF20 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25P16 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25P80 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q32 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q40A [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25QH16 [VDFN8 5x6]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S16 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S32T [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S80 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25T40 [VDFN8]
CypressS25FL032P [USON8]
CypressS25FL116K [WSON8 5x6]
CypressS25FL128LxxNxx01 [WSON8 5x6] (Quad I/O)
CypressS25FL164K [WSON8 5x6]
CypressS25FL064LxxNxx01 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
CypressS25FL128LxxNxx01 [WSON8 5x6]
CypressS25FL132KxxxxxQ1 [WSON8 5x6] (Quad I/O)
CypressS25FS128SxxNxx10 [WSON8]
CypressS25FL064LxxNxx01 [WSON8]
CypressS25FL127SxxNxx10 [WSON8 5x6]
CypressS25FL132K [WSON8 5x6] (Quad I/O)
CypressS25FL164KxxxxxQ1 [WSON8 5x6] (Quad I/O)
CypressS25FL032P [USON8] (Quad I/O)
CypressS25FL116K [WSON8 5x6] (Quad I/O)
CypressS25FL132K [WSON8 5x6]
CypressS25FL164K [WSON8 5x6] (Quad I/O)
CypressS25FL127SxxNxx10 [WSON8 5x6] (Quad I/O)
DosiliconDS25Q16M [WSON8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
DosiliconDS25Q4AM [WSON8 5x6]
DosiliconDS25M4BAxxxB4 [WSON8 6x5]
DosiliconFM25M64C [WSON8 6x5]
DosiliconDS25Q32M [WSON8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
DosiliconDS25Q64M [WSON8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
DosiliconDS25M4ABxxxB4 [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
DosiliconFM25M4AA [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
DosiliconDS25Q28M [WSON8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
DosiliconDS25Q64M [WSON8 5x6]
DosiliconDS25M4ABxxxB4 [WSON8 6x5]
DosiliconFM25M4AA [WSON8 6x5]
DosiliconDS25Q28M [WSON8 5x6]
DosiliconDS25Q4AM [WSON8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
DosiliconDS25M4BAxxxB4 [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
DosiliconFM25M64C [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q128 [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q16A [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q32B [VDFN8] (QuadSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q64 [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH16 [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH32A [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH64A [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S40A [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25T16 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25B10 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25B20 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25B40 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25D16 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25F10A [VDFN8 5x6]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25F32 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25F80 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25LF40 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25P20 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q128 [VDFN8 5x6]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q32A [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q64 [VDFN8 5x6]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH16 [VDFN8 5x6]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S16 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S32T [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S80 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25F64 [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q16 [VDFN8] (QuadSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q32B [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q64 [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH128A [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH32 [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH64 [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S40 [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S80B(2S) [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25T80 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25B05T [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25B16T [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25B32T [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25B80T [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25F10 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25F20A [VDFN8 5x6]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25F64 [VDFN8 5x6]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25LF20 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25P16 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25P80 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q32 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q40A [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH128A [VDFN8 5x6]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH64A [VDFN8 5x6]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S32 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S40T [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25SF80 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25D80 [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q16 [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q32A [VDFN8] (QuadSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q40A [VDFN8] (QuadSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q80B [VDFN8] (QuadSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH32 [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH64 [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S20A [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S64A(2SC) [VDFN8 5x6]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25T40 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25B05 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25B16 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25B32 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25B80 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25F05 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25F20 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25F40A [VDFN8 5x6]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25LF10 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25P10 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25P40 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q16A [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q40 