This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter/module cummulated for all Elnec programmers.

Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details, mainly in intent to verify, if this programming adapter/module is suitable for device programmer you have.

List of devices supported by DIL8/QFN8-4 ZIF SFlash-1 (PG4UW SW, version 3.91)

manufacturer device name
Adesto Techn.AT25SF081 [UDFN8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25XE041B [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25DF011 [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25DF256 [UDFN8] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25DN011 [UDFN8] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25DN512C [UDFN8] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25SF041B [UDFN8 2x3]
Adesto Techn.AT25SF081B [UDFN8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25XE081D [UDFN8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25XV041B [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25DF041B [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25XE041B [UDFN8 2x3]
Adesto Techn.AT25BCM512B [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25DF256 [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25DN011 [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25DN512C [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25FF081A [UDFN8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25SF081B [UDFN8 2x3]
Adesto Techn.AT25XE041D [UDFN8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25XV041B [UDFN8 2x3]
Adesto Techn.AT25DF041B [UDFN8 2x3]
Adesto Techn.AT25XE021A [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25XE512C [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25DF021A [UDFN8 2x3]
Adesto Techn.AT25DF512C [UDFN8] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25DN256 [UDFN8] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25FF041A [UDFN8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25SF081 [UDFN8 2x3]
Adesto Techn.AT25XE021A [UDFN8 2x3]
Adesto Techn.AT25XV021A [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25DF021A [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25XE011 [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25XE512C [UDFN8 2x3]
Adesto Techn.AT25DF011 [UDFN8] (Dual I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25DF512C [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25DN256 [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25F512B [UDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT25SF041B [UDFN8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Adesto Techn.AT25XE011 [UDFN8 2x3]
Adesto Techn.AT25XV021A [UDFN8 2x3]
AmicA25L020B [USON8]
AmicA25L512A [USON8]
AmicA25L020 [USON8]
AmicA25L512 [USON8]
AmicA25L010A [USON8]
AmicA25L040A [USON8]
AmicA25L010 [USON8]
AmicA25L020C [USON8]
AmicA25LS512A [USON8]
AtmelAT25F512B [UDFN8]
AtmelAT25BCM512B [UDFN8]
Boya MicroBY25D40A [USON8]
Boya MicroBY25Q20A [USON8]
Boya MicroBY25D16A [USON8]
Boya MicroBY25D80A [USON8]
Boya MicroBY25Q40AL [USON8 2x3]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q40 [USON8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S10 [USON8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S20 [USON8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S40 [VDFN8 2x3]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25F40A [USON8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q80B [USON8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S10A [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S40 [USON8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25F20A [USON8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q40A(2C) [USON8 2x3]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S10A [USON8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S20A [USON8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25SA10 [USON8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q40A [USON8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S10 [VDFN8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S20 [VDFN8 2x3]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S40A [USON8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25F20A [USON8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q40A(2C) [USON8 2x3]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S10A [USON8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S20A [USON8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25SA10 [USON8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25F10A [USON8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q40A [USON8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S10 [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S20 [VDFN8 2x3]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S40A [USON8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q40 [USON8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S10 [USON8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S20 [USON8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S40 [VDFN8 2x3]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25F40A [USON8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q80B [USON8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S10A [VDFN8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S40 [USON8]
ESMTEN25Q40A(2C) [USON8 2x3]
FidelixFM25M04A [USON8]
FidelixFM25M04A [USON8] (Quad I/O)
Fudan Microelect.FM25F02 [TDFN8]
Fudan Microelect.FM25Q04 [TDFN8]
Fudan Microelect.FM25F01 [TDFN8]
Fudan Microelect.FM25F04A [TDFN8]
Fudan Microelect.FM25F005 [TDFN8]
Fudan Microelect.FM25F04 [TDFN8]
Fudan Microelect.FM25F02A [TDFN8]
