This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter/module cummulated for all Elnec programmers.

Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details, mainly in intent to verify, if this programming adapter/module is suitable for device programmer you have.

List of devices supported by DIL8/QFN8-5 ZIF-CS (PG4UW SW, version 3.85)

manufacturer device name
Adesto Techn.AT45DB642D [CASON8]
Adesto Techn.AT25DF641 [VDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT45DB641E [VDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT45DB321E [VDFN8]
Adesto Techn.AT45DB321D [MLF8 6x8]
AtmelAT25DF641 [VDFN8]
AtmelAT45DB161B [CASON8]
AtmelAT45DB642D [CASON8]
AtmelAT45DB161A [CASON8]
AtmelAT45DB321D-MW [MLF8]
AtmelAT45DB081B [CASON8]
AtmelAT45DB321D [CASON8]
AtmelAT45DB041B [CASON8]
AtmelAT45DB321C [CASON8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25F64 [VDFN8 6x8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25QH256 [VDFN8 6x8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25QH128 [VDFN8 6x8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q64 [VDFN8 6x8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25S64 [VDFN8 6x8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25QF256 [VDFN8 6x8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25Q128 [VDFN8 6x8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25QH64 [VDFN8 6x8]
cFeon(Eon Si.Sol.)EN25QA256 [VDFN8 6x8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH128A [VDFN8 6x8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QF256 [VDFN8 6x8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q64 [VDFN8 6x8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QA256 [VDFN8 6x8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25Q128 [VDFN8 6x8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH64 [VDFN8 6x8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25S64 [VDFN8 6x8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25F64 [VDFN8 6x8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH256 [VDFN8 6x8]
Eon Silicon Sol.EN25QH128 [VDFN8 6x8]
FidelixFM25M4AA [WSON8 8x6]
GigaDevice Semic.GD25Q512MC [WSON8 8x6]
GigaDevice Semic.GD25Q256C [WSON8 8x6]
ISSIIS25LP128 [WSON8 8x6]
ISSIIS25LP064A-J [WSON8 8x6]
ISSIIS25LP064 [WSON8 8x6]
ISSIIS25LQ032B [WSON8 8x6]
ISSIIS25CQ032 [WSON8 8x6]
ISSIIS25LQ016B [WSON8 8x6]
MacronixKH25L6405D [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L12836E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L25635E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L6406E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L6445E [WSON8]
MacronixKH25L12845E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L12835E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L1605A [SON8]
MacronixMX25L6405D [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L6435E [WSON8 8x6]
MacronixMX66U51235F [WSON8 8x6]
MacronixKH25L6408E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L12865E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L3205A [SON8]
MacronixMX25L6408E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L6465E [WSON8]
MacronixKH25L6406E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L12845E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L25735E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L6408D [WSON8]
MacronixMX25L6446E [WSON8]
MacronixMX25U12835F [WSON8 8x6]
MicrochipSST26VF064B [WSON8 6x8]
Microchip (SST)SST25VF064C [WSON8]
Microchip (SST)SST25VF064C [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
MicronM25P64-V [VDFPN8] (T9HX Process)
MicronN25Q128A13B [VDFPN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q128A23E [V-PDFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q128A33T [VDFPN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q256A13E [DFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q512A13G [DFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q512A73G [DFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q064A11E [DFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q256A11E [DFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q256A71E [DFN8 8x6]
MicronM25P32-V [VDFPN8]