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q80B [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH32A [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S20A [VDFN8 5x6]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S40A [VDFN8 5x6]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S80B [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q128 [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q32 [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q40 [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q80A [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH16 [VDFN8] (QuadSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH32A [VDFN8] (DualSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S20 [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S40A(2S) [VDFN8 5x6]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25T16A [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25B10T [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25B20T [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25B40T [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25D80 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25F16 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25F40 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25LF05 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25P05 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25P32 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q16 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q32B [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q80A [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH32 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S20 [VDFN8 5x6]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S40 [VDFN8 5x6]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S80A [VDFN8]
ESMTEN25F10A [VDFN8 5x6]
ESMTEN25QH128A(2TC) [VDFN8 5x6]
ESMTEN25S16B(2S) [VDFN8] (QuadSPI)
ESMTEN25S40A [VDFN8 5x6]
ESMTF25D04PA [WSON8 5x6] (DualSPI)
ESMTEN25QH64A(2YC) [VDFN8 5x6]
ESMTEN25QH128A [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
ESMTEN25QH64A(2YC) [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
ESMTF25D02PA [WSON8 5x6] (DualSPI)
ESMTF25L04PA(2D) [WSON8] (DualSPI)
ESMTF25D04PA [WSON8 5x6]
ESMTEN25QH128A [VDFN8 5x6]
ESMTEN25QH32A [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
ESMTEN25QH64A [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
ESMTEN25S20A [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
ESMTF25L32QA(2S) [WSON8] (DualSPI)
ESMTF25D02PA [WSON8 5x6]
ESMTEN25F20A [VDFN8 5x6]
ESMTEN25QH128A(2TC) [VDFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
ESMTEN25S20A [VDFN8 5x6]
ESMTEN25S40A [VDFN8 5x6] (DualSPI)
ESMTF25D64QA [WSON8 5x6] (DualSPI)
ESMTF25L02PA(2F) [WSON8] (DualSPI)
ESMTF25L16PA(2S) [WSON8] (DualSPI)
ESMTEN25S32A(2S) [VDFN8] (QuadSPI)
FidelixFM25M32B [WSON8 6x5]
FidelixFM25Q16B [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
FidelixFM25M08A [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
FidelixFM25M32A [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
FidelixFM25M64A [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
FidelixFM25Q16 [WSON8]
FidelixFM25Q32A [WSON8]
FidelixFM25Q16A [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
FidelixFM25M04A [WSON8]
FidelixFM25M16A [WSON8]
FidelixFM25M4AA [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
FidelixFM25Q08A [WSON8]
FidelixFM25Q32 [WSON8]
FidelixFM25S16A [WSON8]
FidelixFM25Q16 [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
FidelixFM25M04A [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
FidelixFM25M16A [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
FidelixFM25M4AA [WSON8 6x5]
FidelixFM25Q08 [WSON8]
FidelixFM25Q16B [WSON8]
FidelixFM25Q64A [WSON8]
FidelixFM25M32B [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
FidelixFM25M08A [WSON8]
FidelixFM25M32A [WSON8]
FidelixFM25M64A [WSON8]
FidelixFM25Q16A [WSON8]
FidelixFM25Q64 [WSON8]
Fudan Microelect.FM25Q08 [TDFN8]
Fudan Microelect.FM25Q32 [TDFN8]
Fudan Microelect.FM25Q16 [TDFN8]
Fudan Microelect.FM25Q32 (QuadSPI) [TDFN8]
Fudan Microelect.FM25Q08A [TDFN8]
GenitopGT31L24M1W [WSON8]
GenitopGT32L32M0 [WSON8]
GenitopGT32L24M01 [WSON8]
GenitopGT32G40 [WSON8]
GenitopGT32G16 [WSON8]
GenitopGT64G80 [WSON8]
ChingisPm25LD020C [WSON8] (DualSPI)
ChingisPm25LD512C [WSON8] (DualSPI)
ChingisPm25LD010C [WSON8]
ChingisPm25LD040C [WSON8]
ChingisPM25LQ032C [WSON8]
ChingisPm25LV010A [WSON8]
ChingisPm25LV080B [WSON8]
ChingisPM25WD040 [WSON8]
ChingisPm25LD020 [WSON8] (DualSPI)
ChingisPm25LD512 [WSON8] (DualSPI)
ChingisPM25LQ080C [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
ChingisPm25LD010 [WSON8]
ChingisPm25LD040 [WSON8]
ChingisPM25LQ016C [WSON8]
ChingisPm25LV010 [WSON8]
ChingisPm25LV040 [WSON8]
ChingisPM25WD020 [WSON8]
ChingisPm25LD010C [WSON8] (DualSPI)
ChingisPm25LD040C [WSON8] (DualSPI)
ChingisPM25LQ032C [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
ChingisPm25LD020C [WSON8]
ChingisPm25LD512C [WSON8]
ChingisPM25LQ080C [WSON8]
ChingisPm25LV020 [WSON8]
ChingisPm25LV512A [WSON8]
ChingisPm25LD010 [WSON8] (DualSPI)
ChingisPm25LD040 [WSON8] (DualSPI)
ChingisPM25LQ016C [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
ChingisPm25LD020 [WSON8]
ChingisPm25LD512 [WSON8]
ChingisPM25LQ040 [WSON8]
ChingisPm25LV016B [WSON8]
ChingisPm25LV512 [WSON8]
ISSIIS25LP032A-J [WSON8 6x5]
ISSIIS25LP064 [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LP128 [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LQ016 [WSON8 8x6] (QuadSPI)
ISSIIS25LQ032B [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LQ080B [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LP128 [WSON8 6x5]
ISSIIS25LQ016 [WSON8 8x6]
ISSIIS25LQ080B [WSON8 6x5]
ISSIIS25WP016D-J [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25WP064D-J [WSON8 6x5]
ISSIIS25WP064A-J [WSON8 6x5]
ISSIIS25LP016D-J [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LP032D-J [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LP080D-J [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LQ016 [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
ISSIIS25LQ025B [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
ISSIPM25LQ016 [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
ISSIIS25LP064A-J [WSON8 6x5]
ISSIIS25LQ016 [WSON8 6x5]
ISSIIS25WP016D-J [WSON8 6x5]
ISSIIS25WP064A-J [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25WP128F-J [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25CQ032 [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LP016D-J [WSON8 6x5]
ISSIIS25LP032D-J [WSON8 6x5]
