This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter/module cummulated for all Elnec programmers.

Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details, mainly in intent to verify, if this programming adapter/module is suitable for device programmer you have.

List of devices supported by DIL8/QFN8-9 ZIF SFlash-1b (PG4UW SW, version 3.82)

manufacturer device name
ISSIIS25WP032D-J [USON8 4x3] (Quad I/O)
ISSIIS25WP032D-J [USON8 4x3]
MacronixMX25R3235FxxxH0 [USON8 4x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25U1635F [USON8 4x3] (Dual I/O)
MacronixMX25V1635F [USON8 4x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25U1635F [USON8 4x3]
MacronixMX25L3233F [USON8 4x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25U1631F [USON8 4x3] (Dual I/O)
MacronixMX25V1635F [USON8 4x3]
MacronixMX25R3235FxxxL0 [USON8 4x3]
MacronixMX25U8032E [USON8 4x3]
MacronixMX25U1631F [USON8 4x3]
MacronixMX25U8032E [USON8 4x3] (Dual I/O)
MacronixMX25R3235FxxxH0 [USON8 4x3]
MacronixMX25U3235F [USON8 4x3]
MacronixMX25R3235FxxxL0 [USON8 4x3] (Quad I/O)
MacronixMX25U4033E [USON8 4x3]
MacronixMX25L3233F [USON8 4x3]
MacronixMX25U3232F [USON8 4x3]
MicronM25P16-V [UFDFPN8 4x3]
MicronN25Q032A11E [DFN8 4x3]
MicronN25Q008A11E [DFN8 4x3]
MicronM25P80-V [UFDFPN8 4x3]
MicronN25Q032A13E [DFN8 4x3] (Quad I/O)
MicronM25P40-V [UFDFPN8 4x3]
MicronN25Q032A13E [DFN8 4x3]
NumonyxM25P80-V [UFDFPN8 4x3]
NumonyxM25P40-V [UFDFPN8 4x3]
NumonyxN25Q032Ax3E [UFDFPN8 4x3] (Quad I/O)
NumonyxM25P16-V [UFDFPN8 4x3]
NumonyxN25Q032Ax3E [UFDFPN8 4x3]
NumonyxN25Q032Ax1E [UFDFPN8 4x3]
Total count of supported devices: 32