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AP3 SOP-54-065-BT4 module 3D-Plus NAND-1
(Ord. no. 73-5405)

See: Module manual | Accepted package(s) | Useable for programmer(s) | List of supported devices
  • 73-5405
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  • specialized programming module for 3D Plus NAND flash devices in SOP54-065-BT4 package
  • operating (mechanical) warranty of ZIF socket - 10,000 actuations
  • supported from PG4UW software version 3.53p
  • made in Slovakia
Ord. no. 73-5405
Socket ZIF SOP74, FastLock type
Bottom 2 connectors by 68 pins, receptacle type
Class Specialized
Subclass Memory (NOR/NAND/eMMC)
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Module manual
  • Programmer don't need to be switched off and SW can be running during inserting/removing programming module
  • Protect the contacts of module connectors and ZIF socket from contamination. Any dirt and/or fat on contacts may cause errors during programming.
  • Proceed with care! Incorrect insertion of device in module ZIF socket may lead to programmed device damage.

  • Unscrew knurled thumb screw. Insert programming module into Programming Module Interface connectors, until it clicks. Due to connectors shape, only one orientation and position of programming module in Programming Module Interface connectors is possible. Screw knurled thumb screw to fix programming module to programmer.
  • For detail user instructions how use this ZIF please check this pdf.
  • Open module ZIF socket. Insert the device into the module ZIF socket. The right position of the programmed device in module ZIF socket is show at picture near (mainly left above) the module ZIF socket. On this picture reference corner (e.g. position of pin 1) of device is indicated by dot, by number 1, by bevelled corner or by any combination of them.
  • Visually check interconnection between device and module ZIF socket. If everything looks OK, close socket, and the device is ready for programming.
  • When you finish the work with module, unscrew knurled thumb screw and remove the module from Programming Module Interface connectors.

  • Operating conditions: temperature 5°C ÷ 40°C (41°F ÷ 104°F), humidity 20% ÷ 80% non-condensing

Software note
  • If software version, you're using currently, doesn't contain support for this programming module, please download the latest version of software - Regular or OnDemand - from our web site.
Accepted package(s)
SOP54 Package

Useable for programmer(s):
BeeHive304 BeeProg3

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