ISSIIS25LP080D-J [WSON8 6x5]
ISSIIS25LQ010B [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LQ040B [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LQ512B [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25CQ032 [WSON8 6x5]
ISSIIS25LP064 [WSON8 6x5]
ISSIIS25LP128F-J [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LQ032B [WSON8 6x5]
ISSIIS25WP032D-J [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25WP128F-J [WSON8 6x5]
ISSIIS25LP032A-J [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LP064A-J [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LQ016B [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LP128F-J [WSON8 6x5]
ISSIIS25LQ016B [WSON8 6x5]
ISSIIS25WP032D-J [WSON8 6x5]
ISSIIS25WP064D-J [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25WP128-JK [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
Jeju SemiconductorEM25P64QA [WSON8]
KHICKH25L12835F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
KHICKH25L1633E [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
KHICKH25L3205D [WSON8] (DualSPI)
KHICKH25L3273E [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
KHICKH25U1639E [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
KHICKH25V1635F [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
KHICKH25V8035F [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
KHICKH25L6473E [WSON8 6x5]
KHICKH25U8035E [WSON8 6x5]
KHICKH25L1605D [WSON8] (DualSPI)
KHICKH25L2006E [WSON8] (Dual O)
KHICKH25L3239E [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
KHICKH25U1635F [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
KHICKH25L3273E [WSON8 6x5]
KHICKH25L12873F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
KHICKH25L1673E [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
KHICKH25L3208E [WSON8 6x5] (Dual O)
KHICKH25L8036D [WSON8] (DualSPI)
KHICKH25U8035E [WSON8 6x5] (Dual I/O)
KHICKH25V4035F [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
KHICKH25L3239E [WSON8 6x5]
KHICKH25U12839F [WSON8 6x5]
KHICKH25L12839F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
KHICKH25L1633E [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
KHICKH25L3206E [WSON8] (Dual O)
KHICKH25L6473E [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
KHICKH25U1639E [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
KHICKH25L1673E [WSON8 6x5]
KHICKH25L3208E [WSON8 6x5]
KHICKH25U3239E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25R4035FxxxL0 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R8035FxxxH1 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25U1631F [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MacronixMX25U25645G [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25U4035 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25U6473F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25V1635F [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25V3233F [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25V4035 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25V8006E [WSON8] (Dual O)
MacronixKH25L1605D [WSON8] (DualSPI)
MacronixKH25L2006E [WSON8] (Dual O)
MacronixKH25L3239E [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixKH25U1635F [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MacronixKH25V1635F [WSON8]
MacronixKH25V8035F [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L12839F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L12850F [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L12875F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L1633E [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MacronixMX25L1636D [WSON8] (DualSPI)
MacronixMX25L25645G [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25L3206E [WSON8] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25L3235D [WSON8] (DualSPI)
MacronixMX25L3239E [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L6406E [WSON8 6x5] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25L6473F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R1635FxxxH1 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25R1635FxxxH3 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25R2035FxxxH1 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25R3235FxxxL0 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixKH25L2006E [WSON8]
MacronixKH25L3239E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixKH25U12839F [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixKH25U4033E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L1605D [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L1635D [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L2005 [SON8]
MacronixMX25L2025 [SON8]
MacronixMX25L3208E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25L3237D [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L4005 [SON8]
MacronixMX25L4005C [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L6406E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25L6473F [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25L8006E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25R2035FxxxL0 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25R4035FxxxL0 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25R8035FxxxL0 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25U1635E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25U25645G [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25U4032E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25U6433F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25U8033E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25V4005C [WSON8]
MacronixMX25V8005 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25R4035FxxxH1 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R8035FxxxH0 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25U1631F [WSON8]
MacronixMX25U2032E [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MacronixMX25U4035 [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MacronixMX25U6473F [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25V1635F [WSON8]
MacronixMX25V2035F [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25V4035 [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MacronixMX25V6433F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25V8035F [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixKH25L12873F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixKH25L1673E [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixKH25L3208E [WSON8 6x5] (Dual O)
MacronixKH25L8036D [WSON8] (DualSPI)
MacronixKH25U8035E [WSON8 6x5] (Dual I/O)
