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Programmable IC Manufacturer directory

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- A -

- B -

  • Benchmarq Technology Now Texas Instruments
    Battery Charge Controllers, NV-SRAM, RTC. Now TI.
  • Brightflash now a division of Winbond
    Flash Memories. Now a division of Winbond

- C -

- D -

  • Dallas Semiconductor now part of Maxim
    Automatic ID, Battery Management, NV-RAM, NV-RAM with Clock, Microcontrollers (8051Core), Clock IC with Battery. Now part of Maxim.

- E -

- F -

- G -

- H -

  • Harris Semiconductor Now TI
    Standard Logic(C-MOS,HC-MOS),C-MOS CPU, PROM. Now TI.
  • Hitachi Semiconductor see Renesas
    4-, 8-, 16-Bit Microcomputers, Memories (EPROM, Mask ROM, RAM, Flash). See Renesas
  • Holtek
    Microcontrollers, PC Peripheral Chips, ASIC`s.
  • Hynix Semiconductor formerly Hyundai Electronics
    Memories (DRAM, SRAM, Flash), ASIC. (formerly Hyundai Electronics)
  • Hyundai Electronics now Hynix Semiconductor
    now Hynix Semiconductor

- I -

- L -

- M -

- N -

- O -

  • Oki Semiconductor
    Memories (DRAM, SRAM, EPROM, EEPROM, Serial EEPROM, Flash, Mask-ROM), Microcontrollers, MPU & Peripherals, ASIC.

- P -

- Q -

- R -

- S -

- T -

  • Temic Semiconductor now parts of "Atmel"
    Microcontrollers (4, 8, 32bit + DSP), Memories (SRAM, Dualport RAM, FIFO), FPGA, ASIC. Now parts of "Atmel".
  • Texas Instruments
    DSP, Standard Logic, Memories (DRAM, EPROM, FIFO, Flash, FMEM, SDRAM, SRAM, VRAM), UART, JTAG, Bus Interface, Analog.
  • Toshiba (US) or Toshiba (JP)
    Microprocessors (4, 8, 16, 32bit), Memories (DRAM, SRAM, EPROM), Logic, Analog.
  • Turbo IC
    Memories (EEPROM, Flash).

- U -

  • Ubicom formerly Scenix
    High speed microcontrollers. Formerly Scenix

- V -

  • Vantis formerly PLD division of AMD, now parts of Lattice
    PLD (PALCE), CPLD. Formerly PLD division of AMD, now parts of Lattice.
  • VLSI Technology Philips subsidiary
    ASIC, ASSP: discontinued. Philips subsidiary

- W -

  • Waferscale Integration (WSI) now STM division
    Programmable MCU Peripherals (EPROM, Flash, RAM + PLD). Now STM division.
  • Winbond
    MPEG Decorders, Video DAC, Memories (SRAM, NV-RAM, SDRAM, EPROM, Flash), Microcontrollers (4/8 bit).

- X -

  • Xicor Intersil acquires Xicor
    EEPROM, SerialFlash ROM, NV-RAM, EEPOT(Digital Potentiometer), CPU Peripherals, SmartCard Products.
  • Xilinx
    FPGA, CPLD, Serial PROM, FpgASIC (In-System Programable).

- Z -

  • Zilog
    MicroProcessors/Controllers (Z8, Z80, Z180, Z382), DSP, Modem Chips, Peripheral Controllers, PCMCIA.
  • ZMD (Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden)
    Mixed Signal ASIC(with Design Example), NV-RAM, SRAM, DRAM, Mini Digital Oscilloscope Chips.
  • AT&T Microelectronics (PLD, config. memories) was "Lucent Technologies", then Agere Systems. Discontinued.
  • PLD division of AMD was separated as Vantis. Vantis is now part of Lattice Semiconductor.
  • AMD and Fujitsu launch new flash memory company "SPANSION"
  • Goldstar (Lucky Goldstar) is now known as LG Semicon.
  • Hitachi and Mitsubishi electric are now Renesas.
  • Inmos' products are now sold by SGS-Thomson.
  • Matra MHS (Microcontrollers) is part of Temic.
  • National Semiconductor, memory division is now Fairchild Semiconductor
  • Philips, CollPLD division is now part of Xilinx.
  • Siemens Microelectronics, Inc. is now Infineon Technologies Corporation.
  • Temic (microcontrollers) is now part of Atmel.
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