MicronN25Q064A13E [DFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q128A23B [VDFPN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q128A33E [V-PDFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q128A43T [VDFPN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q256A43E [DFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q512A43G [DFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q128A41E [DFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q256A41E [DFN8 8x6]
MicronM25P16-V [VDFPN8]
MicronN25Q032A13E [DFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q128A13T [VDFPN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q128A33B [VDFPN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q128A43E [V-PDFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q256A33E [DFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q512A33G [DFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q128A21E [DFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q256A31E [DFN8 8x6]
MicronM25P128-V [VDFPN8]
MicronM25PX64-V [VDFPN8]
MicronN25Q128A13E [V-PDFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q128A23T [VDFPN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q128A43B [VDFPN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q256A23E [DFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q512A23G [DFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q128A11E [DFN8 8x6]
MicronN25Q256A21E [DFN8 8x6]
NexflashNX25P32 [MLP8]
NexflashNX25P16 [MLP8]
NumonyxM25P16-V [VDFPN8]
NumonyxM25PX64-V [VDFPN8]
NumonyxN25Q128A23B [VDFPN8 8x6]
NumonyxN25Q128Ax3T [VDFPN8]
NumonyxN25Q256A43E [VDFPN8]
NumonyxN25Q128Ax1E [VDFPN8]
NumonyxM25P128-V [VDFPN8]
NumonyxM25P64-V [VDFPN8] (T9HX Process)
NumonyxN25Q128A13B [VDFPN8 8x6]
NumonyxN25Q128Ax3E [VDFPN8]
NumonyxN25Q256A33E [VDFPN8]
NumonyxN25Q128A11B [VDFPN8 8x6]
NumonyxM25P64-V [VDFPN8]
NumonyxN25Q064Ax3E [VDFPN8 8x6]
NumonyxN25Q128A43B [VDFPN8 8x6]
NumonyxN25Q256A23E [VDFPN8]
NumonyxN25Q064Ax1E [VDFPN8 8x6]
NumonyxM25P32-V [VDFPN8]
NumonyxN25Q032Ax3E [VDFPN8 8x6]
NumonyxN25Q128A33B [VDFPN8 8x6]
NumonyxN25Q256A13E [VDFPN8]
NumonyxN25Q032Ax1E [VDFPN8 8x6]
NumonyxN25Q128Ax1T [VDFPN8]
SpansionS25FL064P [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL128SxxNxx01 [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL129PxxNxx01 [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL256SxxNxx91 [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL032P [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL128SxxNxx00 [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL129PxxNxx00 [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL256SxxNxx90 [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL016A [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL128PxxNxx01 [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL128SxxNxx91 [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL256SxxNxx01 [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL128PxxNxx00 [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL128SxxNxx90 [WSON8]
SpansionS25FL256SxxNxx00 [WSON8]
SSTSST25VF064C [WSON8] (Dual I/O)
STMicroelectronicsM25P32-V [MLP8]
STMicroelectronicsM25P16-V [MLP8]
STMicroelectronicsM25P64-V [MLP8] (T9HX Process)
STMicroelectronicsM25P128-V [MLP8]
STMicroelectronicsM25PX64-V [MLP8]
STMicroelectronicsM25P64-V [MLP8]
WinbondW25Q128FV [WSON8 8x6]
WinbondW25Q32JVxxxQ [WSON8 8x6]
WinbondW25Q64FV [WSON8 8x6]
WinbondW25X32BV [WSON8 8x6]
WinbondW25Q128FWxxG [WSON8 8x6]
WinbondW25Q32DW [WSON8 8x6]
WinbondW25Q128BV [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q32FW [WSON8 8x6]
WinbondW25Q64CVxxxP [WSON8 8x6]
WinbondW25X32AV [WSON8 8x6]
WinbondW25X64V [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q32BW [WSON8 8x6] (DualSPI)
WinbondW25Q32FV [WSON8 8x6]
WinbondW25Q64CV [WSON8 8x6]
WinbondW25R64FV [WSON8 8x6]
WinbondW25X64BV [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q32BW [WSON8 8x6]
WinbondW25Q64FWxxxG [WSON8 8x6]
WinbondW25Q256FV [WSON8 8x6]
WinbondW25Q64BV [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q64JVxxxQ [WSON8 8x6]
WinbondW25X32V [WSON8]
WinbondW25Q128FWxxQ [WSON8 8x6]
WinbondW25Q64DW [WSON8 8x6]
GigaDeviceGD25Q512MC [WSON8 8x6]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ128 [WSON8 8x6]
GigaDeviceGD25Q128C [WSON8 8x6]
GigaDeviceGD25Q256C [WSON8 8x6]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ256C [WSON8 8x6]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ16 [WSON8 8x6]
GigaDeviceGD25LQ128C [WSON8 8x6]
Total count of supported devices: 188