MacronixKH25V4035F [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L12835F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L12850F [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L12873Gxxx-08 [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L1608D [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MacronixMX25L1635D [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
MacronixMX25L2006E [WSON8] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25L3205D [WSON8] (DualSPI)
MacronixMX25L3233F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L3237D [WSON8] (DualSPI)
MacronixMX25L4006E [WSON8] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25L6473E [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R1635FxxxH0 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R1635FxxxH2 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R2035FxxxH0 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R3235FxxxH0 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixKH25L1673E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixKH25L3208E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixKH25L8036D [WSON8]
MacronixKH25U3239E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25L1005 [SON8]
MacronixMX25L1633E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L1675E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25L2006E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L3208D [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L3235E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25L3275E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25L4005A [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L512 [SON8]
MacronixMX25L6473E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25L8005 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25R2035FxxxH0 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25R4035FxxxH0 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25R8035FxxxH0 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25U12835F [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25U2033E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25U3235F [WSON8]
MacronixMX25U6432F [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25U8032E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25V4005 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25V6433F [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX77L12850F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O) (woRPMC)
MacronixMX25R6435FxxxL0 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R8035FxxxL0 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25U1635F [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MacronixMX25U4032E [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MacronixMX25U6435E [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MacronixMX25U8035E [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MacronixMX25V2035F [WSON8]
MacronixMX25V4006E [WSON8] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25V4035F [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25V8035F [WSON8]
MacronixKH25L12839F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixKH25L1633E [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixKH25L3206E [WSON8] (Dual O)
MacronixKH25L6473E [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixKH25U1639E [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixKH25V4035F [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L12833F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L12845G [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L12873F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L1606E [WSON8] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25L1635D [WSON8] (DualSPI)
MacronixMX25L1675E [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L25673G [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L3208E [WSON8 6x5] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25L3235E [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L3275E [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L6435E [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L8006E [WSON8] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25R1635FxxxH2 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25R1635FxxxL0 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R2035FxxxL0 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R4035FxxxH1 [WSON8]
MacronixKH25L1633E [WSON8]
MacronixKH25L3206E [WSON8]
MacronixKH25L6473E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixKH25U1639E [WSON8]
MacronixKH25U8035E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25L1608D [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L1673E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25L2005C [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L3206E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L3235D [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L3273E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25L4005A [SON8]
MacronixMX25L4025A [SON8]
MacronixMX25L6435E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25L8005 [SON8]
MacronixMX25R1635FxxxL0 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25R3235FxxxL0 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25R6435FxxxL0 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25U12833F [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25U2032E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25U3235E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25U4035 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25U6435F [WSON8]
MacronixMX25V2006E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25V4035 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25V8035 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25R6435FxxxH0 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R8035FxxxH1 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25U1635E [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MacronixMX25U3235E [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MacronixMX25U6433F [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25U8032E [WSON8 6x5] (Dual I/O)
MacronixMX25V2006E [WSON8] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25V3233F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25V4035F [WSON8]
MacronixMX25V8035 [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MacronixKH25L12835F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixKH25L1633E [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MacronixKH25L3205D [WSON8] (DualSPI)
