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  • top board of BGA adapters
  • ZIF socket accepts many variations of BGA packages, that differ in ball diameter, ball height and body thickness.
  • The picture at Accepted package(s) section shows the range of all dimensions of BGA packages, which are accepted by this BGA-Top board.
  • operating (mechanical) warranty of ZIF socket - 500,000 actuations
  • NOTE: in case of programming adapter identify error, please use PG4UW software version 3.82 and newer (see application note AN-IDX)
  • made in Slovakia
Ord. no. 70-0970
Socket ZIF BGA100, ClamShell type
Bottom 8x25 + 3x20 pins, square, 0.6x0.6mm
Class BGA
Subclass BGA-Top
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Elnec fully understand needs of customers programming high volumes for which cost of adapters is one of most important component of costs. Therefore Elnec policy is to offer:

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Adapter manual

  • For work with BGA device it is necessary put together BGA-Top-103 ZIF-CS with some BGA-Bottom-X board according to the information provided by PG4UW software for each particular device (menu Device/ Device info).
  • Do not directly touch the pins of the adapter, because dirt may cause errors during programming of device.
  • The picture show, how to put together the BGA-Top-X ZIF-CS and BGA-Bottom-X boards to have complete BGA adapter.
  • Operation conditions: operating temperature 5°C ÷ 40°C (41°F ÷ 104°F), operating humidity 20%..80%, non condensing.

Software note

  • If software version, you're using currently, doesn't contain support for this programming module, please download the latest version of software - Regular or OnDemand - from our web site.

Accepted package(s)

BGA package Package
Ball HeightA10.22-0.32
Body ThicknessA2-0.86-
Ball Diameterb0.32-0.42
Body SizeD9.951010.05
Body SizeE9.951010.05
Ball Pitche-0.8-
Ball Array DGD-11-
Ball Array EGE-11-
Ball HeightA10.250.30.35
Body ThicknessA20.550.60.65
Ball Diameterb-0.4-
Body SizeD-10-
Body SizeE-10-
Ball Pitche-0.8-
Ball Array DGD-11-
Ball Array EGE-11-
Ball HeightA10.30.350.4
Body ThicknessA2---
Ball Diameterb0.420.470.52
Body SizeD-10-
Body SizeE-10-
Ball Pitche-0.8-
Ball Array DGD-11-
Ball Array EGE-11-

Usable for programmer(s):

BeeHive208S BeeHive204 BeeProg2 BeeProg2C
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