This is list of all devices supported by this programming adapter / module cummulated for all Elnec programmers. Please, select the particular device you are going to work with to see device details.

List of devices supported by LGA-Bottom-121 (PG4UW v3.60)
manufacturer device name
HynixH27UCG8T2M [VLGA52]
HynixHY27UH08AGDM [TLGA52]
HynixHY27UH088GDM [TLGA52]
MicronMT29F128G08CKAAAC5 [VLGA52]
MicronMT29F256G08AUAAAC5 [VLGA52]
MicronNQ272 [VLGA52]
MicronNW179 [VLGA52]
MicronNW290 [VLGA52]
MicronNW425 [VLGA52]
MicronNX179 [VLGA52]
MicronNX280 [VLGA52]
MicronMT29F128G08AKAAAC5-IT [VLGA52]
MicronMT29F128G08CEAAAC5 [VLGA52]
MicronMT29F128G08CMAAAC5-IT [VLGA52]
MicronNQ180 [VLGA52]
MicronNW176 [VLGA52]
MicronNW288 [VLGA52]
MicronNW424 [VLGA52]
MicronNX176 [VLGA52]
MicronNX279 [VLGA52]
MicronNX290 [VLGA52]
MicronMT29F128G08AKAAAC5 [VLGA52]
MicronMT29F128G08AMAAAC5-IT [VLGA52]
MicronMT29F128G08CMAAAC5 [VLGA52]
MicronNQ179 [VLGA52]
MicronNQ275 [VLGA52]
MicronNW286 [VLGA52]
MicronNW421 [VLGA52]
MicronNW432 [VLGA52]
MicronNX278 [VLGA52]
MicronNX284 [VLGA52]
MicronMT29F128G08CKAAAC5-IT [VLGA52]
MicronMT29F256G08AUAAAC5-IT [VLGA52]
MicronNQ273 [VLGA52]
MicronNW285 [VLGA52]
MicronNW420 [VLGA52]
MicronNW431 [VLGA52]
MicronNX277 [VLGA52]
MicronNX283 [VLGA52]
MicronMT29F128G08AMAAAC5 [VLGA52]
SamsungK9GBG08U0M [LGA52]
SamsungK9WAG08U1A [TLGA52]
SamsungK9LCG08U1M [LGA52]
SamsungK9HDG08U5M [LGA52]
SamsungK9WAG08U1M [TLGA52]
SamsungK9HCG08U5D [WLGA52]
SamsungK9WAG08U1B [TLGA52]
Total count of supported devices: 47