MacronixKH25L3273E [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixKH25U1639E [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MacronixKH25V1635F [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixKH25V8035F [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L12845G [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25L12872F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L1605D [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MacronixMX25L1633E [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L1673E [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L25645G [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L3208D [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MacronixMX25L3235D [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
MacronixMX25L3273E [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L6433F [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L6475E [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R1635FxxxH1 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R1635FxxxH3 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R2035FxxxH1 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R4035FxxxH0 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
MacronixKH25L1605D [WSON8]
MacronixKH25L3205D [WSON8]
MacronixKH25L3273E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixKH25U1635F [WSON8]
MacronixKH25U6439F [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L1606E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L1636D [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L2005 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L3205D [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L3233F [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25L3239E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25L4005 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L4006E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L6433F [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25L6475E [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25R1635FxxxH0 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25R3235FxxxH0 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25R6435FxxxH0 [WSON8]
MacronixMX25U12832F [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25U1635F [WSON8]
MacronixMX25U3232F [WSON8 6x5]
MacronixMX25U4033E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25U6435E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25U8035E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25V4006E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25V8006E [WSON8]
MicrochipSST26VF016B [WDFN8] (QuadSPI)
MicrochipSST26VF064B [WDFN8]
MicrochipSST26WF040B [WDFN8]
MicrochipSST25PF040C [WSON8]
MicrochipSST26VF032BA [WDFN8]
MicrochipSST26WF016BA [WDFN8]
MicrochipSST26WF080BA [WDFN8]
MicrochipSST26VF080A [WDFN8] (QuadSPI)
MicrochipSST26VF032B [WDFN8]
MicrochipSST26WF016B [WDFN8]
MicrochipSST26WF080B [WDFN8]
MicrochipSST26VF040A [WDFN8] (QuadSPI)
MicrochipSST26VF016BA [WDFN8] (QuadSPI)
MicrochipSST26VF064BA [WDFN8]
MicrochipSST26WF040BA [WDFN8]
MicrochipSST26VF020A [WDFN8] (QuadSPI)
Microchip (SST)SST25LF020A [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST25VF010A [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST25VF020B [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST25VF512 [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST26VF016 [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST25PF080B [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST25VF020A [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST25VF080B [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST25WF040 [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST25PF040B [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST25VF020 [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST25VF040B [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST25WF020 [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST26WF032 [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST25PF020B [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST25VF016B [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST25VF032B [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST25VF512A [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST26VF032 [WSON8]
MicronM25PX16-V [VFQFPN8] (Dual I/O)
MicronMT25QU256ABA1E [DFN8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MicronN25Q064A13E [DFN8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MicronN25Q128A43E [V-PDFN8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MicronM25P10-AV [VFQFPN8]
MicronM25P40-V [DFN8]
MicronM25PE16-V [VFQFPN8]
MicronM25PE80-V (T9HX Process) [VFQFPN8]
MicronMT25QL128ABA1E [DFN8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MicronN25Q064A11E [DFN8 6x5]
MicronN25Q128A21E [DFN8 6x5]
MicronN25Q128A41E [DFN8 6x5]
MicronMT25QU128ABA1E [DFN8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MicronN25Q032A13E [DFN8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MicronN25Q128A33E [V-PDFN8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MicronM25P05-AV [VFQFPN8]
MicronM25P32-V [VFQFPN8]
MicronM25PE10-V (T9HX Process) [VFQFPN8]
MicronM25PE80-V (T9HX Process) [QFN8L]
MicronM25PX80-V [VFQFPN8]
MicronN25Q032A13E [DFN8 6x5]
MicronN25Q128A13E [V-PDFN8 6x5]
MicronN25Q128A33E [V-PDFN8 6x5]
MicronM25PX80-V [VFQFPN8] (Dual I/O)
MicronN25Q016A11E [DFN8 6x5]
MicronN25Q128A23E [V-PDFN8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MicronM25P20-V [VFQFPN8]
MicronM25P80-V [VFDFPN8]
MicronM25PE40-V (T9HX Process) [VFQFPN8]
MicronM25PX32-V [VFQFPN8]
MicronN25Q032A11E [DFN8 6x5]
MicronN25Q128A11E [DFN8 6x5]
MicronN25Q128A31E [DFN8 6x5]
MicronN25W128A11E [VDFPN8 6x5]
MicronM25PX32-V [VFQFPN8] (Dual I/O)
MicronN25Q008A11E [DFN8 6x5]
MicronN25Q128A13E [V-PDFN8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MicronM25P16-V [VFDFPN8]
MicronM25P40-V [VFDFPN8]
MicronM25PE20-V (T9HX Process) [VFQFPN8]
MicronM25PX16-V [VFQFPN8]
MicronMT25QL256ABA1E [DFN8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
MicronN25Q064A13E [DFN8 6x5]
MicronN25Q128A23E [V-PDFN8 6x5]
MicronN25Q128A43E [V-PDFN8 6x5]
Nantronics Semic.N25S32 [WSON8]
Nantronics Semic.N25S80 [WSON8] (Dual O)
Nantronics Semic.N25S16 [WSON8]
Nantronics Semic.N25S32 [WSON8] (Dual O)
Nantronics Semic.N25S16 [WSON8] (Dual O)
Nantronics Semic.N25S80 [WSON8]
NexflashNX25P80 [MLP8]
NumonyxM25PX16-V [VFQFPN8] (DualSPI)
NumonyxN25Q064Ax3E [VDFPN8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
NumonyxM25P10-AV [VFQFPN8]
NumonyxM25P32-V [VFQFPN8]
NumonyxM25PE10-V (T9HX Process) [MLP8]
NumonyxM25PE80-V (T9HX Process) [MLP8]
NumonyxM25PX80-V [VFQFPN8]