Fudan Microelect.FM25W04 [USON8]
ChingisPm25LD512C [USON8]
ISSIIS25LQ025B [USON8] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25WP016D-J [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25WP016-J [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LP020E-J [USON8 2x3]
ISSIIS25LP080D-J [USON8 2x3]
ISSIIS25WP020E-J [USON8 2x3]
ISSIIS25WP040E-J [USON8 2x3]
ISSIIS25WP080E-J [USON8 2x3]
ISSIIS25LP016D-JU [USON8] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LQ020B [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25WP016D-J [USON8 2x3]
ISSIIS25WP016-J [USON8 2x3]
ISSIIS25LP010E-J [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LP040E-J [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25WP040D-JU [USON8] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25WP080D-J [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LQ020B [USON8 2x3]
ISSIIS25LQ512B [USON8] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LP010E-J [USON8 2x3]
ISSIIS25LP040E-J [USON8 2x3]
ISSIIS25WP080D-J [USON8 2x3]
ISSIIS25LQ010B [USON8] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LQ040B [USON8] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LP020E-J [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25LP080D-J [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25WP020E-J [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25WP040E-J [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25WP080E-J [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
KHICKH25V8035F [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
KHICKH25L1021E [USON8 2x3]
KHICKH25V8035F [USON8 2x3]
KHICKH25L1006E [USON8] (Dual O)
KHICKH25V4035F [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
KHICKH25L2006E [USON8] (Dual O)
KHICKH25V4035F [USON8 2x3]
KHICKH25L512E [USON8] (Dual O)
MacronixKH25L1006E [USON8] (Dual O)
MacronixKH25L5121E [USON8]
MacronixMX25L1005 [USON8]
MacronixMX25L2006E [USON8] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25L512C [USON8]
MacronixMX25R1035FxxxH1 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25R1635FxxxH0 [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R1635FxxxL0 [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R4035FxxxH0 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25R512FxxxH0 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25R8035FxxxL0 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25U1633F [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25V2006E [USON8]
MacronixMX25V2035F [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25V4006E [USON8]
MacronixMX25V512C [USON8]
MacronixMX25V8033F [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixKH25V8035F [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L512E [USON8] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25R2035FxxxH1 [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R512FxxxH1 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25R8035FxxxH1 [UDFN8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25U8035F [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25V1006F [USON8] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25V1635F [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25V512F [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25V8035F [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixKH25L1006E [USON8]
MacronixKH25L2006E [USON8] (Dual O)
MacronixKH25U5121E [USON8]
MacronixMX25L2006E [USON8]
MacronixMX25L5121E [USON8]
MacronixMX25R1035FxxxH0 [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R1635FxxxH0 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25R1635FxxxL0 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25R2035FxxxL0 [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R4035FxxxL0 [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R8035FxxxH0 [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25U1632F [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25V1006E [USON8]
MacronixMX25V2033F [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25V40066 [USON8 2x3] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25V5126F [USON8 2x3] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25V80066 [USON8 2x3] (Dual O)
MacronixKH25V8035F [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25L1006F [USON8] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25R2035FxxxH1 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25R512FxxxH0 [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R8035FxxxH1 [UDFN8 2x3]
MacronixMX25U4035F [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25V1006F [USON8]
MacronixMX25V1635F [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25V512E [USON8] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25V8035F [USON8 2x3]
MacronixKH25L2006E [USON8]
MacronixKH25L512E [USON8] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25L1006E [USON8]
MacronixMX25L4006E [USON8] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25R1035FxxxH0 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25R1035FxxxL0 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25R1635FxxxH1 [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R2035FxxxL0 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25R4035FxxxL0 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25R8035FxxxH0 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25U1001E [USON8]
MacronixMX25U5121E [USON8]
MacronixMX25V2033F [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25V40066 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25V512 [USON8]
MacronixMX25V80066 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixKH25V4035F [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25L1006F [USON8]
