This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter / module cummulated for all Elnec programmers. Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details.

List of devices supported by DIL8/QFN8-6 ZIF-CS (PG4UW v3.70)
manufacturer device name
AKM (Asahi Kasei)AK6480C [SON8]
AKM (Asahi Kasei)AK6480B [SON8]
AKM (Asahi Kasei)AK6440B [SON8]
Catalyst (CSI)CAT93C76 (x16) [DFN8]
Catalyst (CSI)CAT93C86 [DFN8]
Catalyst (CSI)CAT93C86 (x8) [DFN8]
Catalyst (CSI)CAT24C21 [TDFN8]
Catalyst (CSI)CAT93C76 (x8) [DFN8]
Hua Jie Tech.K24C128 [DFN8]
MicrochipPIC12F609 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC12HV609 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC12LF1822 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC16LF15313 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC12LF1572 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC12F1840 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC12F752 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC12LF1612 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC16LF18313 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC16F15313 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC12LF1571 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC12F1822 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC12F617 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC12HV752 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC16F18313 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC16F15214 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC12F1572 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC12F1612 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC12F615 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC12HV615 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC12LF1840 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC16F15213 [DFN8 3x3]
MicrochipPIC12F1571 [DFN8 3x3]
ON SemiconductorCAT93C76 (x16) [TDFN8]
ON SemiconductorCAT24C21 [TDFN8]
ON SemiconductorCAT93C86 (x8) [TDFN8]
ON SemiconductorCAT93C86 (x16) [TDFN8]
ON SemiconductorCAT93C76 (x8) [TDFN8]
Advanced AnalogAAT1301B [VSON8-3x3]
Total count of supported devices: 39