NumonyxN25Q064Ax3E [VDFPN8 6x5]
NumonyxN25Q032Ax3E [VDFPN8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
NumonyxM25P05-AV [VFQFPN8]
NumonyxM25P20-V [VFQFPN8]
NumonyxM25P80-V [VFQFPN8]
NumonyxM25PE40-V (T9HX Process) [MLP8]
NumonyxM25PX32-V [VFQFPN8]
NumonyxN25Q064Ax1E [VDFPN8 6x5]
NumonyxM25PX80-V [VFQFPN8] (DualSPI)
NumonyxM25P20-V [QFN8L]
NumonyxM25P40-V [VFQFPN8]
NumonyxM25PE20-V (T9HX Process) [MLP8]
NumonyxM25PX16-V [VFQFPN8]
NumonyxN25Q032Ax3E [VDFPN8 6x5]
NumonyxM25PX32-V [VFQFPN8] (DualSPI)
NumonyxM25P16-V [VFQFPN8]
NumonyxM25P40-V [DFN8]
NumonyxM25PE16-V [VFQFPN8]
NumonyxM25PE80-V (T9HX Process) [QFN8L]
NumonyxN25Q032Ax1E [VDFPN8 6x5]
ON SemiconductorLE25U40C [VSON8 6x5] (Dual I/O)
ON SemiconductorLE25U40C [VSON8 6x5]
ParagonPN25F64B [WSON8 5x6]
PMCPm25LV010 [WSON8]
PMCPm25LV512 [WSON8]
PMCPm25LV040 [WSON8]
PMCPm25LV020 [WSON8]
SaifunSA25F010 [MLF8]
SaifunSA25F160 [MLF8]
SaifunSA25F005 [MLF8]
SaifunSA25F080 [MLF8]
SaifunSA25F040 [MLF8]
SaifunSA25F020 [MLF8]
SanyoLE25FU426A [VSON8]
SanyoLE25FU406C [VSON8 6x5]
SanyoLE25U40C [VSON8 6x5] (Dual I/O)
SanyoLE25FU406B [VSON8]
SanyoLE25FU406C [VSON8 6x5] (Dual I/O)
SanyoLE25FS406 [VSON8N]
SanyoLE25U40C [VSON8 6x5]
SpansionS25FL064LxxNxx01 [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL128LxxNxx01 [WSON8 5x6]
SpansionS25FL164K [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
SpansionS25FL004A [USON8]
SpansionS25FL040AxxNxx00 [USON8]
SpansionS25FL127SxxNxx10 [USON8] (QuadSPI)
SpansionS25FL032P [USON8] (QuadSPI)
SpansionS25FL127SxxNxx10 [USON8]
SpansionS25FL132KxxxxxQ1 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
SpansionS25FL002D [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL032P [USON8]
SpansionS25FL116K [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL116K [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
SpansionS25FL132K [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
SpansionS25FS128SxxNxx10 [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL001D [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL008A [USON8]
SpansionS25FL040AxxNxx02 [USON8]
SpansionS25FL164K [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL064LxxNxx01 [WSON8] (Quad I/O)
SpansionS25FL128LxxNxx01 [WSON8 5x6] (Quad I/O)
SpansionS25FL164KxxxxxQ1 [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
SpansionS25FL004D [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL040AxxNxx01 [USON8]
SpansionS25FL132K [WSON8]
STMicroelectronicsM25PX32-V [VFQFPN8] (DualSPI)
STMicroelectronicsM25P05-AV [MLP8]
STMicroelectronicsM25P32-V [VFQFPN8]
STMicroelectronicsM25PE10-V (T9HX Process) [MLP8]
STMicroelectronicsM25PE40-V (T7X Process) [MLP8]
STMicroelectronicsM25PE80-V (T9HX Process) [QFN8L]
STMicroelectronicsM25P20-V [MLP8]
STMicroelectronicsM25PE10-V (T7X Process) [MLP8]
STMicroelectronicsM25PE20-V (T9HX Process) [MLP8]
STMicroelectronicsM25PE80-V (T9HX Process) [MLP8]
STMicroelectronicsM25P16-V [VFQFPN8]
STMicroelectronicsM25P80-V [MLP8]
STMicroelectronicsM25PE20-V (T7X Process) [MLP8]
STMicroelectronicsM25PE80-V (T7X Process) [MLP8]
STMicroelectronicsM25PX32-V [VFQFPN8]
STMicroelectronicsM25P10-AV [MLP8]
STMicroelectronicsM25P40-V [MLP8]
STMicroelectronicsM25PE16-V [MLP8]
STMicroelectronicsM25PE40-V (T9HX Process) [MLP8]
STMicroelectronicsM25PF32-V [VFQFPN8]
WinbondW25Q128FWxxQ [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q128JWxxQ [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q16CL [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q16DV [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q16JLxxxG [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q16V [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q256JWxxQ [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q32BW [WSON8 6x5] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25Q32FVxxxQ [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q32JVxxxQ [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q40BL [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q40BV(dc>=1023) [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q64DW [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q64FWxxxG [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q64JVxxxQ [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q80BW [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25Q80V [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25X10BV [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X16AV [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X20BL [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X20V [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X40AV [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X40CV [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25D20V [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q05CV [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q10EW (dc>=1124) [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q128FWxxQ [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q128JWxxM-DTR [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q16CV(dc>=1023) [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q16JWxxxQ [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q20CL [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q32BV (dc>=1023) [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q32FW [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q40BV(dc<1023) [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q40EW [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q64FWxxxG [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q64JWxxxM-DTR [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q80BV [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q80EWxxxG [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25X10AL [WSON8]
WinbondW25X10BV [WSON8]
WinbondW25X16AL [WSON8]
WinbondW25X20AL [WSON8]
WinbondW25X20CL [WSON8]
WinbondW25X21CL [WSON8]
WinbondW25X40AV [WSON8]
WinbondW25X40CV [WSON8]
WinbondW25X80AV [WSON8]
WinbondW45B512Z [SON8]