MacronixMX25R2035FxxxH0 [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R4035FxxxH1 [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R512FxxxL0 [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25U4035F [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25V1006E [USON8] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25V1035F [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25V4035F [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25V8033F [USON8 2x3]
MacronixKH25L1021E [USON8 2x3]
MacronixKH25L512E [USON8]
MacronixMX25L1005C [USON8]
MacronixMX25L4006E [USON8]
MacronixMX25L512E [USON8]
MacronixMX25R1035FxxxH1 [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R1635FxxxH1 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25R2035FxxxH0 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25R4035FxxxH1 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25R512FxxxL0 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25R8035FxxxL0 [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25U16356 [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25V2006E [USON8] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25V2035F [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25V4006E [USON8] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25V512E [USON8]
MacronixKH25V4035F [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25L1006E [USON8] (Dual O)
MacronixMX25R1035FxxxL0 [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R4035FxxxH0 [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25R512FxxxH1 [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25U1633F [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25U8035F [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25V1035F [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25V4035F [USON8 2x3]
MacronixMX25V512F [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
MicrochipSST25WF080B [USON8]
MicrochipSST25WF040B [USON8]
MicrochipSST25WF020A [USON8]
MicrochipSST25PF040C [USON8]
Microchip (SST)SST25VF020B [USON8]
Microchip (SST)SST25PF020B [USON8]
MicronM25P10-AV [UFDFPN8]
MicronM25P05-AV [UFDFPN8]
MicronM25P40-V [UFDFPN8 2x3]
NumonyxM25P40-V [UFDFPN8 2x3]
NumonyxM25P10-AV [UFDFPN8]
NumonyxM25P05-AV [UFDFPN8]
ON SemiconductorLE25U20A [WDFN8 2x3]
ParagonPN25F16B [USON8 2x3]
ParagonPN25F08 [DFN8 2x3]
RenesasAT25DF041B [UDFN8 2x3]
RenesasAT25SF041B [UDFN8 2x3]
RenesasAT25XE021A [UDFN8 2x3]
RenesasAT25XV021A [UDFN8 2x3]
RenesasAT25DF021A [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
RenesasAT25FF081A [UDFN8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
RenesasAT25SF081B [UDFN8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
RenesasAT25XE041B [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
RenesasAT25XV041B [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
RenesasAT25DF021A [UDFN8 2x3]
RenesasAT25FF041A [UDFN8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
RenesasAT25SF081B [UDFN8 2x3]
RenesasAT25XE041B [UDFN8 2x3]
RenesasAT25XV041B [UDFN8 2x3]
RenesasAT25DF041B [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
RenesasAT25SF041B [UDFN8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
RenesasAT25XE021A [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
RenesasAT25XV021A [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
STMicroelectronicsM25P05-AV [UFDFPN8]
STMicroelectronicsM25P10-AV [UFDFPN8]
WinbondW25Q10CL [USON8]
WinbondW25Q20BW [USON8]
WinbondW25Q16JVxxxQ [USON8 2x3]
WinbondW25Q21EW [USON8 2x3]
WinbondW25Q40EW (SFDP) [USON8 2x3]
WinbondW25Q80BW [USON8 2x3]
WinbondW25X10CL [USON8]
WinbondW25X20CV [USON8]
WinbondW25X40CV [USON8]
WinbondW25Q05CV [USON8]
WinbondW25Q16JWxxxQ [USON8 2x3] (QuadSPI)
WinbondW25Q16FWxxxG [USON8 2x3]
WinbondW25Q20EW [USON8 2x3]
WinbondW25Q80JVxxxQ [USON8 2x3]
WinbondW25Q40CVxxxG [USON8]
WinbondW25Q80BL [USON8]
WinbondW25X05CL [USON8]
WinbondW25X20CL [USON8]
WinbondW25X40CL [USON8]
WinbondW25Q05CL [USON8]
WinbondW25Q16JWxxxQ [USON8 2x3]
WinbondW25Q10EW (dc>=1124) [USON8 2x3]
WinbondW25Q20CV [USON8]
WinbondW25Q80DV [USON8 2x3]
WinbondW25Q40CL [USON8]
WinbondW25Q41EW [USON8 2x3]
WinbondW25Q80EWxxxG [USON8 2x3]
WinbondW25X20BV [USON8]
WinbondW25X40BL [USON8]
WinbondW25Q10CV [USON8]
WinbondW25Q10EW (dc<1124) [USON8 2x3]
WinbondW25Q20CL [USON8]
WinbondW25Q80DL [USON8 2x3]
WinbondW25Q40BV(dc>=1023) [USON8]
WinbondW25Q40EW [USON8 2x3]
WinbondW25Q80EWxxxE [USON8 2x3]
WinbondW25X20BL [USON8]
WinbondW25X21CL [USON8]
Zbit SemiconductorZB25LQ40 [USON8 2x3]
XTXPN25F04C [DFN8 2x3]
XTXXT25F16B [USON8 2x3]
XTXXT25F16F [DFN8 2x3]
XTXXT25Q16D [DFN8 2x3] (QuadSPI)
XTXPN25F16B [USON8 2x3]
XTXXT25F08B [DFN8 2x3]
XTXXT25Q16D [DFN8 2x3]
XTXPN25F08B [DFN8 2x3]
XTXXT25F32B [DFN8 2x3] (QuadSPI)
XTXXT25F04C [DFN8 2x3]
XTXXT25Q04B [DFN8 2x3]
XTXPN25F08 [DFN8 2x3]
XTXXT25F32B [DFN8 2x3]
XTXXT25F01D [DFN8 2x3]
