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  • 70-0465

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  • bottom board of BGA adapters, assigned for Intel GE28F128L18/30, 320W18/30, 640K18/3, 640W18/30 and ST M58LR128F/G, WR032E/F, 064E/F, 128F in matrix 8x7
  • made in Slovakia
Ord. no. 70-0465
Connection to BGA-Top-X 4 rows, sockets for 4x 25 wire wrap pin
Bottom 2 rows, 2x 24 pins, square, 0.6x0.6mm, rows spacing 600mil
Subclass BGA-Bottom
Availability in stock 2 pcs.
Adapter manual
  • For work with BGA device it is necessary put together BGA-Bottom-37 with some BGA-Top-x ZIF-CS board according the information provided by PG4UW software.
  • Do not directly touch the pins of the adapter, because dirt may cause errors during programming of device.
  • The picture show, how to put together the BGA-Top-x ZIF-CS and BGA-Bottom-x boards to have complete BGA adapter.
  • Operation conditions: operating temperature 5°C ÷ 40°C (41°F ÷ 104°F), operating humidity 20%..80%, non condensing.

Software note
  • If software version, you're using currently, doesn't contain support for this programming adapter, please download the latest version of software - Regular or OnDemand - from our web site.

Usable for programmer(s):
BeeHive208S BeeHive204 BeeProg2 BeeProg2C BeeProg+

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