WinbondW25Q128FWxxG [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q128JVxxQ [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q16BV [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q16CVxxxP [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q16FWxxxQ [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q16V [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25Q256JWxxM-DTR [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q32BV (dc>=1023) [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q32FV [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q32JVxxxQ [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q40BL [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25Q40BV(dc>=1023) [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25Q64CVxxxP [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q64FV [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q64JVxxxM-DTR [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q80BV [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q80V [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X10BL [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X16AL [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X20AV [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X20CV [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X32BV [WSON8 6x5] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X40CL [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25D10V [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q05CL [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q10EW (dc<1124) [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q128FWxxG [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q128JWxxM-DTR [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q16CV(dc<1023) [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q16DW [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q20BW [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q32BV (dc<1023) [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q32FV [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q40BL [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q40EW (SFDP) [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q64FV [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q64JWxxxM-DTR [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q80BL [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q80DW [WSON8]
WinbondW25X05CL [WSON8]
WinbondW25X10BL [WSON8]
WinbondW25X10V [WSON8]
WinbondW25X16V [WSON8]
WinbondW25X20BV [WSON8]
WinbondW25X20V [WSON8]
WinbondW25X40AL [WSON8]
WinbondW25X40CL [WSON8]
WinbondW25X80AL [WSON8]
WinbondW25X80V [WSON8]
WinbondW45B012Z [SON8]
WinbondW25Q128FWxxF [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q128JVxxM-DTR [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q16BV [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25Q16CV(dc>=1023) [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q16FWxxxG [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q16JVxxxQ [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q256JVxxQ [WFLGA8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q32BV (dc<1023) [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q32DW [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q32JVxxxM-DTR [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q32V [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q40BV(dc<1023) [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q64CV [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q64DW [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q64JVxxxM-DTR [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q80BL [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q80JVxxxQ [USON8 5x6]
WinbondW25X05CL [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X10V [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X16V [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X20CL [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X32AV [WSON8 6x5] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X40BV [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25D80V [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q10CV [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q128FWxxF [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q128JWxxM [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q16CL [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q16DV [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q16V [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q20EW [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q32DW [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q32V [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q40BW [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q64CVxxxP [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q64JWxxxM [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q64JWxxxQ [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q80DV [WSON8]
WinbondW25R64FV [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25X10AV [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X10L [WSON8]
WinbondW25X16BV [WSON8]
WinbondW25X20BL [WSON8]
WinbondW25X20L [WSON8]
WinbondW25X32BV [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25X40BV [WSON8]
WinbondW25X40V [WSON8]
WinbondW25X80L [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q128FV [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q128JVxxM-DTR [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q128JWxxQ [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q16CV(dc<1023) [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q16DW [WSON8 6x5] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25Q16JVxxxM-DTR [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q20BW [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25Q256JWxxQ [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q32DW [WSON8 6x5] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25Q32JVxxxM-DTR [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q32V [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25Q40BV(dc<1023) [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25Q40BW [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25Q64DW [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25Q64FWxxxQ [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q64JVxxxQ [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q80DL [WSON8]
WinbondW25R64FV [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25X10CL [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X16BV [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X20BV [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X21CL [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X40BL [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25X40V [WSON8] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25D40V [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q10CL [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q128FV [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q128JWxxM [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q16BV [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q16CVxxxP [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q16JWxxxQ [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q20CV [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q32BW [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q32JWxxxQ [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q40BV(dc>=1023) [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q64CV [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q64JWxxxM [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q64JWxxxQ [WSON8 6x5]