XTXXT25F16F [DFN8 2x3] (QuadSPI)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q05HUX [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q10HUX [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q11HUX [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q20LUX [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q21UUX [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q32SHUX [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q80HUX [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorP25R40UUX [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorPY25Q80HB [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q40UUX [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q05HUX [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q10HUX [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q11HUX [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q20LUX [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q21UUX [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q32SHUX [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q40UUX [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q80LUX [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorPY25Q40HB [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25D32SHUX [USON8 2x3] (Dual O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q05LUX [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q10LUX [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q20HUX [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q21HUX [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q32HUX [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q40LUX [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q80LUX [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorPY25Q40HB [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q40HUX [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25D32SHUX [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q05LUX [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q10LUX [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q20HUX [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q21HUX [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q32HUX [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q40LUX [USON8 2x3]
Puya SemiconductorP25Q80HUX [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25R40UUX [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorPY25Q80HB [USON8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Puya SemiconductorP25Q40HUX [USON8 2x3]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ20B [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25Q80C [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25D10B [USON8]
GigaDeviceGD25LD40C [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25LF80E [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ32E [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ80B [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25Q10 [USON8] (DualSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25Q20 [USON8] (DualSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25Q40 [USON8] (DualSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25Q512 [USON8]
GigaDeviceGD25VQ40C [USON8 2x3]
GigaDeviceGD25WD40C [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ10B [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25Q16C [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25D05C [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25LD20E [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25LF16E [USON8 3x2] (QuadSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25LQ16C [LGA8]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ40C [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25Q10 [USON8]
GigaDeviceGD25Q20 [USON8]
GigaDeviceGD25Q40 [USON8]
GigaDeviceGD25Q41B [USON8]
GigaDeviceGD25VQ21B [USON8]
GigaDeviceGD25WD20E [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ05B [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ80C [USON8 2x3]
GigaDeviceGD25D05B [USON8]
GigaDeviceGD25D20E [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25LF16E [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25LH80E [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ40 [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ80E [USON8 3x2] (QuadSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25Q16E [USON8 3x2] (QuadSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25Q21B [USON8]
GigaDeviceGD25Q40C [USON8 2x3]
GigaDeviceGD25Q80B [USON8]
GigaDeviceGD25VQ41B [USON8]
GigaDeviceGD25LD20C [USON8 2x3]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ40B [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25D20C [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25LD40E [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25LF80E [USON8 3x2] (QuadSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25LQ32E [USON8 3x2] (QuadSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25LQ80E [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25Q16E [USON8 3x2]
GigaDeviceGD25Q20B [USON8]
GigaDeviceGD25Q40B [USON8]
GigaDeviceGD25Q512 [USON8] (DualSPI)
GigaDeviceGD25VQ40C [USON8 2x3] (QuadSPI)
Dialog Semicond.AT25DF021A [UDFN8 2x3]
Dialog Semicond.AT25FF041A [UDFN8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Dialog Semicond.AT25SF081B [UDFN8 2x3]
Dialog Semicond.AT25XE041B [UDFN8 2x3]
Dialog Semicond.AT25XV021A [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
Dialog Semicond.AT25DF041B [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
Dialog Semicond.AT25SF041B [UDFN8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Dialog Semicond.AT25XE021A [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
Dialog Semicond.AT25XV021A [UDFN8 2x3]
Dialog Semicond.AT25DF041B [UDFN8 2x3]
Dialog Semicond.AT25SF041B [UDFN8 2x3]
Dialog Semicond.AT25XE021A [UDFN8 2x3]
Dialog Semicond.AT25XE041D [UDFN8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Dialog Semicond.AT25XV041B [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
Dialog Semicond.AT25DF021A [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
Dialog Semicond.AT25FF081A [UDFN8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Dialog Semicond.AT25SF081B [UDFN8 2x3] (Quad I/O)
Dialog Semicond.AT25XE041B [UDFN8 2x3] (Dual I/O)
Dialog Semicond.AT25XV041B [UDFN8 2x3]
Total count of supported devices: 465