WinbondW25Q80BW [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q80V [WSON8]
WinbondW25X10AV [WSON8]
WinbondW25X10CL [WSON8]
WinbondW25X16AV [WSON8]
WinbondW25X20AV [WSON8]
WinbondW25X20CV [WSON8]
WinbondW25X32AV [WSON8]
WinbondW25X40BL [WSON8]
WinbondW25X40L [WSON8]
WinbondW25X80BV [WSON8]
Zbit SemiconductorZB25VQ32 [WSON8 6x5]
HeYangTekHY25Q128UAxA [WSON8 6x5]
Douqi TechnologyDQ25Q128AL [WSON8 6x5]
Douqi TechnologyDQ25Q128AL [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
XTXPN25F64B [WSON8 5x6]
XMCXM25RH128CWxQxxxS [WSON8 5x6]
XMCXM25QU64A [DFN8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
XMCXM25RU128CWxQxxxS [WSON8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
XMCXM25QU64A [DFN8 5x6]
XMCXM25RU128CWxQxxxS [WSON8 5x6]
XMCXM25QH16B [DFN8 5x6]
XMCXM25RH128CWxQxxxS [WSON8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q32H [WSON8 6x5]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q64L [WSON8 6x5]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q16H [WSON8 6x5]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q05L [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q10L [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q20L [WSON8 6x5]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q40L [WSON8 6x5]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q64L [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q80L [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q128H [WSON8 6x5]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q64H [WSON8 6x5]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q40H [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q05L [WSON8 6x5]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q10L [WSON8 6x5]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q20H [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q32L [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q64H [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q80L [WSON8 6x5]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q40U [WSON8 6x5]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q40H [WSON8 6x5]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q05H [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q10H [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q20H [WSON8 6x5]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q32H [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q40U [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q80H [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25R40U [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q32L [WSON8 6x5]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q16H [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q05H [WSON8 6x5]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q10H [WSON8 6x5]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q128H [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q20L [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q40L [WSON8 6x5] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q80H [WSON8 6x5]
Puya SemiconductorP25R40U [WSON8 6x5]
HuahongBH25Q32BS [WSON8 5x6]
HuahongBH25D16A [WSON8 5x6]
GigaDeviceGD25B32B [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25LB128D [WSON8 5x6]
GigaDeviceGD25Q127C [WSON8 5x6]
GigaDeviceGD25Q32C [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25Q64C [WSON8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25B32B [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ128C [WSON8 5x6]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ256D [WSON8 5x6]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ64B [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25LR64E [WSON8 5x6]
GigaDeviceGD25Q128C [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25Q32C [WSON8 5x6]
GigaDeviceGD25Q64C [WSON8 5x6]
GigaDeviceGD25B16B [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25LB128C [WSON8 8x6]
GigaDeviceGD25Q10 [WSON8] (DualSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25Q32B (QuadSPI) [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25Q64B (QuadSPI) [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25B16B [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25LB32E [WSON8 5x6]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ256C [WSON8 5x6]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ40 [WSON8 5x6]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ80 [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25Q128B [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25Q32B [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25Q64B [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25B127D [WSON8 5x6]
GigaDeviceGD25E64B (QuadSPI) [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ128D [WSON8 5x6]
GigaDeviceGD25Q20 [WSON8] (DualSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25Q512 [WSON8] (DualSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25B128C [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25E64B [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ255E [WSON8 5x6]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ32 [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25LQ64C [WSON8 5x6]
GigaDeviceGD25Q127C [WSON8 5x6] (QuadSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25Q20 [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25Q512 [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25B64B [WSON8 6x5] (QuadSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25LB64C [WSON8 5x6]
GigaDeviceGD25Q16C [WSON8 5x6]
GigaDeviceGD25Q40 [WSON8] (DualSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25B64B [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ16 [WSON8 5x6]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ32 [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ64B [WSON8] (QuadSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25Q10 [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25Q16B [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25Q40 [WSON8]
GigaDeviceGD25Q80C [WSON8 6x5]
Total count of supported devices: 1330